A No-Brainer Guide On How To Launch A Successful Podcast

When you start a new stream of content, you will feel discouraged in the initial days. Most of us struggle to build an audience. It can take you up to a year to get as little as 100 subscribers. Because of this, many people are always trying to find shortcuts to find quick success.

Podcasts have become an essential part of the current generation, and there seems to be a podcast for everything, whether it is fictional storytelling or entrepreneurship. Just like the number of podcasts you could listen to, the number of available resources about how to launch a successful podcast keeps increasing every day. However, launching a successful podcast involves a lot more.

To achieve the goals you set for your podcast and make the most significant impact during your launch week, you need an effective launching strategy. How you execute the plan makes the difference between launching a successful podcast or failing. In this article, we look at some of the essential steps you need to follow to launch a successful podcast.

1.   Build a Platform For the Podcast

As you may already know, the success of your podcast depends on your audience. Because of this, you need to start growing your audience as soon as possible, even before you launch your first podcast episode. Nothing can top the feeling of anticipation surrounding an upcoming episode. There’s plenty of information at Wired Clip about podcast editing software. Also, take your time to grow your followers on social media and start a community that can eagerly wait for the podcast’s first episode.

Please provide them with a sneak peek of what the episodes will cover and create interesting audio content to build excitement. Ensure that you update your website with news about the launch date and prepare the platform for the launch. Use all your social media channels to create awareness so that you already have an audience eagerly waiting to listen to your podcast.

2.   Create an Email List

An email list still plays a vital part in today’s online space. Before you launch your podcast, you should create a list of potential listeners you can broadcast to when the podcast first goes live. Start collecting emails as soon as possible so you already have a long list of people you can share the great news with once you are ready to launch your podcast.

Determine the ideal listeners and send the podcast to the inbox before the launch by providing valuable resources suitable to their specific needs. After adding them to your email list, contact them to get feedback on some of the subjects they’d be interested in hearing discussed, as well as the guests they’d love you to feature on the show. Also, involve them throughout the journey by updating them on your progress and asking them to contribute to your launch and make it a success.

3.   Promote the Launch Event

Creating a buzz for the official launch of your podcast plays a crucial role in its success. Using your email list to create awareness regarding the launch date is a great way to get your audience excited about your podcast and all the content you will bring to them. You can host a small pre-launch party to interact with other podcasters. You can even run a contest or offer a giveaway during the launch to improve your audience’s engagement.

Make sure you choose trees suitable for your audience. Your main objective should be to bring together people that will benefit from your podcast. Contact PR agencies and media companies to get out the word about your podcast launch. You can also collaborate with other established podcasters so they can feature your podcast on their show.

4.   Launch With Multiple Episodes

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One of the most prominent metrics you can use to determine the success of a podcast is it gaining a spot on the iTunes New and Noteworthy section. iTunes prioritizes the time your audience spends listening to your episodes, and nothing can increase their listening time on your launch day like having several episodes for the audience.

By launching multiple episodes, you provide your listeners with a greater range of content to listen to, thus increasing the amount of time they spend on iTunes listening to your new podcast. It is, of course, an optional step, but it plays a crucial role in helping you gain recognition from iTunes. Try to get early access to iTunes even before the launch date, so you have it when launching your podcast. Since your podcast may take several days before approval, make sure you plan.

In conclusion, nothing influences the success of your podcast, like the quality of the content you put out there. You could have a good platform for the podcast and an email list waiting to listen to the content. You could even create a buzz around the official launch of the podcast or release multiple episodes during the launch, but no one will listen to it if the content does not meet their expectations. Take time to understand your audience before starting the podcast so you know exactly what they want to hear and the guests they expect you to feature on your show.

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