10 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android and iOS

Keeping our health in pristine condition is one of the ways to ensure that we have more time to spend with our loved ones. But sometimes, we forget to take time to maintain our health. This can also include in our way to check our blood pressure level. While it can be a constant worry to try and bring them down, you can always try some blood pressure apps on your phone to monitor your blood pressure condition.

This is important because high blood pressure affects millions of people. It can also be a precursor for fatal health conditions. But a lot of people are unaware of their high blood pressure condition. A lot of health problems can occur from high blood pressure if it is being left untreated.

While blood pressure apps might not be able to measure the level of your blood pressure, the point of having these apps is to record the measurements and keep track of them.

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10 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android and iOS

Measuring your blood pressure will still require the use of a tonometer. These blood pressure apps will be used to record daily changes in your blood pressure so you can make a more informed decision on how to keep your blood pressure in check.

1. Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

If you already have a tonometer, measuring your blood pressure is pretty easy. But, measuring it just one time will not be enough. And remembering the level of your blood pressure every day can also get very complicated. That’s why this finger blood pressure app will make your life much easier.

With this app, you can track the level of your blood pressure as well as the heart rate. You just need to enter the daily record of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with your heart rate and the measuring time. The data gathered from this process will be analyzed by the app. Therefore, you can bring the data to your doctor and consult your health in a better way.

This app also has a very intuitive interface and simple user experience that will make the usage relatively easy for everyone. The data recorded in this app can also be transferred to a PC so you can email them right away to your doctor.

Download: ANDROID

2. Blood Pressure (BP) Watch

Blood Pressure BP Watch

The main benefit of this app is the ability to collect, track, analyze, and also share the details of your blood pressure equipment. You will also get reminded every time you need to record your blood pressure. This will make it easier to keep the record and also very suitable for older people with memory problems.

On the user experience design, users are allowed to change the visual of the app. Therefore, you can customize the look of the app to make it more beautiful to you. It will also make you want to spend more time on the app as you can customize it to your personal taste.

Meanwhile, if you want to analyze the data on your own, you can always send the backup to a personal computer or to your Dropbox account.

Download: ANDROID

3. Cardio Journal – Blood Pressure Log

Cardio Journal - Blood Pressure Log

This instant blood pressure app will be able to track your blood pressure, heart rate, as well as your current body weight. The interface is really clean so you’re not going to be disturbed by any other elements while analyzing your blood pressure. The data of your blood pressure is also presented within various logs, charts, and histograms.

The great thing about this app is the simplicity when tracking systolic and diastolic blood pressure changes. You can also see the calculation for mean arterial pressure for each and every reading. The app will also create reminders so you can always submit your blood pressure level reading at the same exact time every day.

Therefore, when the app shows that your blood pressure is that abnormal, you can act quickly to determine the cause of it. You can also take action and try to lower it. The measurements can also be shared with your doctors.

Download: ANDROID

4. Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker

This app is a smart and easy way to manage the risk that could happen from high blood pressure. It can also prevent the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. If you have experienced a heart attack or a stroke in the past,  this app is a good companion to lower future risk.

The development of this app is supported by countless physicians and dietitians from prestigious universities. That’s why the users can see a lot of educational content and recommendations on the app that are about the health of your blood pressure. Using this app regularly will help you achieve a better blood pressure condition along with an overall healthier heart.

Download: ANDROID

5. Blood Pressure Log

Blood Pressure Log - bpresso.com

This app is one of the main choices to track your level of blood pressure. The users we’ll just have to measure their pressure and then write it down right inside the app. The regular updates of the user’s blood pressure will result in very informative statistics of their overall health.

The benefit of using this is simplicity. It can be used by everyone because the interface is very easy to understand, even for users in the older age category. The users can also see the history and the statistics of their blood pressure. With the history, the users will be able to compare their daily blood pressure levels with their levels in the past.

The app also makes it possible for separate night and day measurements. Therefore, users can see how their blood pressure changes during the day. The app also offers free consultations with a blood pressure specialist. But even so, it is always recommended to see a real doctor if you are worried about your blood pressure readings.

Download: ANDROID

6. Smart Blood Pressure, A Companion Blood Pressure App for Apple Devices

SmartBP - Smart Blood Pressure

This blood pressure app for iPhone is the perfect choice if you want to take a more active role in your own health. Regardless of whether you have prehypertension or hypertension conditions, this app will help you to track your progress in blood pressure measurements. The great thing is you can also submit a goal for blood pressure level so that you are more motivated to reach an overall better health condition.

The main feature of this app is the ability to record systolic and diastolic blood pressure. You can also record your pulse rate and your body mass index. All of these numbers will be automatically calculated by the app to give you recommendations for a better health condition.

The data that you enter into this app also be sent right from Apple HealthKit. So you can workout with your Apple devices and the measurements on those devices will be automatically connected with the app.

Download: iOS

7. Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Have you ever wondered how your body reacts to certain medications that you take every day? Do you sometimes wonder if your blood pressure is different if the measurement is taken from different arms? Well, this app is very helpful to answer those questions.

Not only will it easily manage the tracking of your blood pressure, body temperature, body weight, and other health data, it will also track your body condition after you take pills or receive injections.

Download: iOS

8. BloodPressureDB, A Top App for Blood Pressure Tracking

A lot of people don’t know that their blood sugar level has a big effect on their blood pressure level. This app will make you understand more about this correlation because you can enter both data in the same app. You can also track your body temperature to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

This instant blood pressure app for Android is voted as the top health app by doctors and is also recommended for kidney patients. You can also connect the app to your blood level measuring tool that has Bluetooth capability.

Download: ANDROID

9. Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure Diary

While most of the features in this app are pretty similar to the others, it also offers various unique features that might be useful to some people. For instance, the users can compare their blood pressure levels based on their exercise levels.

This app also provides statistics and graphs that can be shown to health professionals as a base for medical decisions. The existence of reminders makes it easier for users to take their medication at a regular time.

Download: ANDROID

10. SmartBP – Blood Pressure Diary, Log, Tracker

The main interface of  SmartBP app is very intuitive and user-friendly so that you can see the graph and all of the statistics in a very informative way. The recording of systolic and diastolic pressure can also be correlated with a person’s heart pulse, body weight, as well as pulse pressure.

The result of this data can be gathered into an email and then be sent to doctors and other health professionals. This will make it easier to update them about the development of your health. It will also help your doctor to create rational decisions when you need treatments.

Download: ANDROID

The various blood pressure apps are there to make it easier for you to keep track of changes in the levels of your blood pressure. While they might be easy to use and can give you instant analysis, always consult your doctor when it comes to making health decisions.

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