How Effective Content Marketing Can Improve Your Business Performance

Content marketing is the promotion of a business via the creation, publishing, and distribution of content aimed at a targeted online audience. Content marketing, when implemented effectively and consistently, can deliver many benefits to your business, including reaching new potential customers, keeping existing clients, increasing conversion rates, and raising awareness of your brand. We explore these advantages in more depth below.

Builds Audience Trust

Consistently high-quality content is a great way to build a strong relationship with your clients and to keep them coming back. Make sure your content is high-value and isn’t aggressive in its marketing or suffering from keyword stuffing; consider using it to interact with customers by answering questions or addressing issues current in your industry to further solidify your brand reputation and the positive impression your audience has of your business.

It’s really important to ensure that the professional and reliable image that you’re using your content to endorse isn’t undermined by typos or grammatical errors present in the text. Check content through with a fine tooth comb before it’s published or distributed, and consider using a writing tool to optimize your writing. Have a look at this review for more information on a writing tool that both corrects errors and assists with word choice, adapting to your unique writing style. This option integrates with most browsers and platforms and provides the user with detailed reports on their writing which covers things like a tendency to repetition, style, readability, and more.

Boosts SEO Effectiveness

Avoiding keyword stuffing is important, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to your advantage. Do some research online to find out how best to use SEO as an embedded tool within your content to help your business’ website and social media platforms rank higher in search results. Use it with care to ensure that it is naturally incorporated into the text and that content remains readable and engaging. And, of course, the more high-quality SEO-enriched content your business produces, the higher your business will appear in the search listings.

Improves Brand Awareness

Developing a great content marketing plan, and having a schedule for your content production, can result in not only your business becoming more visible in search engine results, but means that your business’ name is much more likely to pop up in searches made regarding any of the products or services you stock or offer, or the subjects your content covers. This is a vastly powerful way to boost awareness of your brand, and to enable potential new customers to find your business, too.

Amps Up Your Conversion Rates

Research has shown that B2B companies that publish content regularly generate higher traffic and subsequent conversion rates in comparison to those businesses that post infrequently or not at all. A business that produces content, on average three times a month, can expect to generate double the number of leads by posting content six times a month, while upping production to 11 posts a month could bring in nearly four times as many leads.

Publishing content at least twice a week is necessary to begin to see benefits in terms of your business’ ranking in search results.

Supercharge Your Social Media

Effective content marketing can significantly boost your presence on social media by integrating with and driving traffic to these platforms, increasing followers, likes, and — crucially – shares. Be sure to include links to your social media platforms in your content; encourage visits by, for example, mentioning discount codes or vouchers available via your business’ Facebook page.


Drives Up Product Pages Visibility

Top drawer content gets visitors to your product pages in two main ways. Firstly, adding links to your product within your content is a direct way to get more virtual visitors through your online doors. This is further helped if you’re writing about your products or some problem they solve – a guide to a DIY project, for example.

Secondly, indirectly this will be achieved – if your content is exceptional – by other websites or platforms linking to your content. This is known as backlinking, and search engines look out for these backlinks as a sign that the original content is a reliable resource; this places your content higher in the search results, which, in turn, drives more folk to the product pages that your content links to.

Takes The Pressure Off Customer Services

If you tailor your content to answer the most frequently asked questions that your clients (or potential clients) phone through to customer services for, then you can alleviate some of the pressure on this department, freeing up staff to engage in other, more profitable, activities. Consider either regularly creating answer sheets as part of your content marketing strategy or putting together a series of blog posts that your customer services team can direct queries to.

The Takeaway

Content marketing can have a massive impact on your business’ performance and across a range of its processes: from generating leads and sales, boosting conversion rates, and building up brand awareness to having a knock-on effect on your customer services provision, this is a cost-effective way of making a big impact.

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