How to Block No Caller ID on iPhone – 5 Best Ways

Many ways are available to block no caller ID on iPhone. Hence, simply download an application from the Appstore.

Also, some features have such capability. Many people need this function because they do not want to get disturbed by unwanted phone calls.

Some people might already get so many unwanted calls. So, to know how to deal with it, you go to the right place.

Therefore, we have provided you with the ultimate guide and some recommended apps to download.

It would deal with the issues with no hassle. Thus, you will find the right way to block no caller ID that comes to your iPhone.

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5 Proven Ways to Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone

This page is going to present a step-by-step guide to block no caller ID in 5 different ways. Then, select the one that you need.

All of the methods included on this page are proven. Additionally, no need to search for it anywhere else.

1. Block No Caller ID Using Contacts

Block No Caller ID Using Contacts

Do you know that you can actually block no caller ID using the contact feature in your iPhone? You do not have to create a list for unknown calls.

Instead, you can use an easier method by using this utility that you can find in almost any smartphone. Call blocking can be done via the contacts list.

Moreover, here is how:

Step 1

The very first thing you have to do is to launch the “Contacts” application on your phone. There is no need to download it.

Further, it is available on every phone including iPhone.

Step 2

Then, tap on the “+” icon. See at the right upper corner to find it. Likewise, it is similar to creating an ordinary contract.

However, there is something different you are about to do.

Step 3

Next, make a new entry on the contact list. Name it as “No Caller ID”. The number field can be 000-000-0000 for a try.

Indeed, you can name it anything you want. It can be “Unknown People” or “Blocked Caller ID” or whatever.

Then, tap “Done” to confirm the creation.

Step 4

At the bottom of the list, you can see “Block this Caller”. Then, just tap on the area of that word to block that number.


Basically, you can just save the numbers and block them from your phone directly from the contacts. It will automatically be in your blocklist.

Moreover, whenever needed, there is a way to unblock the number you want.

2. Block No Caller ID Using Do Not Disturb Method

Block No Caller ID Using Do Not Disturb Method

This method is quite popular among iPhone users. It is a model you can find on the iOS interface which is pretty helpful for those who want to focus on something.

For example, you want to finish a deadline for today but you do not want anyone to distract you with a call. This is where you need it.

It is simply called a “Do Not Disturb” mode.

When you turn the mode on, it will mute any calls, alerts, and notifications. With this setting, you can get rid of private calls that have no caller ID.

Easy Steps

Additionally, this iPhone feature is very simple. A single tap will change everything.

Step 1

Go to your phone’s settings. The icon would be visible in your menu.

Step 2

Then, you can find the mode by scrolling through all the things in the settings. When you find “Do Not Disturb”, just click on it.

Step 3

After that, wait until the screen is done loading. There will be a toggle option for activating the feature.

Next, it will be green while being active. Also, you can confirm the activation by looking at the moon-shaped icon on the bar.

That icon indicates that the “Do Not Disturb” is on. Thus, you can focus on your task without distracting incoming stuff.

Step 4

Moreover, you might adjust the settings to make some numbers have the power to call you.

If you want some important people able to call you when you are in “Do Not Disturb” mode, look for an option called “Allow Calls From”.

Step 5

After you tap on the option, you will see a list of options that will pop up. Look for “All Contacts” and tap on it.

Further, you will see a small checkmark on the side of the contact you choose to block. To allow the contacts to call you, just uncheck it.


This is an effective way to block callers with no Caller ID and private numbers.

Besides, if the numbers are unknown to your phone, there is no chance it can get to distract you when you are doing the task.

3. Block No Caller ID Using Carrier’s Call Filter Service

Block No Caller ID Using Carrier’s Call Filter Service

The two methods before are pretty powerful and effective to block calls you do not want to deal with. Otherwise, you do not even have to download other third-party applications.

Telemarketers and spam callers will not become a problem for your phone anymore.

However, some smarter spam callers have a way to get to your phone and call you. You may still get their calls even though the first two methods are already applied.

Further, they might use another number that seems real and trusted.

Therefore, you will need another method for that. Most people in America use a call filtering service to deal with it.

In this part of the page, you will explore some call filter services that you can find on the Networks in the US. All of them are popular.

• Brighthouse

Birght house free no Caller ID rejection filter

This is a free no Caller ID rejection filter. There is no need to pay any dime to use the feature in this application.

Thus, you can just dial it and you can get rid of a customer care rep. Here are some steps to apply the service:

  • First of all, you need to listen for a dial tone on any Apple phone with the account of Brighthouse service.
  • You can begin to dial *77. The feature is turned on when you hear beeps three times. It means the phone will reject anonymous calls.
  • Then, just hang up the phone. As result, you won’t get disturbed by any unknown calls.
  • For turning off the feature, just dial *87 and wait for the beeps. After that, the iPhone will be back to normal.

• AT&T Mobile

AT Mobile block no Caller ID

For those of you who are using the AT&T Mobile service on your iPhone, this is the method to try. This network provider actually has two plans for blocking no caller id on iPhone.

Likewise, you might select between the basic plan and the Plus plan.

The basic one will give you a service with limited features. You do not have to pay any credits or money to enjoy the plan.

Meanwhile, if you want something unlimited and packed with a lot of features, simply pay a subscription to the Plus plan.

The premium subscription service will give you a more aggressive filter to block callers that have no caller ID. It helps a lot.

• Verizon

Verizon block no caller ID on iPhone

Similar to AT&T mobile, Verizon also offers its users two types of plans for blocking anonymous calls. Choose between the free and paid ones.

If you do not want to pay any money, use the free plan which is also effective enough to detect all spam callers.

Thus, it will block them all. The framework in this plan is very good to deal with unwanted calls.

If you want the feature to be more aggressive, you should get the call filter plus plan. It will cover 3 or more lines within your network.

Pay the subscription monthly and you can cancel at any time. Well, it is quite different from the previous ones.

Furthermore, Verizon offers you plans that will effectively block no caller ID on iPhone.

• T-Mobile

T Mobile block no caller ID on iPhone

Unlike the two previous network providers, T-mobile has three different plans you might choose from. The first two plans are Scam ID and Scam block service.

These are free services. If you use T-Mobile in your iPhone, use this service immediately.

All scammers and spammers will be blocked from your phone as long as the service is active. Besides, you should subscribe to the premium plan.

Try using the “Name ID” feature which takes action against the callers with no identity. Also, it will detect all the scams and spam callers that can get to your iPhone.

• Sprint

Sprint block no caller ID on iPhone

Stop all calls with no caller ID from calling your iPhone. Sprint offers you the basic and premium plan. It is quite similar to the same services before.

Moreover, the premium service is always the better one.

4. Block No Caller ID Using App

There is another alternative to choose for blocking unwanted callers. It is such a simple way to solve this issue.

You can just download an application on the Appstore. Besides, you might detect the identity of the callers and some other stuff.

Based on the features, it is somewhat a much better alternative you can apply right away within a few taps.

• RoboKiller


Kill all the Spam Calls with RoboKiller. This application allows you to eliminate them with a chance of 99 percent.

The global database of this caller ID blocker is huge. It would instantly protect your iPhone from unwanted calls.

Additionally, it comes with the patented audio fingerprinting technology that will stop any incoming calls that are untrusted.

Your life will be free of spam calls. Moreover, you can have some satisfying revenge on the spam callers.

Also, RoboKiller will send some Answer Bots to disturb their life. They will definitely understand how it feels to deal with disturbing phone calls.

One of their new features to check out is called blocking customization. This feature allows you to control the aggression of RoboKiller in blocking the calls.

• Truecaller


Truecaller becomes one of the most famous apps to block no caller ID on your smartphone. Head to the Appstore and download this application right away.

This phone call blocker will identify and block both SMS and calls from spammers.

Besides, Truecaller will search for unknown numbers. The list of spam is based on the community which has over 280 million users.

With this app, you can avoid annoying calls and SMS, find caller names, use a powerful dialer and smart messaging feature, and subscribe to the premium plan.

• Hiya


There are some reasons why you should use Hiya to protect your iPhone. It is because of its reliability, speed, and security.

Then, download the free application and enjoy all the packed features.

Hiya can give protection from spam. Also, it can manage contacts and block no caller ID. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to do reverse searching.

So, you will know who is exactly calling you right now.

• TrapCall


Trapcall application is there for people who are troubled by disturbing calls that have no caller ID. It gives you the freedom to stop those kinds of calls get to your phone.

Further, you can find out whose numbers are behind these hidden callers. Then, there is an ability to track down the stalkers digitally.

There are a lot more features you may explore.

5. National Do Not Call Registry

National Do Not Call Registry

Another tip to deal with no Caller ID phone calls is using the National Do Not Call Registry. This one is made for consumers who want to be protected from all the unwanted calls.

Initially, start signing up for the program and there will be no spam callers disturbing you.

However, some callers like surveys, charities, and politics would still be able to call you anytime. If you are interested, fill a form online to register the phone number.

Then, you can check out the FAQs section to get to know about this program. After that, you can begin to report any calls that you want to ignore.

Report them to the FTC that goes through the filter within a month of registering.

Final Note

Finally, you should choose the right way to block no Caller ID on iPhone. The proper method would be the one that matches your needs, budget, and devices.

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