How to Buy Property the Tech Savvy Way!

Buying a house is a stressful process. In fact, some say that it’s one of the most stressful imaginable. But there are lots of ways to make it simpler. As always, technology has come to the rescue with plenty of solutions to make your life easier.

Start the Search

The easiest way to start your search for your dream home is by using a property search engine. You simply input what you are looking for and press search. These sites have inventories of millions of properties from thousands of agents. You can filter by price, location, specifics, and features, as well as things like how long it’s been on the market.

These sites are so precise; you won’t waste any time looking at property that isn’t suitable. Many of us have had experiences with estate agents where they will show you properties that are way out of your specs in the hopes of offloading a hard-to-shift house or upselling. You don’t have this issue with online sites!

Get Financed

Taking out a mortgage involved an endless stream of appointments with brokers, lenders, and banks. Now, thanks to technology, you can do it all online, even from your mobile phone. Trussle is an example of a mortgage broker site that provides many tools for helping you get a mortgage. You can simply input your deposit, incomings, and various other financial factors, and it will provide information on how much you can borrow and allow you to compare deals.

This saves you from going to each provider individually and allows you to simultaneously analyze and evaluate each offer.

Take a Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour

Technology has come a long way in recent years. Some areas that have progressed rapidly are augmented and virtual reality, which are now practical tools rather than novelty apps for your mobile phone. Did you know it’s possible to take a complete tour of your possible future home without leaving your seat? Thanks to virtual reality, you can strap on a headset or goggles and take a walk around any home that is for sale. You can also experiment with your own furnishings or other interior styles to see how it would look once you get your hands on it. But if you don’t want to splash out for virtual reality headsets, you can still enjoy a 4D walk-around tour at your own leisure.

Additionally, various programs will allow you to decorate and experiment with the design before you buy. While most people will still want to see the house in person before signing on the dotted line, VR and 4D walkarounds can help people not waste time on properties that aren’t for them.

Complete on the Blockchain

It’s now possible to put the entire transaction process on the blockchain. The technology that underpins crypto, like bitcoin, has also found many standalone use cases. Through smart contracts, self-executing pre-programmed contracts, property sales can be managed automatically with input from all stakeholders.

Signing contracts, submitting surveys, mortgage approvals, legal matters, and matters like deposits and escrow can all be managed on the blockchain. This results in quicker timescales and lower administration fees associated with the sale.

These are just a couple of the technological solutions available to you when you are buying, or even selling a house!

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