What is Com.lge.launcher3: Functions and Troubleshooting

Are you familiar with com.lge.launcher3? Do you often see notifications about them without knowing what to do? Well, you are not alone.

Although almost everyone has used Android, there are still many features and applications that may feel foreign to most people.

Launcher3 apk is probably one of them.

The com.lge.launcher3 is a supporting feature whose functions are not visible, such as chat apps, cameras, or buying and selling applications.

However, its existence is no less necessary to make smartphones more organized. Thus, this article will discuss the ins and outs of com.lge.launcher3.

For a more enjoyable user experience on Android, you should know its basic information, functions, and troubleshooting.

Let’s read this review to the end!

What is a Launcher on Android Device?

To avoid confusing discussions, you should first know what a launcher is. Users will usually find it on android devices.

As previously discussed, the launcher is a supporting device that allows users to manage applications and customize their smartphones as they wish.

As we know, the default smartphone display is generally stiff and may not suit the user’s taste. Likewise, with the launcher, anyone can change it easily.

The launcher will help users modify the homepage and manage application usage, calls, and other activities.

Some also provide a warning of the viruses or malware.

What Does Com.lge.launcher3 Mean?

Is launcher3 a virus? Does it threaten my device? Various questions may arise in the minds of ordinary users.

What is more, it provides notifications that are almost similar to malware.

As in the previous discussion, the technology world has produced several versions, one of which is launcher3, which is generally available on Motorola and LG devices.

The com.lge.launcher3 itself, as the name suggests, is a built-in feature of LG Electronics devices.

Although it is a bit old, this feature is still remarkable for various reasons.

The system is still simple and not as sophisticated as the latest generation, so it takes a little trick to use today.

However, com.lge.launcher3 is quite helpful in customizing the home screen.

The Functions

Every phone has a variety of complex applications and systems. Even though it has advanced technology, everything might not work well without a launcher booster.

It allows users to set and adjust based on their needs. Some of the uses of com.lge.launcher3 include:

1. Customize the Display

As explained earlier, the launcher is to allow customization of the device. This feature will help change the screensaver and home screen appearance and adjust the font.

Users can also use unique icons for each app. You can change almost all aspects to suit your needs and tastes.

2. Enriched Themes and Wallpapers

Each device already has a theme and wallpaper option. However, the default display sometimes seems monotonous and stiff, making users bored.

By using com.lge.launcher3, you can enrich the features so that the device no longer looks monotonous.

The customization process is also easy and time-consuming.

3. Launching the Apps

Each device may have many applications installed. But for various reasons, sometimes it is hard to launch it when needed.

In this case, com.lge.launcher3 will be very helpful. This feature will analyze the application, simplify the operation process, and minimize disruption.

Without a launcher, you may not be able to open any application. You may fail to open the browser, make calls, and be unable to do any activities.

4. Giving Hazard Warnings

Behind the ease of access to information, there are many dangers for android users. Viruses, malware, or other intrusions may damage the device.

However, with com.lge.launcher3, users will receive a warning if there is an activity that has the potential to damage the device and the data in it.

The system will provide information when it detects dangerous activity, so you can decide whether to continue or not.

5. Other Advantages

Even though it is a bit old, people keep searching for com.lge.launcher3 for a reason. This feature has other advantages, including:

  • Google Pills and Dates.
  • Dock tinting with circular folder type.
  • All-Apps mode with full-screen mode (Plus Version).
  • Quick Theme enables you to customize the home screen based on wallpapers (Plus Version).
  • Swiping widget to make app access easier.
  • Quick-Edit-a-Feature contains suggestions during customization.
  • Smart-size icon (Beta) to resize the icons.
  • Covers feature to ease the process of folder management.

Those are some of the uses of com.lge.launcher3 on android. Apart from that, this feature offers many benefits for users.

Do I Really Need Com.lge.launcher3 on My Phone?

Common people may be confused as to why their device must have a launcher only to modify the appearance.

But you need to know that this feature has more functions than that.

As explained above, com.lge.launcher3 will act like a mediator to help the application work and be usable.

If this feature is uninstalled, the applications on the smartphone will be constrained and will not appear smoothly on the screen.

Meanwhile, some activities, such as calling, chatting, and messaging, will fail. What a nightmare to have your smartphone useless, isn’t it?

In addition to not being able to customize the appearance of the smartphone, the absence of com.lge.launcher3 will also make you unable to add new features or applications.

However, some people may be worried because sometimes com.lge.launcher3 gives similar messages to viruses or malware, such as OMACP.

You don’t need to worry about this because the message does not contain any potential harm and is only the default in android launcher3 settings.

Installing Com.lge.launcher3

If you are interested in com.lge.launcher3, you can get it without having to use LG Electronics products.

You can install it via the Play Store with the following steps:

  1. Open the Play Store Menu, and find the launcher you want.
  2. Select the Install menu and launch the launcher app.
  3. After that, the system will ask for approval. Study carefully and approve.
  4. Start signing in via a Google or Microsoft account.
  5. Now, you can choose the launcher theme and other features inside.
  6. Make settings on the custom app and make other adjustments.
  7. Change android launcher3 settings and put widgets on home.

Follow the steps that appear on the system. With the easy way above, you can maximize the performance of your cellphone according to your wishes and needs.

Problems You May Find

It does look cool, but you also have to anticipate some problems. One of the most frequent is the message “unfortunately, launcher3 has stopped” when used.

The com.lge.launcher3 sometimes crashes when used with some apps like com.Samsung.android.incallui, Facebook dating, or others.

In addition, the causes also vary. For instance, the system has an error, or the software requires the latest update.

Furthermore, check if any updates need to make.

Another cause is a mismatch between updates and device compatibility, which leads to problems. If so, try checking the device settings or seeking expert help.

Troubleshooting and Problem Fixing

As explained in the previous section, the message “unfortunately, launcher3 has stopped” is a common problem with this software.

Moreover, how to fix it? Check out the following tips:

  1. Open Settings on the device, click Apps, open All Apps and scroll down to find the Launcher3 option.
  2. Tap the Clear Cache or Data option.
  3. Press the OK option on com.android.launcher3 data app, see if this method works.
  4. If it does not work, choose another way by clicking Force Stop at the bottom.

The Force Stop option will generally work, and the software returns to normal. But if the problem continues to appear, you can do the other method, which is a reset.

Reset the Launcher3

In some cases, users cannot fix the problem at all. If so, try doing a reset with these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and click Apps.
  2. On the Apps menu, find and click the built-in launcher.
  3. Choose Set as Default from the drop-down.
  4. Continue by clicking Clear Defaults in the drop-down.
  5. Press the Home button for several moments until you get a notification.
  6. Select the default launcher on the notification. Press “always”.
  7. The reset has been successful.

Can I Delete Launcher3?

Deleting the launcher is not a wise choice since it might affect the performance of the entire device.

However, you may be interested in repairing or replacing it with another version.

To do so, you should delete the other com.lge.launcher3 on the device. The steps are:

  1. Open Settings on the device, and click Applications.
  2. Swipe right to reach the All Headings section.
  3. Find the currently launched and tap on it.
  4. Tap on Clear Defaults to delete the Launcher3.

One thing to note is that you must first install the new launcher before deleting com.lge.launcher3 to avoid errors.

If you delete the launcher3 before installing the new one, the device will be unresponsive, making you have trouble using it.

Wrapping Up

The com.lge.launcher3 is a feature to improve device performance. This software must exist on android to make it work properly.

However, instead of this launcher, you can opt for other options according to your needs.

If an error occurs in com.lge.launcher3, you can solve it by changing the application settings. If you are confused, try asking an expert for help.

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