Game Pigeon on Android: All You Need to Know

One of the most favorite and popular iOS-only games is a game Pigeon. Moreover, the game is rated 4.1 out of 5 on the App Store. Because of the fun, many Android users also find out how to download the game pigeon on Android.

Then, this game also has many games that you can play with friends and new people. Therefore, it is not surprising that Android users also want to have a game pigeon on Android. If you want to know more about the Pigeon game, here is the review:

What is Game Pigeon?

Before you know about the game pigeon on Android, you should know what the game pigeon is. As mentioned earlier, this is a game that allows you to play with your friends. So, this game allows multiple players to join in one game.

You and your friends will have an exciting and fun experience playing this game. In addition, the operation of this game is also smooth so it is not surprising that many people play this game. Through this application, you can enjoy many interesting and top games.

Examples, are Space Team, Minecraft Pocket, Modern Combat, Real Racing, Draw Something, and others. You can imagine how exciting it is to have many popular games on one platform and you can play them with your friends or family. Moreover, this game has a unique feature because it can connect with iMessages, the iPhone messaging application.

That way, you can share messages with your family, friends, or colleagues and ask them to play with you. The existence of this unique integration allows you to have an enjoyable gaming experience. Then, you can also interact with other people through exciting games.

How To Get Game Pigeon On Android?

If you want to play the game pigeon on Android, you have to go through a long process. This is because this game is not officially available on the Google Play Store. So, this game is designed exclusively for macOS and iOS only because it is integrated with iMessage.

However, because this game is very interesting, many Android users also want it. Therefore, if you are an android user and want to get it, you have to do some pretty tiring steps on your Android device. That way, you will have access to the app and you can play it.

So, there is a solution to run game pigeon on Android even though it is complicated. Then, there is also the risk of damaging your Android device. One way to get it working again is to restore the device to factory settings. Thus, all data will be deleted.

If you want to run game pigeon on Android device, you must have a backup of your data. Once you have a data backup, you can try and continue some process to run this game on your Android device.

Steps To Download Game Pigeon On Android

You know that there are several processes that you have to do if you want to install this game on an Android device. Although the method is quite difficult, you will find it worth it. Here are some steps to download the game pigeon on Android that you can try:

  • Download the weMessage app on the official website or you can find this app on the Google Play Store.
  • Go to Java Development Kit 9 and download macOS from there.
  • To make macOS work on your device, you must grant permission.
  • Allow terminal commands to run through macOS settings.
  • Once that is done, click continue and run the terminal command.
  • This step will ask you to log in through your apple credentials. So, you have to use the ID you use on your macOS.
  • Once you have set it up, make sure you remember the password.
  • At this step, your device should be successfully connected to macOS.
  • To connect with macOS, you can log in to the server.
  • Log in again using the ID and password you used earlier.
  • Go ahead and ask anyone with an iOS device to send you a text message with a game pigeon request.

Are there any apps similar to Game Pigeon for Android or iOS?

In the previous section, there are several steps that you have to do to play the game pigeon on Android. However, this method is quite complicated and risky. If you are an Android or iOS user who wants to know games that are similar to the Game pigeon, here is the list:


This game, which has more than 100 million users installed, lets you play multiple games with friends and random strangers online. There are 2 modes in this game, multiplayer and one on one. Similar to the game pigeon, HUGO also allows you to communicate via chat messages or video conferencing.

2. Plato

You and your new friends can play 45 multiplayer games on this application. Moreover, this app has no annoying ads. In this application, there is a matchmaking feature that allows you to compete with real people.

3. Bunch

Through this application, you and your friends can play this game while making video calls or chatting. Interestingly, you can create a party in this application. So, when you start playing the game, automatically, you will be playing in multiplayer mode. Once the game begins, the app will run in the background and allow you and your friends to keep chatting while playing.

4. TopTop

This application allows you to socialize with friends, family, or even strangers while playing games. There are several classic games that you can play through this application, such as Uno, Ludo, Domino, and many others. This application also allows its users to be able to communicate via voice or text chat. Also, this app allows you to create private chat rooms while socializing.

5. Yubo

If you don’t want to have trouble installing Pigeon on Android, you can download this application. Yubo is an app that allows you to make friends and play games together. Through this app, you can start a live video chat with up to 10 friends. The chat feature allows you to find new friends or talk to old friends.

What games does Game Pigeon have?

Game pigeon on Android and iOS has more than 20 games that you can play. However, from these games, there are several games that are the favorites of its users. The following are some of the most favorite and frequently played games in Game pigeons:

1. 8-ball

For those of you who love billiards, you can play it in the Game pigeon. In this game, you have to aim and shoot the balls while avoiding the 8 black balls. Moreover, this game will be more exciting because you play this game with your iMessage contacts.

2. Anagrams

If you like word games, Anagrams is a suitable game for you. This 60s word game will give you a list of letters and you have to find the word combinations of those letters. This game is suitable for 2 people and the winner is the person who manages to answer the most words after the 60-second mark has passed.

3. Sea Battle

This is a war simulation game so you need a special strategy to win it. To win this game, you have to dominate other players by attacking them with cannons or sinking their ships.

Therefore, you must develop the right attack strategy to sink enemy ships. Then, you also need to place the warships properly so that you can maximize offensive attacks and minimize defensive attacks.

3. Gomoku

This is a board game that requires a strategy to win it. The game consists of a 12 X 12 board and a set of white and black stones. You and your friends can choose to play with black or white stones. Then, to place stones of their color at the intersection of the tiles, you do this in turn.

The player who manages to place 5 stones in a row on the board, either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally will win. Moreover, to play this game, you do not need to menu other people online.

So, you can start the game and other people can do it whenever they have time. Then, you also don’t have to play the whole game at once. You can play it if you have a turn or when you have free time.

4. Knock-Out

In this game, you have to play with your penguin to knock your friend’s penguin out of the ice blocks that you share. Then, you should try to do the same. This game is very light and fun to watch the penguins slide after you release them. Then, the game is short because you can complete it in just a few rounds.

5. 20 Questions

Through this game, you and your friends take turns asking each other questions. You can ask questions and your friends answer them, and vice versa. This will continue until one player can ask no more questions. To play this game, one person will think of something. Then, another player tries to guess what it is by asking a no or a yes.

Why is Game Pigeon sending as a picture?

When you try to download the game pigeon on Android, sometimes you encounter problems. For example, if you tell your friends about a game in Game pigeons, then you and your friends want to try the game. However, your friends can only see the pictures, not the gameplay. This means the game pigeon can’t function properly.

Or, even Game pigeons you can’t open or don’t appear at all under the iMessage application. However, don’t worry because you can fix this easily:

  • Try to renew the connection lease on your device.
  • Change the date and time and set it automatically.
  • Close all open applications and restart your device.
  • Restore your device, but if still not working reset your app settings.

If you’ve already done that but your gameplay appears as an image when you receive or send it, you can try this method:

  • Go to Settings and then click Messages.
  • Click On on the iMessage toggle and click SMS OFF on the Send toggle.

After you do that, you should be able to receive and also send Game Game pigeon play messages. However, if the game doesn’t work after you make this fix, you can close and reopen your iMessage app. Nevertheless, make sure this app is not running in the background when you close it.

Does Game Pigeon use a lot of data?

This application requires an internet connection to work. This is because this application uses iMessage so it requires an internet connection. Therefore, this application can work if there is WiFi or cellular data.

However, iMessage itself does not require a large amount of cellular data. If you connect your device to a WiFi network, you do not use any data. For example, if you send or receive thousands of messages of text, video, or images, it generally only takes 1GB.

Is Game Pigeon safe for kids?

You can install Game pigeons on Android, even though it requires a fairly long process. Therefore, you also have to be careful because maybe your child is also interested in installing this game on Android or iPhone. This application provides some exciting games that are interesting for children.

Then, through this application, your child can play games with friends or new people. You as parents have to be careful if your child installs this game. This is because there could be predators who go undercover and invite your child to ‘meet’ in one place.

Afterward, they will give access to your child’s phone number and move their interaction to a private text chat. Therefore, you as a parent must make sure your child is aware of the potential dangers when using this application. Then, you also need to set a time limit for using this application. The app also has multiple purchases so kids can easily spend the bill without even realizing it.

Now you know some interesting information about pigeon games and whether you can download the game pigeon on Android. If you want to have this game on your Android device, you can do some pretty complicated steps. However, if you don’t want to do it, there are several alternative game pigeon that you can try.

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