Google has added Pixel Arena to the NBA app for the Playoffs.

When your team is in the NBA Playoffs in 2022, you can have a lot of fun. Pixel Arena is an augmented reality experience that can be found in the NBA app. It lets basketball fans play games based on real-time game data. Google and the NBA worked together to make this happen.

As Daryl Butler, Google’s vice president of U.S. Devices and Services Marketing, wrote in a blog post, the Pixel Arena is available in the middle of games or at the end of them. You can play games from the past or present there, and you can even play games from the future. As soon as you get inside the Pixel Arena, you can choose a game and use the gyroscope on your phone to move around the 3D basketball court. The games ask you to answer trivia questions about the game in question, like how many free throws the Cleveland Cavaliers made in the first half or how many three-pointers a certain player made. It also gives 3D recaps of the first half of every game by mapping out the shots that each player took based on real-time data from NBA experts.

The virtual arena also lets you make and change your avatars. Using this game, you can make your avatar look like they have crazy hairstyles and paint their faces. You can also dress them up in uniforms to represent your favorite teams and players, like the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as LeBron James and Tyler Herro. When a playoff game is on, you can get more items and levels as you rise up the leaderboard and show them off to your friends.

As part of Google’s sponsorship of the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals, the company has built an augmented reality experience called Pixel Arena. This is the first time Google and the NBA have worked together to create an augmented reality experience. Despite its name, the Pixel Arena isn’t just for people who own a Google Pixel phone. It can be used by people who have Android or iOS phones or tablets.


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