6 Tips To Help You Make A Good Powerpoint Presentation

Slideshows are easy and quick to produce, they are quite easy to update, serve their purpose, and are effective and efficient regarding the visuals. Since their availability and flexibility allow you to deal with your tasks and presentations efficiently, there is no doubt regarding why PowerPoint is amongst the most widely used slide makers along with Prezi, GoogleSlides, and others. However, every living person who ever made a PowerPoint presentation knows it can sometimes be a spelling disaster even for the ones with experience. The most important thing to hold on to and to remember while doing your presentation is that it is supposed to be a visual aid, not a visual distraction. Hence, we provided you with 6 amazing tips on how to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation. 

Key Phrases and Words 

The essential thing about your presentation is the content presented on the slides that support your topic and goes in line with its core. Simplify and limit the number of words you are about to put on your slides. It is the best option to use only the key phrases that will act as reminders on the items you should elaborate on. Depending on the nature of your presentation, keywords and phrases could be replaced with graphs, charts, and tables, or by images so that they support the very idea and concept of the slides. 

Slides Design 

There are a whole bunch of slide-creating techniques you can apply in making perfect PowerPoint slides. Some of them are more practical since you are basically using pre-prepared slides, and the others are quite time-consuming since they demand more devotion for their making. A useful tip is to use the slide master feature that will help you create consistent, simple, practical, and professional template designs. It is fine to include some diversity to your PowerPoint presentation such as bulleted list, text and images, two-column text, and others; but, be consistent with some other elements like font, colors, and background. Additionally, you can always find online some of the best quality slideshows and templates. Using these slides made for specific purposes will save you precious time and will deliver messages as well. 

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Make sure that your text is visible and readable to all. The trick for this is to use contrasting colors for your letters and backgrounds. Patterned backgrounds are a bit impractical when it comes to presentation because they reduce readability. Another way to improve your slide’s visibility is by limiting your punctuation and avoiding putting words in capitals, which will ruin the aesthetics of your presentation and will look unprofessional. Space between the items will enhance readability. Avoid the use of the flashy transitions, or separate items fly-ins and transitions. These may seem attractive at first, but they switch focus from the topic. 


Animations and special effects, as well as their overuse, will have a negative effect on your presentation’s overall impression. It is not recommendable to apply these in case of some business-related presentations like displaying the results of research, or report presentation since these can considerably affect your credibility. On the other hand, if you are a student and make a presentation for a specific topic, use just the right amount of these to make transitions and to highlight the most important parts, but pointing out every single detail of your presentation will be distracting. 

Limit Number of Slides 

Having a long presentation will only bore your audience and they will stop listening to your presentation before you reach half of it. Therefore, it is smart to limit the number of slides and think only of the highlights. This will not only be a simpler process but will also display you as a good presenter and professional since you are ready to elaborate on the matter with minimal material use. Alternatively, in case of some technical difficulties, it is smart to bring printed handouts so that your colleagues are able to follow your presentation and key points. 

If Something Is Difficult and Confusing, Do Not Use It 

You should not be apologetic about the things you are putting in your presentation. When it comes to a content summary, if something feels confusing or is too difficult to be understood on the spot, then do not use it. On the other hand, if this happens on the spot, then you should not shy away. Try not to speak to your slides but to the audience, and do not read from the slides, they are for the audience, not you. 

PowerPoint presentations are the most useful tool when it comes to displaying the items you are going to discuss publically. They are practical and easily made, customized, and easily changed if there is a need for it. 

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