How to Use Software Solutions to Decide Which Numbers to Play in Games?

Perhaps, there’s nowhere that you can find more tension than in a room full of people playing a game who are waiting for you to make your next move to choose your next play. Choosing numbers while playing these sorts of games can be a very confusing thing to do and people often find themselves freezing up due to anxiety. After all, this single choice of a number can determine how the game ends – in your favor or against you. This poses a unique problem that’s not found very commonly elsewhere and could leave you boggled. However, technology has once again come to the rescue. There are a few software tools that you can use to help you choose which number to play next. These tools will provide you with a number and all you have to do is play them. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to help you end the indecisiveness about choosing the next number. These tips will come in handy when you’re trying to win a game without having to choose among so many possible combinations of numbers. So, without further ado, let’s find out how you can take the help of technology to choose the right numbers. 

Software Solutions to Decide Which Numbers to Play in Games

1. Random Number Generator

One of the most basic tools to help you pick your next play is a random number generator. Just as the name sounds, a random number generator will also pick a random number from its library of millions of combinations to show you the one to play. There are hundreds of free number generators on the internet, and you can use any of them without any issues. However,  make sure that the numbers aren’t being generated in a fixed pattern that can easily be predicted as it won’t be random anymore, and you won’t be getting any varied results; not to mention it becomes easy for others to guess your next play. These tools are relatively simple to use, and you just have to click a button to get the number, and you’re good to go.

2. Number Wheels

Another very popular method of picking numbers used by many players to pick their next move is to use a number wheel. Number wheels have been traditionally used in board games and even in casinos, just the way it’s highlighted in the movies. However, with the help of technology and the internet, you can even do it online with just a click of your mouse. Just like our previous entries, these wheels will also generate random numbers for you to choose from; however, these tools are usually focused on providing a more indulgent experience. You can find different types of number wheels online, with some showing their output in single or double digits and others even allowing you the option to customize it.

3. Algorithmic Number Generators

There are some number generators that are widely used, yet still aren’t as random as the ones we’ve discussed above. The algorithmic generators will give you random numbers, but they’ll utilize an algorithm to do so. However, these are just as good as any other number generator and worth considering as the chances of you making a good play still stay the same. Algorithms aren’t like formulae, so there’s no risk of repetition, and these algorithms are sometimes even better than some random number generator because they operate on complex logic.

4. Entropy-Based Number Generators

One of the most interesting types of number generators is the entropy-based one. These number generators usually generate a random number based on some kind of input from their surroundings or internal state. Entropy is just a more complex way of representing randomness and chaos in a system. This entropy can be created due to anything from a mouse click to ambient noise, and the results are usually very different. These are more advanced than the other number generators, and you can use these just as well to get a number. However, it’ll be difficult to find these, and you can accomplish the same goal by using any other kind of generator. 

Software Solutions to Decide Which Numbers to Play in Games 1


So these are some of the most widely used software solutions that can help you come up with a number for your next move in a game. We all know that any kind of game can get pretty competitive and if you want an edge over your competitors then these tools can help you out greatly. Remember that the tools we’ve discussed are just a few of the many, and there are various other options as well if you’d like to explore them. For a player who just wants to get a number for their next play, these tools should be more than enough, and there’s no need to go looking for a more advanced quantum physics-based tool.

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