15 Best Framatic Apps for Android and iOS

As Instagram users, most of us want to upload a lovely photo to Instagram. Although there is a “multiple post” feature, sometimes it will look better if we upload a collage of some photos. Framatic app can help you to combine your photos into a cute beautiful collage.

This photo app allows you to decorate both single and multiple photos with cute beautiful frames. After choosing some photos, choose the theme and the frame that please you, then compile them in your best way. You can change the layout of your photo and add some effects to them.

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List of 15 Best Framatic Apps for Android & iOS

Even though it is a great and free application, the framatic app is only available on the App Store. Many other applications are similar to this app. Some of them are available on both App Store and Play Store. Here are those applications:

1. PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

PicsArt Photo Video Editor

PicsArt allows you to choose an existing template or create your collage. Just like framatic app, this application allows you to design your photos with many beautiful frames and colorful descriptions. You can also put on some stickers, apply some filters and special effects, and fix the imperfections.

Besides that, you can also try other features that will make your photos look more beautiful. You can create a shadow with the “overlay” feature and add a transparent picture with the “multiply” feature. The brush feature also lets you draw lines and erase some parts to make dotted lines.

Besides photo editing, you can do more creative things, such as video editing and sticker, clipart, and illustration creation. You can edit your video with some music and special effects, as well as collaging your videos.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

2. Canva 


Canva gives you a lot of collage templates with cool frames. If you want a unique frame, you may choose the shape photo collage template. You can use them for birthday or baby born greetings. As well as keep the memories of your wedding, holiday, etc.

Canva provides you with interesting features, such as photos, icons, apps, and graphs. You can surely use those features to make your collage look much more beautiful.

Canva is known for the design as well. If you have never learned about design, worry no more. A lot of templates are ready for your design needs. Besides social media, you can also use templates for your business and education. It gives you more offers than the Framatic app.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3. Pic Collage 

This fantastic college app allows you to be much creative. You can choose one of many grid layouts and create a free college as well. Your photo collage will look amazing with free frames, filters, etc. You can also draw and put eye-catching text on your collage with fancy fonts.

There are also more ways to get a unique picture. You can apply unique stickers and backgrounds and look for references in the explore section. Join some challenges to improve your picture editing skill.

You do not need to be confused when your loved ones have something to celebrate. Because Pic Collage provides various templates for greeting cards, such as birthday cards, anniversary greeting cards, etc., you can use them for free and express your happiness.

You can find additional paid stickers and backgrounds, but even without those paid things, this application is cool already. The best thing is they put no advertisements, so nothing will distract you while being creative. You can download this for free on the App Store and Play Store.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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4. Pixlr 

Pixlr Free Photo Editor

Another best framatic app for Android is Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express); it is also available for iOS. You can unleash your creativity using this free and easy photo editor. Unlike the other photo editing applications, you do not have to create an account to use this great application.

Make your captured moment more beautiful with more than 2 million combinations of free filters and effects. You also do not have to worry about forgetting the used effects as you can find them on the Favourite button.

You may adjust your photo’s details by using various tools or simply clicking Auto Fix. This application also allows you to use Double Exposure to create an array of effects and adjustable transparency quickly.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

5. Layout from Instagram 

Layout from Instagram 

Instagram as the most popular social media on photos sharing launched a layout app to create collages. You can simply resize and flip up to 9 photos at once and share them directly on Instagram. The Faces tab is ready to help you find photos with people.

This app makes you feel the mobile photo booth sensation. You may capture moments with Photo Booth mode with spontaneous and quick shots. As this is connected to Instagram, you can simply pair your collages and layouts with Instagram’s filters.

After that, you can save your collages and layouts to the gallery and share them to many networks. There is no advertisement on this app, so you can create a collage without any distraction. You do not need to create an account. So, you can directly create cool layouts and collages.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

6. Fotor 

With an intriguing user interface, Fotor is another popular framatic app that allows you to create a collage for up to 9 images. You can also beautify the image with cool effects, scenes, and one-click enhancement. The mosaic feature allows you to put a mosaic effect on your image.

There are 2 types of collage: classic and magazine. Fotor also provides professional editing features. In the Focus button, you will find 3 options: circle, linear, and eclipse focus that can adjust. You will find professional image editing adjustments (exposure, shadow, vibrance, levels, etc.).

Download : ANDROID | iOS

7. BeFunky Photo Editor 

BeFunky Photo Editor 

BeFunky is a great basic photo editing application for beginners. There are a lot of filters and editing tools that will beautify your photo. This application also allows you to make great collages by using a lot of templates and frames. You may adjust the roundness and width if needed.

There are tons of patterns and shapes to overlay onto your photo to turn it into the unique one. You can also add text and many cool free stickers, such as food, zodiac, and speech bubbles.

This framatic app for Android does not require you to register. The other great things about this application are no advertisements, watermarks, and limitations.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

8. piZap 


Besides the best framatic app, piZap has more collage templates with specific backgrounds, such as animal print and organic shapes. You will also find classic various shapes templates, such as landscape and wide. Unexpected things lovers will enjoy the Misc template that contains great backgrounds for collages.

Besides creating collages, this free-ads app also allows you to create memes and customized designs with various paper sizes. It contains more than 1.6 million stock images, including scenery, mountains, meme pictures, etc.

This app also contains many design tools, such as special effects, cut-out features, paint features, etc. You can use them to create great designs, like brochures, cards, etc. You will also be able to create various high-quality funny memes and design them with multiple effects, filters, stickers, and bubble-text.

Download : ANDROID | iOS



More than just a collage app, Moldiv has everything to deal with pictures. This beauty camera app has 194 powerful filters in 13 themes that will make pictures look much better. You may combine up to 9 pictures on collages and magazines and save them in the highest resolution.

You can design pictures professionally with various fonts, cute stickers, and cool background patterns. Taking professional pictures using pro camera features (powerful camera options and live filters) is also possible. Do not worry about taking a selfie because beauty filters and smooth skin features are ready to beautify your face.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

10. Photo Grid 

Photo Grid is a framatic app for Android that is also available on iOS. Just like the name, this app provides various grids with up to 16 combined photos. You can choose one of the various borders and adjust the thickness and shapes as well.

This app allows you to decorate your photos with various colorful, unique backgrounds, filters, and effects. If you are not satisfied with your photo, you may adjust its focus, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and sharpen. You can mark your masterpiece by putting a watermark, such as Instagram and TikTok username.

Other than photo editing, this app also provides you with the capability of making slide shows. There are various themes and music to complete the slide show. To make it slower or faster, you can adjust its time. To make it more intriguing, you may choose one of many transitions.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

11. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post

Although it is popular as a presentation creator, Adobe Spark Post is also an amazing framatic app. Unlike other Adobe software, this one is free. You can create a collage with photos and videos at once by the animated video feature on this app.

You do not have to worry about creating posts, as you can choose from various templates. There are many templates for collages, brochures, posters, schedules, and greetings cards.

While editing posts, you can modify the color palette for both background and text. To make it look funnier, you can use transitions in the text. You may also change the layout, frame thickness, and design. You can also resize the posts into each social media’s size.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

12. PicFrame 


Although this is a paid framatic App, it is worth considering as $1 will get you free from ads. You will be able to use more than 70 frames and different shapes to make your pictures look better. It is possible to combine up to 9 pictures into a collage.

You will also be able to apply shadows and filters and add text. When editing a video, you can also put your favorite music. This app is very user-friendly, so you may download this one on App Store.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

13. Collage Maker 

Collage Maker

By using this app, you can tell your story in one framed picture. This framatic app allows you to combine awesome effects, exclusive stickers, background, gradients, and doodle on collages. You even can erase the original picture background with just one tap and trace shapes to cut out pictures.

You can also easily create a music video collage and put in a typographic text or 3D and curve text. If you want to beautify your face, you can also try the selfie editor. It allows you to reshape your face, smooth out skin, whiten teeth, remove pimples and blemishes, etc.

Download :  iOS

14. PicFrame Grid

PicFrame Grid

This app has lots of cute and beautiful frames and unique layouts, mostly with pastel. You may apply one of the effects and put text with a cool font to make it cool. Choose from 120 different adjustable layouts and 4 distinct ratios.

You may even colorize the borders to make them more beautiful and put your photos into a magazine-style. If the frame looks too big or too small, you can always adjust the frame in real-time. This app also allows you to create cool mirror images.

So, go choosing your best photos, stitch them into a single one, and design them as you wish. Then share it on your social media and get many likes and compliments.

Download : iOS

15. PICFY: Photo Editor + Collage 


Using this app, you can edit photos with free high-quality effects, such as: warmth, bright, retro, and due tone. For combining pictures, you can also create a scrapbook with a cool font, stickers, and texture background.

There are a lot of frames, such as polka dots and Christmas. This app also allows you to blur some sections of your collages. You do not need to worry about watermarks as there will be no watermarks on saved photos.

The coolest thing about this app is the no-crop editing feature. It means you can post photos to Instagram without cropping them and set no-crop profile photos for WhatsApp. It also allows you to post big size photos on the Instagram profile.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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Final Note

Those are 15 apps that can be alternatives for framatic app. Some of them are available both on Google Play Store and App Store. But few of them are available on the App Store only. You can try to use them one by one, then choose the best one that fits your personality and needs. Good luck with choosing your best framatic app!

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