10 Best Photo Editing Apps Like Picsart for Android and iOS on 2022

In the world of photo editing, PicsArt is like a powerhouse that conquers the market. Because the app offers numerous options from simple editing for many purposes, like marketing, and social media, to creating posters. But do not think that there are no apps like PicsArt for the second option.

Because in 2019 PicsArt stated there are more than 130 million monthly active users, there are emerging apps that are worth checking. These apps basically are like PicsArt in the photo editing scene, but each with its pros and cons.

10 Best Photo Editing Apps Like Picsart for Android and iOS on 2022

Photo mobile editing is becoming a thing that we should not ignore. Although many shamed all-out edits that turn the result far from the original, enhancing photos is still a must. That is why photo editing apps like PicsArt are handy. Look at the details below:

1. PicLab

Looking for apps like PicsArt which are easy to operate on mobile might be tricky. But, why don’t you pick PicLab as an option? This app has been installed over 20 million times, due to its all-in-one photo editor app in mobile format.

With this app, you can create unique edits on your photos along with giving unique messages. Thus, all of your photos – from selfies, scenery, fashion, architecture, or even food – will come out outstanding.

Not to mention the additional artwork and typography to create a memorable photo edit. Also, you can put on some filters and effects without the hassle of editing it on your PC. Because all the processes are available in this mobile app format.

Furthermore, the app is designed with a user-friendly approach. That way, you can edit your photos effortlessly and have fun.

Basically, the app comes free, but you can also upgrade it for a premium price for more features. Yet the basic free app also has no slack. Because it still has vast options on typography, stickers and artworks, filters, effects, crops, and even collage. Also, you can do image overlays, put masks, or draw on them.


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2. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector - Photo Editor

Another option that we would like to suggest here is PhotoEditor. As the name suggests, this app is for photo editing. What makes it different is this app offers animation over your photos with AI-powered effects.

Therefore, you only need a few taps to add or remove something from your photos. Further, the app also gives you the bokeh and dispersion effect, to highlight certain parts of your photos as you wish.

The app comes with basic photo editing tools such as collage maker, cropping, color adjustment, and the like. Then, there are also the animation tools to decorate, overly, dispersion, until replacing the background or delete any object from your photos.

With these advantages, it is not shocking that the app demands a subscription that is billed annually. But, it is still also easy to turn off your subscription if you think that this app is not your cup of tea.


3. Prisma

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

If you could not decide, which apps like PicsArt are good for you, why not try to consult with others? Such as Prisma which received Editor’s Pick from Google Play Store. Not to mention, the fact that more than 120 million users believe in this app should not come a blind eye.

One reason why people like this app is because Prisma is capable of transforming your photos into paintings. Hence, you would feel like the master painters like Picasso personally paint a masterpiece for you.

Further, the app has an abundant option of styles and art effects for hundreds of them. Also, there will be a new art filter coming on every single day. Not to mention, the developer steadily adds special styles that you can use to edit and put effects on your photos.

But do not think that this app is only about photo filters. Because it still clings to the basics and you can adjust the sharpness, exposure, contrast, and brightness before sharing your photo with the world.


4. Snapseed


If you are the type of Android user that only believes in Google, then you should believe one this of apps like PicsArt, Snapseed. Because this app was developed by Google’s developer team with all key features.

Aside from tools and filters, this app is also capable of opening JPG and even RAW files. You can easily edit any photos in RAW DNG format and export them as JPG format. Further, you can also save and keep your personal looks, then apply for the new photos in the future.

Further, the app is also still capable of doing basic photo editing such as cropping and rotating. But it is also capable of professional editing like bringing any details to your photos. Also, it can give perspective, and white balancing to make your photos come out more natural and many more.

Thus, due to its powerful editing tools, the app gained more than 1.5 million users in just 2 years, since it launched in April of 2020. Even many pros applauded and admit that this app is among the top choices for photo editing apps.


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5. Pixlr

Pixlr Photo Editor

Another option for apps like PicsArt that is worth your time is Pixlr. This app offers free service without having to create an account. Thus, you simply need to download the app and you can use it right away. There are more than 2 million combinations of effects, filters, and overlays that you can use for free.

The app offers to create photo collages with various styles and backgrounds. Then, there is also an auto-fix tool to automatically adjust your photo tone with one click. You also can style your photo with the Stylize tool and turn your photos into sketches, posters, watercolors, or many others.

Further, make your photos come from a pro by removing red eye, blemishes, smooth skin, or even white the teeth effortlessly. Sure thing, for a free app, Pixlr is one of the powerful ones that are worth your mobile memory space.


6. Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

One of the powerhouse apps like PicsArt in the scene of mobile photo editing apps is Lightroom. This app was developed by Adobe, which there is no doubt, many trusts. The app is built as a camera and photo editing app that will make your photos look like professional products.

One thing that people love about this app is that whilst editing, you would not lose your original picture. Thus, when you finish with your edit, you can take a look that is good enough or you will believe in the original one.

Also, this app supports RAW photo format but you can pick which picture format you are going to use. Not to mention, you can do batch photo processing. Therefore, for the same editing process, you can edit more than one photo at a time.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can also opt for preset and restart editing your photo from zero again. Then, there is this HSL and spot color correction to create flawless photos to grace your social media. Also, you can easily remove any unnecessary object that is spotted in your photo.

The app is easy to use, with only simple taps you will get the best result of enhanced photos. That way, you can highlight parts of your photos as if telling people what story you were trying to tell while capturing the photos.

For more features, you can try the premium package that will give you the option to personally add tools to your app by purchasing. The price range for each tool ranges from a couple to hundreds of bucks.



VSCO Photo Video Editor

If you believe in subscription kinds of apps like PicsArt format, then try VSCO. Some people believe in paid service, simply because they pay for it and expect premium service. Thus, the app offers a premium along with its free package.

This app is equipped with effects and filters. Along the way, use your creativity and improve your photos by editing them to the best result. Further, there is also the preset mode that you can choose up to 10 choices for the free package.

Aside from the basic photo editor that comes free, the advanced tools give more options. There are more than 200 presets, easily recreating photos as vintage-like film photos, and also using split tone and HSL. Also, you can add borders to your photos with various choices.

Although this is not related to our current topic, the video editor in VSCO is also worth mentioning. This app is also capable of making montages to tell people your stories.


8. Collage Maker

Collage Maker Photo Editor

Creating a collage is still valid in the photo editing world as it still has numerous purposes. Thus, one best app to make collages is Collage Maker. This app is many people’s go-to app for collage making and putting photos together as one.

All you have to do is choose which photos to put in your college. Then, the app will do the rest of the work and remix them as photo collages. Once the collage is finished, you only have to select the layout that you want, add stickers, text, filters, and many others.

This app is capable of combining up to 20 photos and making a cool photo collage. It also has more than 100 layouts with grids and frames that you can choose from. Also, you can either choose if you’re sticking with the grid or going for freestyle.

Furthermore, this app will assist you in making cool stories to post on Instagram. You can style your story like in a magazine, film, or even ripped paper style. Also, it has a template for square photos for Instagram with white or blurry backgrounds. Thus, you can easily adjust the ratio without cropping any of your photos.


9. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro - Polish

As the name suggests, Photo Editor Pro is a photo editing app that comes in mobile format. With this app, you can enhance your photos with an all-in-one mobile app and it is easy to use. You can name it, from background removal, creating photo collages, adding effects, and even sticker making.

Also, the app is equipped with a cartoon photo filter. This way, you can turn your photo into an anime look. Not to mention, this app also has a swap face editor with AI technology. All of these edit capabilities results is also without watermark. Thus, you can freely share them with the world.

With all of these cool features, this app is costless because you can use it for free. But for several advanced tools, you have to purchase them separately. Yet, with these advantages and features, more than 1 million people believe in this app. Not to mention, this app does not require the latest OS, even Android 5.0 will do.

The developer also keeps up with the updates on a weekly basis. The latest update Photo Editor Pro added an AI Cartoon that can turn your photo into a 3D cartoon-like from animated movies. Then, there is also an AI Enhancer to fix blurry photos and turn them into HD and also colorize vintage movies.


10. Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

Photo Lab Picture Editor

One last app that we will include in this one of the apps like PicsArt list is Photo Lab. Compared to the mentioned before, this app is leaning toward funny but stylish photo effects. The target users are teens and young adults that love casualties.

There are more than 900 effects that this app offers to date. You can also easily edit face photo montage, putting frames, giving animated effects, using filters, and many more. Thus, you can feel like a pro photo editor and trust Photo Lab to do the hard work.

Furthermore, the app developer is still continuously adding new frames and effects from time to time. Another cool thing that the developers do is keep close contact with their users. Thus, if you could not find your desired effect, you can contact them right away and you might get what you want in the next update.

This app is simple to use and even an amateur can learn to get the hang of this app quickly. But for more cool editing tools, you have to purchase them in the app. But do not worry, because the purchasing price is still affordable from one to tens of bucks.


Snapseed Vs PicsArt: Which App is Better?

While getting into a discussion over apps like PicsArt, we could not help but compare Snapseed vs PicsArt. Because the two apps weighed on their pros. If PicsArt got people’s trust because of its track record, then Snapseed gained attention because of its gigantic developer.

It is not like we lean onto PicsArt more than Snapseed. Because the two have different purposes if we can say. For once, Snapseed is your best option if you wish for more photo editing in technical terms. On the other hand, PicsArt is best to use for day-to-day photo editing for its user-friendly interface.

With Snapseed, you will get robust tools for photo editing. It will be easy to edit some selective areas in your photo. Meanwhile, PicsArt is the best way to get creative in editing by adding stickers, filters, brushes, and many more.

Lightroom Vs PicsArt: Which App is Better?

Once about apps like PicsArt and comparing Snapseed in one on one battle, we couldn’t help but wonder about Lightroom vs PicsArt. Even though PicsArt has massive users, we could not ignore that Lightroom came from the editing master, Adobe.

By far, for the easy level usage for simple editing, PicsArt will surely win by a high margin. With the filters and stickers choice, many trust PicsArt enough for photo editing purposes. Not to mention, this app creates cool collages that you can share with the world.

But in comparison with Lightroom, the two are different aspects. Because Lightroom is like the mobile version of a pro photo editing app. Not to mention, there are the customizable and auto color correction tools that are more pro user.

Therefore, deciding which one is better should come back to what aspect you’re looking for and what kind of result you wish for. Simple editing would be best to believe in PicsArt, while slightly complicated editing with the pro results in Lightroom’s capability.

Final Note

We do understand that PicsArt is the powerhouse in the photo editing scene. It has numerous tools for photo editing purposes. From simple editing to still simple but with advanced results, PicsArt provides it all. But it does not mean that there are no other apps like PicsArt that are worth your while.

Numerous apps for photo editing purposes emerged in the market with various advantages that you can choose which will meet your needs. Although PicsArt might still become the top choice, taking a look into the others is a good option. Moreover, if you can find your more desired photo editing app other than PicsArt.

Especially, if you wish to get more professionally edited photos, then the likes of Snapseed or Lightroom will be the best options. Because these two apps offer the professional touch that PicsArt lacks due to its different target users.

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