13 Best Apps to Add Music to Video for Android and iOS

Nowadays, we should be grateful for the app to add music to video. In ancient times, inserting a melodic chant on a motion recording was troublesome.

Apart from having to use software, the process is sometimes a hassle.

It is undeniable that the presence of music in motion content will increase its attractiveness. If it is for social media posts purpose, then this can help increase engagement.

In addition, along with the increasing popularity of video platforms, such as YouTube, there is more competition for subscribers and viewers.

For that reason, music is a crucial factor in today’s digital platform business.

Using any free app to add background music to video, you can save more time, effort, and even money. Are you getting interested in learning it? Let us follow this review to the end!

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List of 13 Best Apps to Add Music to Video for Android and iOS

As previously stated, any tone or melody will make your motion pictures even livelier. If you can add music to video free, why spend a lot of money and effort on complicated software?

However, because of the many best music to video apps, you might be confused about choosing the most suitable one. To make things easier, have a look at the list below:

1.      VivaVideo – Video Editor with Music

VivaVideo - Video Editor

For those working with multiple motion pictures, it will be the best app to add music to video Android ever supported. Hence, various features will make your work like a pro but in an easy and fast way.

It is a solution when you are looking for an app to add music to video for Instagram or TikTok.

Everyone can do the cutting, cropping, adding glitch, blurring, and many other actions related to editing. Being a great content creator is now not just a dream.

Adding music is just one of many features in this app. You can insert it as a back sound or just an effect.

Interestingly, you can combine the motion picture with a related voiceover. Further, do not forget to set the volume appropriately.

You should note that it is free software with premium services and features. However, purchasing an exclusive membership will make it the best app to add music to video without watermark.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

2.      InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker

The other complete package application to add music to video is InShot. With a high number of downloads, many people admit that free software offers professional-like features.

Insert audio, text, emoji, background, and so on are among the goodness you can take.

The app will ease you to deal with content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

It is not an exaggeration to name InShot as the all-in-one video editor because you can get the best quality posts.

If you want to include music, this application already has a series of templates you can customize with the content. However, you also add your audio, either by recording or uploading.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3.      Magisto – Video Editor

Magisto - Video Editor

Are you looking for how to add music to video app without iTunes? Magisto is one solution. You can even enjoy several pro features even if you only use the free version.

Thus, with this software, you can edit up to 10 minutes of video easily and quickly.

For the music, it has licensed song libraries you can use. Apart from that, you can also do editing with a full range of features, from cutting, trimming, merging, and reordering.

Besides, text and stickers inserting are available.

If you need more pro features, then you can buy the premium and professional versions. Both will provide watermark-free packages so you can create more great content without hesitation.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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4.      FilmoraGo – Edit, Crop & Collage Videos

It is a complete app when you are editing videos for Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more.

Likewise, this free software will provide HD content for any platform.

As an app to add music to video, you can use more than 100o different styles of melodies. Even if you already have your sound, inserting it is very easy and will not take long.

Therefore, never waste your time editing anymore.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

5.      Video Editor – Glitch Video Effects

Video Editor - Glitch Video Effects

This video editor application will enable you to insert music easily into the content. With easy operation, anyone can create extraordinary and dramatic results with the best sounds.

People can add music to a video in several ways. You can enter your melody or upload from outside the app.

However, try to use the available templates. Adjusting the volume is also an easy thing to do.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

6.      iMovi‪e


Because iOS sometimes has exclusive settings than Android, maybe you often have trouble on how to add music to video on iPhone for free.

Now, you will know that iMovie will be the answer to all your worries.

This app adds music to video with intuitive Multi-Touch gestures that will let you produce videos with Hollywood quality. Creating trailers, films, or MVs will no longer be a complicated task.

Besides providing quality video templates, you can also use more than 80 soundtracks that adjust automatically in your content. Various sound effects can support your motion pictures.

Download : iOS

7.      Add Audio to Video: Audio Video Mixer

Add Audio to Video Audio Video Mixer

As the name suggests, it is the app to add music to video. With easy operation, you can get content instantly, with high-quality audio and support.

Additionally, several features are available such as adding music to video, the original audio, and the selected part of the motion picture.

After the sound is properly installed, you can review it and then upload it directly to various platforms.

Download : ANDROID

8.      Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video

Timbre Cut Join Convert Mp3 Audio Mp4 Video

Many people agree that Timbre is the most comprehensive app for audio and video editors.

It is not an exaggeration because the app includes various easy features for anyone to work with sound and motion pictures.

Some of the features for you to try are a content splitter, convert video files,  omitter, as well as bitrate, and speed changer. It is not only an app to add music to video because you can also remove the audio.

Do not forget that you will get high-quality results too after generating.

Download : ANDROID

9.      Add Audio to Video by H20 Studio

Add Audio to Video by H20 Studio

We have discussed a lot about an app to add music to video. However, in some conditions, we need something more than inserting audio into motion pictures.

To do more complicated work, such as mixing and more, you need an app that is qualified to produce sound-related content. Thus, Add Audio to Video – Audio Video Mixer app is there for you.

It is a solution for music video maker problems, complete with supporting features to try. Hence, you can produce high-quality content with various effects that make it even more dramatic.

Download : ANDROID

10. Add music to video – background music for videos

Add music to video

This program is featured with effects to make your works everlasting and extraordinary. These will be the best friends of music-based motion picture makers.

Moreover, there are many audio options in it. Users can use the material in the library or upload their music. By giving it a little bit of effect, then outstanding results will be in hand.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

11. Add Music to Video ‪+

Add Music to Video +

With the 4.3 ratings, it’s no exaggeration to call this software the best app to add music to video iPhone supported.

Many features inside will make you feel like a great composer and content creator.

This app allows users to add songs or sound effects via mobile. You do not need heavy equipment that is troublesome because anyone’s content can produce dramatic content with just one click.

Operation is also easy so that you can follow the instructions. Producing viral content is no longer a tough job.

Download : iOS

12. Add Any Song to Video

Add Any Song to Video

As music is one of the needs of modern society, it is no wonder you need a tool that can bring it closer to you. Using applications is one way.

You can add any audio to the content to share on various platforms, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others. No need to be an expert because this application will simplify everything.

You can insert any music into the video without having to bother arranging the melody. By using this app, you can adjust everything instantly.

This software supports various files, Mkv, MPEG 4, AVI, and 3GP.

Download : ANDROID

13. Perfect Video Editor, Collage

Perfect Video Editor Collage

Many people think that iOS is too exclusive to support many applications. But if what you are looking for is software to add music to video, there is one recommendation for you.

The Perfect Video Editor, Collage reaches a rating of 4 on the App Store because of features for audio jobs.

You can create lots of beautiful content with the standard version, or use the premium one for better results.

Adding music is a feature in this application. The easy operation method will support you to become an extraordinary content creator.

Even if you do not want to add too-long music, use the sound effects in the library, or use your own. The videos will be available in high quality.

Download :  iOS

Well, now you can see that doing audio jobs is not a big deal anymore. With the help of any app to add music to video, you can generate something that previously seems so hard.

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