Why Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls? How To Fix?

The “cellular network not available for voice calls” can be very frustrating. You have to make an urgent communication but all lanes are blocked.

However, you are not alone with these reses. The cellular unavailable error during calls is a common problem for many people.

The causes are usually varied and sometimes cannot be over in a blink. However, that does not mean you cannot do anything to break the problem.

In this review, we will discuss why the cellular network not available for voice calls, along with some tips to overcome it.

So, please keep reading till the end!

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls: What Does it Mean?

As a phone user, mastering the solution to this cellular unavailable error is a must. However, first, please also understand the conditions you are facing.

The cellular network not available for voice calls occurs because the mobile settings are damaged, inappropriate, or do not support the action.

Therefore, the user will fail to make calls.

Although the failure may not always occur, this error will disrupt communication, especially for busy people who need intense calls and conversations with others.

This problem is common in Motorola products and some other brands.

However, some brands today, such as Samsung Galaxy, have sufficient technology to prevent this problem.

Causes of Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls

When you see the message can’t connect to this network, several things might be the cause, both software and hardware problems.

The location that does not support the cellular mobile network can also be a reason. Let’s see the possible causes that may crash your call connection.

1. Error in Settings

When you find a cellular network not available for voice calls, the first thing you need to do is check the settings.

Try to check if there are parts that have accidentally changed so that communication is blocked.

2. There is a Bug in System Maintenance

Smartphones have an Operation System (OS) which is constantly improving. To be compatible with new features, you need to update them regularly.

However, updates sometimes leave bugs that make the system unable to run well and lead to interference when doing the calls-related activity.

3. Incompatible Latest Updates

Updates are also not always following the device. Some older generations of smartphones may not be compatible with the changes and make some problems arise, including call errors.

As a resolution, you should replace the device with the compatible one. If you want to keep up with the same phone, please stop doing any updates/changes.

4. SIM Card Problem

The common thing that happens in the case of a cellular network not available for voice calls is a SIM card problem.

A corrupt, damaged, or expired device will make you fail to communicate.

If this is the case, you may have to contact your network service provider or replace the SIM card with a new one.

5. Battery Issues

Although rare, battery problems can also cause the cellular network not available for voice calls.

Generally, this happens when the power is so low that the system saves energy by preventing calls.

Apart from the power saver feature, a faulty battery can also lead to a call failure.

In this case, the system may keep detecting that the phone is low on energy, and the call always fails.

6. Unsupported Location

Besides the problems above, the location of the call can be a cause of network failure. Some places are not coverable by the network, and mobile communication does not work well.

Try to check if your place supports a mobile phone signal. If not, you have to find a suitable point or replace the SIM card with the one that has coverage in that area.

Some mobile phone brands have anticipated this and have inserted technology to change networks automatically or provide features to make changes manually.

However, this may not apply to older phones or those that do not have this feature. For more details, please examine your smartphone settings.

How to Cope the Voice Calls Problems Because of Network

Although very annoying, the cellular network not available for voice calls is not an unsolved issue.

First, check the source of the problem, as indicated in the previous section.  If you already know the error, you may be able to solve it or follow these steps:

1. Checking Phone Mode

In many cases, a cellular network not available for voice calls occurs because flight mode is activated accidentally.

It will keep the phone alive but unable to receive the network.

Without a network, users cannot connect with connections or signals. Thus, calls and other activities cannot occur.

Therefore, the flight mode must be off again.

First, find the settings menu, press it, and select the flight mode. The other alternative step is pressing the power for a few moments and selecting the airplane symbol.

Make sure the status is off, and try making the call again. If this problem does not resolve, maybe you should try another method.

2. Setting the Network Operator

As explained above, some locations are not coverable by certain network operators. Therefore, you must ensure that the area is within reach.

It is easy to set up. You can open Settings, either from Home or from a shortcut. After that, select the Wireless and Network menu.

Continue by clicking Mobile Network.

In this menu, you will find several options, such as which SIM card to use or the type of network (5G, 4G, and so on).

Please take your preference, and try to call again.

3. Change the Battery

Previously, battery issues also played a role in voice call matters. Too-old or dropping hardware will make the network constrained.

In fact, in today’s smartphones, battery problems are rare because of the advanced protection technology that prevents the device from being dropped or damaged.

However, older devices may experience it. If this is a problem, your only option is to replace the battery.

But on new generation phones, this hardware is generally already embedded. Therefore you have to replace the phone too.

4. Restart the Device

New generation smartphones generally have an easy solution to various problems, namely restarting.

You can also try it to fix any network problem.

  1. Make sure all applications are in an inactive state.
  2. Press the power button for a while, then select the “Restart” or “Reboot” menu
  3. After that, you will see a confirmation message. Click OK, and the device will restart.
  4. Wait a while until the device is on again. Try making a call gain.

Check if the call is available after restarting. However, when this treatment fails, please consider doing another step.

5. Do the Device Updates

A cellular network not available for voice calls can occur because the operating system is out-of-date.

Therefore, you need to update the device to suit the latest needs.

One thing to note, please ensure your smartphone is ready and compatible with the changes. If all is under control, you can do the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. On the screen, please click the About Phone option.
  3. Please note that some smartphones will have a different name for this option, such as About Device.
  4. You will find the “Software Update” menu. Click it, and tap the “Check for Updates” option.
  5. The OS version information is now accessible on the phone. If there is the latest update, then start installing. Wait a minute to complete the process.

If the issue of the cellular network not available for voice calls is in the update, then you will be able to communicate again after the installation is complete.

6. Reinsert the SIM Card

If those steps mean nothing, let’s try treating the card. Please eject it out of the device and insert it back again.

After doing the steps above, restart the device and see the results (note that the SIM card “wellness” also affects).

Generally, you can solve SIM errors by removing and reinserting. If the problem persists, consider changing or upgrading the card.

7. Factory Reset

If all the steps above fail to fix the cellular network not available for voice calls, there may be a problem with the system.

Therefore, try to do the factory reset.

It is a whole reset that backs the smartphone to its original adjustment. Thus, everything related to settings will return to the way it was before use.

Some data may lose during the process. Hence, please do the backup first. Here are the steps to do a factory reset:

  1. Open Settings, then select the “About Phone” menu
  2. Find the “Backup and Reset” option, click it, then select “factory reset”.
  3. In The next step, press the “erase all data”.

After the factory reset is complete, all settings will return to the beginning. Try to check again if you can make calls again.

Wrapping Up

Some of the steps above are the easiest way to solve the cellular network not available for voice calls.

However, if you are still stuck on the dead-end, there may be hardware damage.

If the cellular network not available for voice calls is because of a hardware issue, try to do repairs or consult a smartphone expert.

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