What is ANT Radio Service? How to Use It on Android Device?

As an Android user, including Samsung devices, maybe you are curious about the ANT Radio Service app on your gadget.

At first glance, you might think that it is a part of your smartphone’s tools related to the radio application.

Therefore, sometimes you guess about the use of the ANT Radio Service on your Android. Did you really need this ANT on your device or not? Considering today, you rarely listen to the radio.

However, it turns out that ANT Radio Service here is not what you think it is. So, read this page to clarify your thoughts on this thing first.

What Is ANT Radio Service, and Do I Need It?

Let us clarify the meaning of ANT Radio Service in this section. It is not a part of the radio application you usually find on your gadget.

Therefore, this ANT has nothing to do with radio stations, neither FM nor AM.

Instead, the word “Radio” here is about using a wireless radio signal that allows data transmission on your Android device.

Further, this application appears on your smartphone as a protocol or component-based service.

Likewise, the manufacturers installed it to boost the performance of pre-installed ANT Radio hardware in your device.

Up to this point, please never thought ANT was part of the standard radio application.

In addition, ANT Radio Service is a setting that helps Android devices improve wireless connections on other devices such as Smartwatches, Galaxy Buds, etc.

Generally, this Android setting works with ANT Hal Services to secure proper connectivity among your devices to other external gadgets or wireless accessories.

For example, it includes helping your smartphone interact with fitness and sports appliances equipped with the ANT wireless communication protocol.

So, suppose you ask, “do I need ANT Radio Service on my Samsung tablet?” the answer is it depends.

If you are a sports enthusiast, this application will be needed so that your Android can connect directly with those fitness gadgets.

Furthermore, it connects your smartphone with a smartwatch and FitBit. However, if not, this application is not too influential for you to let it run on your device.

How Does it Works, and Is ANT Radio Service Necessary?

ANT Radio Service may come pre-installed on your device or appear when you update your Android to the latest version.

Indeed, it is not an essential component of the device. Still, only a protocol in an application package comes with the hardware on your smartphone.

Moreover, ANT work is almost identical to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC, enabling the in-built ANT hardware. It also allows external accessories to interact with your Android by relying on radio signals.

Thus, ANT service will not utilize your system fundamentals except when you open and run applications that require a wireless ANT connection.

Moreover, it will only spend a few megabytes from your storage. Therefore, this app might not affect the performance of the device when you decide to keep it on your smartphone.

So, Can You Delete ANT Radio Service?

After all, everything will be fine once you disable or uninstall the ANT Radio service. But remember that this is an in-house app, so you will have a hard time uninstalling it in a standard way.

In other words, you must be the developer to remove it from the smartphone.

ANT Plus Product Definition and Examples

ANT Plus or commonly known as ANT+ devices are products or gadgets that can be connected to your Android device using the ANT service.

Some examples of ANT+ devices you might encounter are the ANT+ Dongle Micro USB, ANT USB Stick, Selfloops ANT+ Accessory, and Tacx T2090.

What Is ANT+ Plugins Service?

ANT+ plugins are plug-in modules that allow smartphones to use ANT-compatible sports gadgets, like:

1. Heartbeat Rate

You can connect your Android to this device via ANT+ plugin, which will accurately monitor and display your heart rate and heartbeat while exercising.

2. FitBit (or other fitness trackers)

Like the Heartbeat rate, FitBit also utilizes ANT+ plugin to connect your fitness gadget to the Android device.

That way, you can monitor and know the number of steps, workouts, and other data related to your current sporting activity.

Android Devices That Use ANT+

Although not all, some Android devices support and use ANT+ natively, especially if your device is already listed in the ANT+ Product Directory.

Once it said so. Indeed, you can inevitably install the ANT+ app from the Play Store. After that, connect some external accessories to your Android via the ANT protocol.

Remember that Android with version 3.0 and higher with or without USB host ability can also use ANT+. Then, the following are some devices that use ANT+:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8 (already have pre-installed ANT+)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Nexus phones
  • Pixel phones
  • Huawei P8, P9, P10
  • Sony Xperia (Z Ultra, Z1, Z1 Compact, Z1 S, Z2, Z2 Tablet, M2, T2 Ultra, Acro S, SL)

Apps That Support ANT Radio Service

Several applications support the ANT radio service. Thereupon, the following are some popular apps:

  • Self-loops
  • Garmin Fit
  • Sporty Pal
  • Run GPS Trainer UV
  • Samsung S Health
  • Map My Run
  • Sports Tracker By STL
  • IpBike
  • My Tracks
  • IpSmartHr
  • Map My Hike
  • IpWatts
  • Map My Fitness
  • Map My Ride
  • IpPeloton
  • Map My Dog Walk
  • Map My Walk+

ANT+ Essential Usage in Samsung Devices

As described above, some Samsung devices use ANT Radio Service. Furthermore, the uses of this ANT+ are very diverse.

It includes connecting your Android with FitBit, Smartwatch, and also the S Health app on Samsung devices. They are such as:

  • Weight Scale (WGT)
  • Bicycle Power (PWR)
  • Bicycle Speed & Cadence (S&C)
  • Activities (ACT)
  • Blood Pressure (BP)

How to Use ANT Radio Service?

Below are some steps to activate the ANT service on your Android phone:

  1. Make sure that your Android is on version 3.0 or higher to use the USB host capability feature
  2. Do not forget to use the ANT USB Stick and USB OTG cable to launch the ANT service activation process on the device. You can also use additional mobile gadgets if needed.
  3. Download and install ANT Radio Service, ANT Plugin Service, and USB Service from Play Store, then run it.
  4. Suppose your Android device is not completed with USB host ability.

You can use ANT+ accessories and Self-loop ANT Service to make your appliance compatible with the Android access protocol.

ANT Service Benefits and Problems

Each element in the Android device may have advantages and weaknesses, including this ANT Radio service.

Furthermore, several benefits of ANT service are:

  1. This radio service is designed to connect easily to other types of smartphones, both iOS and Android phones.
  2. Capable of monitoring, storing and sharing real-time data to your device. For example, walking steps, heart rate, and so on.
  3. Come with the pre-installed version of the app—so there is no need to install it manually.
  4. It is a free app.

In addition to all the advantages above, it turns out that this application also provides drawbacks to your smartphone. Some of them are such as:

  1. Need the activation or installation process first before use.
  2. Battery drain
  3. Requires additional antenna to run this app smoothly.

The Differences Between ANT+ and Bluetooth

Although ANT radio service works are almost the same as Bluetooth, several aspects set them apart:

  1. Bluetooth has become the standard app for every mobile worldwide because it has four huge coattails. Meanwhile, ANT is only standard on several types of devices.
  2. ANT+ does not have a power meter app, while today’s Bluetooth is equipped with a power meter app. However, ANT plus uses less power than Bluetooth.
  3. You can connect ANT simultaneously on many devices. In contrast, Bluetooth can only connect to one computer at a time. For example, you can connect your ANT+ Heart Rate monitor to three computers simultaneously. So, you can monitor data on three different screens in real time. Meanwhile, Bluetooth requires you to disconnect from one gadget to be able to reconnect with other devices.
  4. Bluetooth allows the user to link with a multiplayer online and cycling platform called Zwift, whereas ANT plus only provides a few apps to connect.
  5. ANT plus has two connected power sensors on the left and right. So, one sensor will be connected to another sensor first before finally connecting to an external gadget or computer.

Meanwhile, Bluetooth only has one power sensor on each side. Thus, the external gadget will connect directly to the power sensor without intermediaries.

Final Thought

ANT Radio Service is a setting, protocol, or service created by manufacturers to come in a package with pre-installed ANT Radio hardware.

This protocol is generally invisible to Android users. Still, it has an essential role in establishing wireless connections among the smartphone and sports devices.

For instance, it includes smartwatches, FitBit, Heart rate monitors, and so on through the ANT Plugins Service.

Although the ANT Radio Service works similarly to Bluetooth, the two are significantly different in some aspects.

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