Top Trends in Mobile Game Development

We will not discover America if we say that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the lifestyles of people. Many companies have to put up with this sad fact, and therefore, adapt to new behavioral models of customers. Industries must grow rapidly to remain competitive, and the mobile app market is no exception.

Naturally, the emergence of new trends in the field of mobile development is influenced not only by the epidemiological situation, but to stay afloat, you need to follow these trends, and it is better to be one step ahead.              

App Clips

App Clips is Apple’s stellar feature that blew up the tech world in 2020. With this innovation, users can view and operate the app without having to install it on their devices.

Rest assured that numerous creators and trademarks around the world will take benefit from this element. The numeral of users accessing applications, rather than websites dedicated to e-commerce or food delivery, is increasing. This reality, mixed with the serious help of post-pandemic habits will affect the growth of the App Clips part.


5G technology is already having a big impact on the development of mobile applications, but as you already understood, this is far from the limit. According to forecasts, by 2025 the number of 5G links in the world will increase to 1.1 billion (no matter how much more fearful people do not burn the towers).

The speed of the new network standard is a huge jump ahead that will not only improve the rate of Internet connections on mobile phones but also increase their functionality. 5G’s amazing capacity to hook up to 1 million gadgets per square kilometer could guide to the concept of ​​combining everything possible: 

  • Cars;
  • Refrigerators;
  • washing machines; 
  • CCTV cameras, etc.

Instant Apps

It’s almost as cool as App Clips. It was introduced by Google in 2016 as a new software configuration. In the user’s opinion – this is suitable, from the developer’s opinion – it requires a lot of effort to implement. Everything here works practically on the same principle as in the second paragraph (see “App Clips”): users can play mobile games or test applications without installing them (though in this format the user is provided with minimal functionality with an offer to buy or install version). Instant Apps are not only agreeing with all Android gadgets but also need extremely more smallish storage space. At the same time, they usually have a convenient UX / UI design. These undeniable advantages, coupled with the actuality that instant apps are particularly useful for the mobile gaming and e-commerce industry, are certain to put this technology in the sun among the 2021 mobile app trends.

AI and ML

This trend should be followed by developers of all stripes, not just in game development services. Artificial intelligence has become one of the main trends in mobile applications back in 2020 and will remain on the list of favorites in 2021.

Modern search engines, virtual assistant solutions, the marketplace, company industrialization, and user choices are all now widely used in the “smartphone world.” The intro of AI and ML into mobile devices is a factor that has helped and will help the mobile segment to serve at a very high level.

Summing up

These mobile gaming trends will transform the future face of the gaming industriousness. An advanced gaming platform should provide exciting and fantastically engaging gaming features. Of course, the list of influencing trends will expand over time, depending on market demand.

Mobile application developers must have professional skills and sufficient experience to create a modern application that meets the requirements of the market, otherwise, they risk getting a little-demanded game.

There is no doubt that in the coming years, there will be new differences in the gaming industriousness market, where new strategies, reliable solutions, and attractive technologies will be applied, but today developers should pay attention to the above trends.

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