Get to Know and How to Disable has become a trending topic because it offers various conveniences when making calls.

Even users claim that this application can detect fraud. Wow! It becomes the default core software for the Samsung smartphone brand.

Unfortunately, although it has many advantages, many people do not understand this feature.

Besides managing activities related to Android contacts and calls, the proper use will reward you with unexpected benefits, including knowing your partner’s activities on the smartphone.

Another thing you need to know is that, even though it is a default app, you might disable it if you do not want to.

How to? Check out the full review of below!

What is InCallUI?

Before talking about specifically, it is a good idea to understand what InCallUI is.

Seeing the name, in general, we can interpret it as the user interface during a call. In a more specific sense, InCallUI is a feature that manages all call-related things.

This default application expands the task as a provider of information to the user interlocutor and displays supporting functions such as speaker, volume, and others.

InCallUI has a lot of functionality, so losing this app will make a big difference in smartphone calls. A bit of damage will also make it difficult for the user in the calling process.

What is

In the previous review, you already know that InCallUI is a feature to manage all things related to calls.

You may find many products with different brands, including

This feature has come to the tech world since 2018 as Samsung’s default application that helps smartphone users to organize incoming calls.

It will automatically pop up anytime you do the calls and simplify people’s life by enabling the user to multitask their activities on the smartphone.

Basic Functions

During a call, the will appear on the android screen, providing an interface between the dialer and the machine.

In general, these are some of the built-in features:

  • The system will identify the number you are talking to and display the information on the screen.
  • Become a media that bridges information in SIM cards and mobile phones.
  • Displays options for the in-call interface, such as picking up the phone, rejecting the call, muting, and making another call.
  • Offers easy features to make calls.

Moreover, InCallUI allows us to do many things in one application. Isn’t this amazing?

Additional Functions

In addition to having the above functions, there are several other advantages if you use Following are some of the benefits:

  • The use of android.incallui apk allows users to make calls silently.
  • This feature will display a home button so you can open other applications without hanging up a call.
  • Even though there is a home button menu, will lock the screen.

It prevents the ear or face from accidentally opening another app during a call.

  • Inside, the in-built note feature will allow you to save numbers or take notes during a call.
  • It has a feature to send messages even when a call is in progress.

In addition, there may be many other conveniences that you can get from using

You can also decide to record the conversation, if necessary. Indeed, the recording function is not only in the default Samsung application.

It is just that, by using the apk, users can get comprehend features and run well.

Why We Should Use in Daily Life

This feature plays a critical role in the performance of android smartphones. Besides providing convenience, this app also provides security and information to users.

1.       It Can Work Well with Other Apps and Features

This InCallUI can work well with other apps, such as TrueCaller or app to identify callers whose numbers are not in your contact list.

Because the use is quite cooperative, errors are very rare so you do not have to worry about your activities being interrupted.

2.       Minimizing Spam Activity

The information allows you to decide whether to receive the call or not. The reason is, currently, there are very many spam users who intend to defraud or terrorize other people.

3.       Enabling the Call-Conference

In addition, several advantages suit the needs of modern society, such as the ability to add calls. That way, you can talk to several people at the same time.

Even if you do not want to miss a moment, record the conversation with the other person. This data can be very useful for various purposes.

You are free to hold a conference call or postpone a call with one of the parties.

Also, do not worry about missing important news even if you are having a conversation with the other party.

4.       Multitask Your Activities

As modern society also has to deal with many activities at once, the InCallUI allows you to do other activities on your smartphone even when you are on a call.

It is like establishing communication right in front of your eyes but with more efficient use of time and distance!

How to Access and Operate InCallUI on Samsung Android

As explained above, InCallUI is an in-built application that comes in smartphones. These steps are how to activate incallui on your Samsung:

  1. Open the settings menu on the Samsung smartphone, then open “Apps” in the list.
  2. Click the “All” menu on the screen.
  3. The next step is to access contacts, contact storage, messaging center, and Google account Sync. After that, also access or Incallui menu.
  1. Check the app on the phone to make sure is working on the smartphone.

Now, you can use the menu on Samsung Android InCallUI completely. Calls, as well as message and contact management, are much easier and more well-organized.

Removing the InCallUI

People may ask how to disable InCallUI from a smartphone. However, before discussing this, you need to know what will happen if you do.

Is It Safe to Disable the InCallUI?

Disabling or uninstalling this feature is not recommended because it will provide a complete change to the smartphone.

This feature is the only path to make calls. If the InCallUI is gone, the dial screen will not appear.

Therefore, you may fail to make calls or do other related activities. Reading contact data will also be disrupted, and you cannot access it.

How to Disable the Feature

However, there is a chance that you might not want this app on your smartphone. If so, try the following disabling steps:

  1. Open the settings menu, find “Apps”, and click on it.
  2. Once open, find the “All Application” or “App Info” menu, and click on it.
  3. Find the InCallUI menu from the presented list.
  4. Scroll down and find the three dots. After that, select and click the “Show System Apps” menu.
  5. You will see some options. Open each of them and clear the store.
  6. Now, your InCallUI has been disabled.

After disabling the , you may find some differences in the call settings.

Please see if this change is appropriate to your needs as a user. If not, you can also enable it again easily by finding the option in the setting menu

(For reoperating the feature, please see the section of How to Access and Operate above)

Those are some points to pay attention to about how to disable incallui.

However, if you are still not sure, try asking an expert or find more information on your Samsung internet browser.

Problems You May Find and How to Fix It

Developers will always do development to fix imperfections and various glitches that appear in the application.

However, it is possible that has encountered an error and does not work well.

The most likely thing is that the application does not work while in use. If this happens, you can take the following easy steps:

  1. Open the settings on the smartphone and click the apps menu.
  2. Look for the InCallUI app and tap on the screen.
  3. After the display opens, try scrolling down and tapping the “Clear Cache” menu.

Usually, the application will work again after you do the steps above.

But if InCallUI still cannot work, try doing a hard restart on the smartphone to refresh the device that may be having problems.

In more cases, for example, InCallUI makes the smartphone cannot work well. If so, please do the uninstall steps as above or consult an expert.

Wrapping Up

The ins and outs of have been clear on the above reviews. It is critical because this feature helps to organize all call-related activities.

Besides accepting or rejecting calls, this app also helps provide information about contacts, helping you make informed decisions.

The will work well with several other applications such as TrueCaller, Samsung internet browser, and other supports.

That way, you can use it without fear of errors.

Although there are many benefits of using InCallUI, some users may be disturbed by the performance of this application.

In this case, you cannot remove it from your smartphone, but you can disable it according to the instructions above.

If there is an error during use, you can also fix it through settings.

However, disabling the is not wise because it will affect the appearance of the smartphone and other features related to calls and contacts.

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