15 Best Photo Frame Apps for Android and iOS

Using a photo frame app, you can edit your photos to be prettier and more elegant. Also, the application allows you to round up your picture with impressive designs and a cool atmosphere.

However, many programs in Playstore might be confusing to find which one is suitable for your style.

Therefore, we have gathered all the best digital photo frame app programs for both Android and iOS users.

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List of 15 Best Photo Frame Apps for Android and iOS

All photo frame app download programs are recommended based on their features and popularity. Then, choose one or more to be on your smartphones. Elevate your photos right away.

So, let us take a look at the list:

1. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor

The first application that should be on the list is the Photo Lab Picture Editor. The program offers one of the largest collections of effects for your photos.

Besides, it is packed with so many frames that you can explore and enjoy.

This professional editor app comes with a lot of useful features. The first thing we have to go to mention is the collection of beautiful frames.

Further, it would complete the final touch of your edited picture. This application features an intuitive and simple interface. So, the users can use the app easily.

Besides, there will be updated regularly to give you new photo frames, filters, effects, and all other collections.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

2. InFrame – Photo Editor & Pics Frame


There are over 5 million users that have installed the InFrame app on their phones. Thus, it proves the popularity and quality of this application.

This powerful photo editor provides so many amazing photo frames, filters, and effects for your picture.

What people love the most about Inframe is that it works instantly to remix the photo into amazing artwork. Just select the frame you like the most and add it to the picture.

Then, you can choose to give it a filter, border, sticker, text, and many more. It’s all for free.


  • Many artwork photo frames collection
  • Amazing filters with real-time application
  • 9 photos in one collage
  • Square photo for Instagram
  • hundreds of layouts for frames or grids
  • Many more

Download: ANDROID | iOS

3. Photo Frames: Hoarding

Just like its name, this is a digital photo frame app that offers its users frames related to hoardings which are larger boards in a public area for advertisements.

According to the number of downloads, Photo Frames: Hoardings is the number one app that has millions of users.

Additionally, decorate your images with this free photo editor. Then, see what it is going to look like when your face is on hoardings. Hence, you would feel like a celebrity.

This photo frame app comes with a lot of features besides its frames and hoardings collection. There are Insta Pic, Background eraser, Photo Blender, Collage, and some others.

Download: ANDROID

4. Photo Frames Unlimited

Photo Frames Unlimited

It is claimed to be one of the apps on the stores that get updated frequently. Therefore, many users love this program.

It serves you with a total of 700+ frames to beautify your photos. Hence, everybody will not run out of choices for any event and occasion to fill the corner of the image.

Then, that wide array of artist-made frame collections to choose from are served in the respective category. So, searching for the frame will not take a lot of time.

Besides, this program also allows you to change the background, create a collage, and add stickers.

Moreover, the photo background changer has AI-based automation to automatically do the trick. There are a bunch of choices for backgrounds in HD quality.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

5. Photo Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker

Photo collage maker app is the finest image editor program that helps you to combine multiple pictures into one.

Meanwhile, there are layouts to choose from according to the style you want. The text, stickers, filters, and so on can be added to complete the result.

Likewise, there are plenty of frames and layouts to fit your concept. Then, upload the work to social platforms.


  • Collage maker for up to 9 photos
  • Plenty of collage layouts and grids
  • Amazing effects and filters
  • Adjustable border sizes
  • Save and Share

Download: ANDROID

6. Flowers Photo Frames – high quality HD frames

Flowers Photo Frames

For those who love flowers, why do not you just add some to your photos? This application will focus on that.

Likewise, the app provides some colorful and attractive flowers for the frames. It really turns an ordinary photo into beautiful artwork.

Further, there are so many flower frames to choose from. That includes tulips, roses, plants, daisies, and many others.

This application offers you two choices to get the photo. Add an existing one from the gallery or capture the new ones right from the app.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

7. Love Photo Frames

Love Photo Frames

Adding a frame of love into your photo will make the image more meaningful. Then, edit a picture with your loved ones with this app.

Thus, you will get a beautiful romantic picture as a result. Also, there are a lot of frames packed in the application.

Additionally, the program is easy to use. It just simply adds the love frames you like. The feature called “Fun Camera” will process your photo into a lovely frame.

Thereupon, explore all the collections and elevate the romantic value of your image.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

8. Flowers Photo Frames

Flowers Photo Frames

Even though this app has a similar name to the previous one, this program offers a different set of frames. If you like this flower style, then try some of its collections.

There are tons of frames for every photo you have. The choices are unlimited.

Furthermore, the collections are served in the category. With only 2 steps, you can have an amazing photo with a flowery frame and beautiful effect.


  • Easy to edit and navigate
  • Templates and Frames in Full HD quality
  • Easy control with Two-Finger Gestures
  • Social Platform Sharing
  • Updated Collections Real-Time

Download: ANDROID

9. Photo Collage Frame

Photo Collage Frame

One of the best photo frame editors for iOS, there is an unlimited collection to explore online. With over 40 filters available, you can join millions of users from all over the world through the fan pages.

Then, all the love, romantic frames are at your service.

With the camera function, you can instantly add a frame and filter to the photo. All the result is ready to be shared on all the popular social platforms including mail, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Interestingly, this photo collage frame app features over 2700+ frames and a lot of filter effects.

Besides, there is also a photo cropper feature to scale your image into the desired scale. Another one to try is adding text to the frame.

Download: iOS

10. Frames – Picture Collage Maker

Frames - Picture Collage Maker

The instant frame in this app would let you add and post the result to Instagram right away. Its program provides a feature to combine multiple photos into great-looking frames or collages or shells.

There are more than a thousand full adjustable frames, effects, rounded corners, shadows, and patterns to add to your photo.

Therefore, editing a picture with this app would definitely give it a unique look. Create projects and save them. So, you can come back and continue editing anytime you want.

The project will be saved automatically. Do not be afraid of losing anything you have done to your photos.

In addition, the new updates give you over a hundred PIP frames to enjoy. Thus, explore a lot of features from this app. Some of them are:

  • Huge Photo Frame Online collections
  • Labels to the images
  • Editing with Male and Female body
  • High-resolution Output
  • Unique templates made for Social Platforms
  • PicFx Editor
  • Adding stickers and rounded corners

Indeed, this is a free application. Otherwise, opt for a premium subscription to enjoy its full collections. It provides Pro-Level features and some amazing benefits.

Download: iOS

11. Pic Frame Effect

Pic Frame Effect

This application allows users to combine photos, effects, and frames. From an existing picture, you can create a result that is entirely new.

Thereupon, the collage, borders, and grid features will give a stylish new look to your image.

There is only a small collection of frames and effects to choose from. But this app will not spend a lot of space in your phone memory since it is only 18MB.

Further, this is a great option for users who want something light and simple to add frames to their photos.

Download: ANDROID

12. Kids Frames

Kids Photo Frames

If you are searching for an app that has a collection of the frame for your kids’ photos, this is the one. There are hundreds of beautiful and cute frames available in the program.

Also, this is really worth it since the app only spends about 3MB in your phone’s memory.

Interestingly, this simple Kids Frames App’s interface is friendly. Creating a cute image with an adorable kid would never be so easy and quick.

Further, the application can be the best way to save date memories while beautifying your baby’s photograph.

According to the store, the Kids Frames app is already installed by millions of users, 5.000.000+ to be exact.

Download: ANDROID

13. Waterfall Photo Frames

Waterfall Photo Frames

Add a unique element of nature into your photos with this Waterfall Photo Frames application. Waterfalls are also the best options you can go with.

This photo frame app really brings the beauty of nature to the picture through a collection of waterfall frames.

Besides, you can enjoy adding a beautiful and charming background of watery sight to your picture.

With this photo editor, you can save the result and post it to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many popular platforms.

Choose a photo in the gallery or capture a new one from the app’s camera. Then, add the frame and apply all the contents you want.

Moreover, during the editing, you are able to rotate, zoom, drag the photo to suit the frame size. This app works offline when you edit the photo. Well, more than 10 million people downloaded it.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

14. Birthday Photo Frames

Birthday Photo Frames

This is one specific photo editor that people use for only one occasion or event. Also, the application has a great collection of Birthday photo frames to make the happy moments unforgettable.

Therefore, it becomes a great idea to have the result from this app as a gift.

Besides, you can create a birthday invitation with the perfect vibe. The app provides some cool features to enjoy.

You can either select the existing photo from the gallery or capture a new image with the camera.

Moreover, choose various birthday frames. All come in different colors and shapes. Just try them all out. Then, have a unique birthday celebration with beloved family and friends.

For example, you can edit a lot of photos with birthday frames. So, print all of them to hang on the wall as decoration.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

15. Fantasy Photo Frames

Fantasy photo frames

The best photo frame apps download that will offer beautiful surrealistic art is the best way to describe these Fantasy Photo Frames. Then, it gives you a stunning result that fulfills your imagination.

Likewise, there are many fantastic backgrounds you can use for your picture. The magnificent look or the inspiring landscape would leave people in awe just by looking at your edited pictures.

Furthermore, you can choose one of many frames for your beautiful photo. Several choices are as follow:

  • Superb sceneries
  • Serene Valleys
  • Dream Houses
  • Lush Forests
  • Paintings of monuments
  • Beautiful Nightfall
  • Chilling waterfalls
  • Spectacular animations
  • Imaginative cities
  • Stunning realms
  • Sparkling jewels
  • Many more breathtaking landscapes

Moreover, you can just choose one photo and add it to the frame. After applying the frame, effects, and size adjustments, click save and share the result.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

Above all, in this list of photo frame app programs, users will definitely find the best one to edit their photos. Choose the one that matches the style and concept you like the most.

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