7 Student Assistant Apps Only a Few Know About

Ten to fifteen years ago, many students would be ready to kill someone for the possibilities that their colleagues of 2021 have. Technological development and huge IT progress made it much simpler for modern students to pass through their studying trials. Such a relief became possible because of the access to multiple gadgets and useful apps.

7 Best Apps You Should Use

It does not matter if you are only preparing to become a student or a college or university veteran. There always remain software solutions you haven’t even heard about. So, check this article to find useful apps to use as a student.

With the correct choice of software, you’ll be able to make notes, prepare for exams and classes, manage your time, keep basic safety rules, and keep your lifestyle healthy. Additionally, modern applications can help you study foreign languages, be advised about the latest events relevant for students, etc.

Let’s see seven top apps students should use. Most probably, you don’t know about this software.


Sometimes, it is especially important for a student to isolate themselves from the outer world during tense classes, while crafting their nursing essays, or going through exam session preparations. The Offtime app will help you focus on what’s really critical.

Offtime allows you to set up your timings properly. It will prevent you from receiving calls and messages and even social media surfing within the period you define. Stop wasting your time! Fortunately, Offtime supports the function of setting exceptions: you can tell it to accept calls from your family and close friends, for instance. That’s how you can study more effectively without the risk of missing crucial messages.

Audio Memos

In 2021, there are many students who prefer recording their classes with digital recorders. They make notes after the class is over, with no tension or rush. That’s great.

Things become even better when you’ve got a suitable app able to record high-quality audio files. Audio Memos can help you record the voice of your professor perfectly, even if you are sitting in the back rows of the audience.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is, in my opinion, one of the apps every person should have installed on their smartphone. It’s because it adds a lot of security with a simple solution. With this application, you can choose six persons to call when you need help. All that is required to send them a message or call is a single click. That’s amazing and useful because you never know when and how you are going to need someone to provide you with backup.


Every student is afraid to oversleep their classes, or especially exams. That’s an issue that the Alarmy app is called to fix. Alarmy is an alarm impossible to turn off with a single click. To do that, you need to complete a simple task. For instance, the app might ask you to take a photo of a particular object, solve a math problem, complete a sentence, etc. You’ll doubtfully be able to fall asleep again after that intense intrusion in your sleepy mind.

And yes, Alamy is effective. Millions of users having it on their smartphones already are the best proof.

Sleep Cycle

Here comes another application created to balance your sleep. Sleep Cycle will make it much easier for you to rest before classes and exams and just to sleep healthy. It will track your sleep and rest regime and then wake you up during the sleep phase most suitable for you to get awake with the least difficulties possible.

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder is a must-have app for any student planning to move to a new place. For instance, if your college is in a city you don’t know, the app will help you find the closest free Wi-Fi network to connect and use. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

Student Beans

This is another application every student should try! As the majority of high school, college, and university students are made to count their budgets thoroughly, Student Beans is exactly an app they would want to get!

Student Beans provides you with access to the entire discount and special price proposal database. Here, one can find low-price propositions from fast food restaurants, clothes boutiques, gyms and fitness clubs, cinemas, malls, grocery stores, etc. You’ll surely love to stay informed about all the discounts available in your neighborhood!


These were only seven applications able to make the lives of modern students much easier. Try not to miss an opportunity to use tech progress achievements to improve your academic performance! Use the apps you find the most useful!

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