SideCar ® - Smart Device Connector & Mobile Dual-Display Enhancer

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Increase productivity with SideCar and connect virtually any tablet and smartphone to laptops or other smart devices to enable mobile dual-display computing. SideCar's patent-pending design is easily customizable to fit a wide combination of devices. This must-have gadget for technology lovers is available in an elegant matte black or green finish with neoprene inserts that protect and secure your devices.

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"Tablets are making their way into our daily lives more and more, and a new product called SideCar is created with the goal of putting them front and center."


"An ingenious way to use your iPad as a second display."                  


"SideCar looks so easy that it’ll probably take you longer to choose your screen-sharing app than to buy and set this up."                    

"What’s better than having a Macbook and an iPad? Using them side-by-side at the same time."


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