List of Programs You Will Need to Study in College

Many young people feel overwhelmed in college because their lives involve numerous assignments and constant deadlines. However, it’s not the only possible scenario you can face while studying. Modern life can boast of many things that can simplify your life in one way or another, and you should just know what things can become useful. Most perks are represented in the form of specialized programs that come in handy whatever you need to save money, learn difficult material or stay updated about your college routine. If you go deep down this question, you will see that college life can be simplified in many ways. One of the brightest examples is a trustworthy writing service, always ready to have you back and free up your schedule. So, if you face a need to get help writing a paper, you can count on the best result possible. However, student life consists of many aspects that go beyond college assignments and require attention. Thus, it will not be superfluous to learn the list of programs that may come in handy in various situations.

Microsoft To Do

If you are interested in a well-tailored planner, pay attention to this option. It will help you keep track of numerous college tasks, to-do lists outside the curriculum, and plans for the upcoming week. It’s free of charge and perfectly synchronizes both with Android and iPhone, not to mention the latest version of Windows. If you are used to Outlook Task, you will have all your appointments on hand with the application. Thus, you will decrease mental load, anxiety and combat the fear of missing something important. You can set daily reminders and use the app as your personal assistant.


Everyone knows how many assignments students get regularly, so it’s not surprising sometimes they feel buried under the papers. It’s when Dropbox may come to the rescue. It allows you to store all your intellectual property, whether it is about files, essays, pictures, projects, etc., in one place and provide access from any place. You will stay organized and always know where to look for the required paper. Besides, it’s a convenient way to work on the project with your group mates since you can share access to a certain file, so each of you will be able to examine it and edit it if necessary. The app is available on all possible gadgets, so you will always have your papers on hand.


It’s not a secret that many students suffer from low academic performance because they procrastinate a lot. The modern world is full of various distractions, especially when it comes to the internet and social networks. If you don’t want to find yourself in trouble, it’s worth thinking beforehand about eliminating distractions and creating productive conditions for studying. This app works perfectly on MAC and helps block time killers such as Netflix, Instagram, etc. Thus, you will have no chance to immerse yourself in another episode of your favorite TV series during studying time. It comes free of charge so that you will save both time and money. Everyone knows how easy it is to succumb to the temptation to scroll down the news feed and check all the sites with entertaining content.


If you are looking for a program that will help you customize your study, it’s worth trying this app. It helps create flashcards for any subject you are working on and make your digital study much more effective. If flashcards are not your cup of tea, you can still use the program to memorize some key moments and test your level of expertise. You can use the app to provide yourself with a mental workout. Many students claim that it’s the best helper for learning new languages since memorizing new words turns into an interesting pastime. So, if you plan to start speaking French or Italian, it is worth using digital technologies to accelerate your progress.

You might know a person or two who has some financial issues. When it comes to first-year students, this problem becomes commonplace since young people are not used to managing their finances. However, you can meet this challenge with the help of the special program since you will keep track of your spendings and set a budget. You will see what things you waste your cash on, how you can cut the costs and save a bit for the upcoming trip. Thus, you will develop healthy habits and a more responsible attitude toward your finances. It’s an especially useful program for students who have several income sources and need to cover gaps in their budgets.


Student life involves tons of assignments and books they need for each semester in college. Sometimes young people are forced to spend a fortune on them, so they stay high and dry after visiting a bookstore. If you don’t have free cash and would like to spend this money on more pleasant things, it’s worth paying attention to this app. It allows you to rent most of the books required in college and don’t load yourself with an additional burden. The great news is that the app provides you with a chance to rent your books from previous semesters to other students via the app as well. In other words, you can turn it into a source of additional income.

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