13 Best Mirror Photo Apps for Android and iOS

If you want to personalize your pictures on your phone, you are probably constantly looking for apps that can do that. There are indeed many apps that will make it possible to make your pictures more beautiful or more amazing. Some apps allow you to add stickers. Some apps have amazing filters for your photos. Meanwhile, there are also some mirror photo apps that can alter your photos with mirror effects.

Mirror effects are usually used to enhance the beauty of your pictures. They can also be used to turn regular images into a masterpiece of beautiful art. With mirror effects, you can take one picture and create mirror images of it. Meanwhile, you can also set other details such as color, brightness, and saturation setting.

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13 Best Mirror Photo Apps for Android and iOS

If you would like to do all of the stuff that we mentioned above to your photos, then you might want to try some of these apps to mirror photo.  While most of them will have similar features, your creativity will be the one that defines the end result.

1. Mirror Photo Editor: Collage Maker & Beauty Camera

Mirror Photo Editor Collage Maker Beauty Camera

This is one of the best mirror photo app that you can download on your phone to create your best 2D image art.  you can take an object in a photo and make multiple copies of it. You can also design the placement of the objects to create the best composition for your photo.

This app also has a collage maker feature, which will make it possible for you to combine photos together to create an amazing collage. Not only that, all those images can be altered further with the availability of filters, stickers, and other effects.

Download: ANDROID

2. Lidow Photo Editor – Photo Editor & Collage Maker

This app is pretty much in an all-in-one mirror photo editor due to its countless features. You can beautify your pictures with mirror effects, splash effects, and selfie camera effects. All in all, it has everything you could want in mobile photography.

For the mirror effects, there are options to turn left and right, top or bottom, and every way you could imagine to create good-looking mirror effects. If you want to beautify your photos even more you can use one of the six available splash effects that will give your photos breathtaking colors.

Download: ANDROID

3. Photo Editor Pro, MirrorApp Collage Maker-MirrorPic

Photo Editor ProMirrorApp Collage Maker-MirrorPic

This app is a feature-rich app that will not only have mirror effects, but also the ability to add typography elements. The mirror effect itself will be able to double the object in a photo. For instance, you can make it look like you have a twin.

But the special feature of this photo app is the possibility to give 3D effects such as fragmented mirrors to your photos. You can also add other design elements such as hearts, trees, and also lots of animals. The various colors and filters available in this app will also bring your photos to another level.

Download: ANDROID

4. Multi Photo Camera – Clone Yourself, Twin, Mirror

Multi Photo Camera - Clone Yourself Twin Mirror

This app will allow users to create mirror images themselves with the help of the in-built feature in the app.  There is an unlimited number of duplications that you can do. Therefore, the final work will always depend on your creativity. The mirror effects can also be used easily thanks to the drag-and-drop feature.

After making the duplication, the photo can be edited to add 2D or 3D effects. The colors can also be altered to make it more appealing. There are also filters that can be used to customize your photos even more.

Download: ANDROID

5. Photo Editor Pro, Collage Maker – Photo Mirror App

Photo Editor Pro Collage Maker - Photo Mirror App

This free mirror photo editor app will give you the ability to choose any image from your gallery and apply 2D and 3D effects to it.  With the mirror effects, you can create a really unique look by duplicating any object in a particular image.  You can also draw your own elements to personalize your pictures even more.

But the real power of this app is the ability to retouch photos. The retouch features can fix any mistakes or flaws that you have in a picture and make a better visual. You can also add makeup on the faces in the picture so people in the photos can appear more beautiful.

Download: ANDROID

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6. Mirror Photo Editor & Collage

Mirror Photo Editor Collage

This particular mirror photo style app will give you the ability to alter your pictures and make it look marvelous and amazing. There are many overlays and filters available to modify the color and also the overall look of your mirror photo. If you want to make your pictures funny or hilarious, you can also do this on this photo app and then share them on different social media

To edit your photo with this mirror app for picture, pick one particular image from your gallery and apply the mirror effect that you want. And then, add different elements to the photos from the library in the app that has hundreds of elements to choose from.

Download: ANDROID

7. Mirror Lab

Mirror Lab

The reflection of facts will allow you to make mirror effects to any picture you want. Meanwhile, the photo files can then be shaped into various shapes such as circles, rectangles, and hexagons. These shapes can then be combined together to make a very stunning image. This App is a very powerful photo editor and photo collage maker.

Another amazing feature that this mirror photo app has is the ability to add background to any photos.  You can even use other pictures in your gallery as the background. The resulting images can then be shared and sent to Instagram in just seconds.

Download: ANDROID

8. Makeup Mirror, Flip Images and Retouch Flaws in Your Photos

Makeup Mirror

This app advertises itself as the most fun and easiest to use photo editing apps. Your creativity will be able to enhance pictures, make kaleidoscopic images, switch faces, and of course, make mirror photos. There is also a really powerful animation feature that can create videos based on multiple images added together.

The beauty of your photos will be able to be altered with more than 50 filters and a mirror effect camera that can be fine-tuned according to your taste. You can also cut out your images with various shapes and effects such as broken glasses and stripes.

Download: ANDROID

9. Flip Image – Mirror Image

Flip Image - Mirror Image

Have you ever taken an image and found yourself wanting to flip it?  You can do that easily with this app. You can also add it to the object in the photos to fit the mirror effects. This lightweight app also does not make your phone lag.

If you have multiple photos that you want to flip, there is also a pro feature that will be able to do batch image flipping. The flipping can be processed vertically or horizontally. The process itself will not reduce image quality in the slightest.

Download: ANDROID

10. Photo Mirror Collage Maker Pro

Photo Mirror Collage Maker Pro

The main feature of Photo Mirror College Maker Pro is to create a very cool mirror effect on your photos.  The automatic process will make your job much easier. You just need to select a photo from your gallery or your camera then the mirror photo will be generated by the app.

There are also more than 10 mirror reflections that you can use on any photo that you want. Meanwhile, the photo editor will give you various fancy filters to choose from. Filters will be able to beautify your photos and make your face much more attractive.

Download: iOS

11. Photo Mirror Reflection Pro

Photo Mirror Reflection Pro - Grid Collage Editor

While this mirror photo style app is advertised as a tool to make mirror photos, there are also countless other features that you can enjoy. Instant collage grids will make it possible to quickly change your photo images into grids of images. The end result can then be shared on various social media.

You can also add typography elements to your photos. For instance, you can have your names or the names of your loved ones on any picture. The app library also has stickers and backgrounds you can use to pump up the beauty of your photos.

Download: ANDROID

12. Mirror Photo

Mirror Photo

The simple app is the best choice for practical effects on your photos. It has mirror effects, filters, and stickers..  This mirror photo app also has a very powerful photo editor that can alter the result of your image. You can also choose any photo and the app will automatically generate the mirror effect.

Download: ANDROID

13. Echo – Best Mirror magic effect

best mirror magic effect

Echo mirror photo app made for iOS users has more than 75 flip effects that you can use on any photo. The library also has some amazing and spectacular backgrounds to change regular backgrounds you might have on the image. The effects can be used to make your photos more lively depending on your imagination.

Download: iOS

So, a mirror photo app is the best choice when it comes to creating a unique and spectacular look for your photo file. You can really impress your friends with Instagram posts that feature beautifully edited photos. And make sure to try the various options for filters and stickers to make your camera photos become a masterpiece.

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