14 Best Word of The Day Apps For Android and iOS 2024

In a world where literature is more important than ever, having a strong vocabulary is badly needed. This skill will help you in daily business, education, daily use, and many other things. Therefore, we might need the word of the day app to boost our vocabulary. On average, people will need to improve their vocabulary for many reasons such as writing job applications, interviews, or writing an essay.

To be able to do that, you may need the help of the word of the day app which you can download easily. This app functions as a vocabulary builder so you can increase your vocabulary collection. Moreover, since it’s a mobile app, it means that you can use it everywhere and everywhere. Some even don’t need an internet connection.

But before we jump to our Play Store or App Store and start digging in, it is better to know why we need such an app to boost our vocabulary. The first reason is that strong vocabulary helps you enhance your reading comprehension and writing skills. Therefore, you need to improve your vocabulary from an early age. Research also said that kids need to understand 98 percent of words to understand the reading.

Another reason why you need to have a word of the day app and strong vocabulary is to boost your communicating ideas. Since we live in the digital world, communication becomes more disruptive than ever before. There are so many channels of communication where each has its unique way and treatment. So, we must adapt by understanding which language is appropriate and effective for those channels.

Next, you will need this app because most of your activity today will be about reading and writing. According to DataReportal in 2021, internet users spend a minimum of 6 hours and 57 minutes online. So, in these hours, we can assume that most of the activity will be reading and writing on the internet. That is why a strong vocabulary will help us in communicating and makes us more creative.

14 Best Learn a New Word a Day Apps For Android and iOS

For your reminder, having a strong vocabulary become more important than ever because today’s world is all about communication. So many channels of communication, people become harder to convince with just simple words, and most of all there are so many things to read and understand. How can we cope if we don’t have an advanced understanding of international language?

Since now you know the importance of good skills of language in your daily life, you may wonder which app can help you. Should you want to boost your English vocabulary and get a better understanding of this international language, you must take a look at this article to the end.

Additionally, these apps are not only fit for adults but also for children as well. So, students who prepare for exams, people who write an essay or journal, employees who must write reports, and all of you who are ready to be outstanding, must have these apps. Below is our 15 best word of the day app for your reference:

1. Word of The Day – Daily English Dictionary App

Word of the day- Daily English dictionary

If you want to increase your vocabulary, then you must download the Word of The Day – Daily English Dictionary App. Consider to be the greatest among the similar app, this app is the perfect choice for those who want to improve their vocabulary. Also, it’s also perfect for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the English language.

In this app, you will learn in a very interesting way such as their attractive feature such as pronunciation correction, daily notification, and also browsing and collecting words. You can also play words with your friend by activating Challenge Your Friends feature. Furthermore, if you’re a too busy and distractable person, daily notification will help you create your learning habit.

2. Daily Dictionary

Daily Dictionary

iPhone users can count on this app to improve their skills in the English language. Words in this app are selected by the human editor so you don’t have to worry about having the wrong vocabulary. Therefore, you will get words for daily use and conversation, reading, report, and writing. Daily Dictionary come up with a modern design and simple interface.

The key feature of this app such as daily notifications to enhance your learning habit, Siri integration, plus home screen widgets. Once you download this app, you can learn as many as you want. This app provides descriptions, synonyms, pronunciation, and examples in sentences. Now you don’t have to worry anymore when you must write a report in English. Simply open this app and all is done.

‎Daily Dictionary
‎Daily Dictionary
Developer: Benjamin Mayo
Price: Free+

3. Weird Word A Day – Vocab Builder + Definition App

Weird Word A Day - Vocab builder

If you want to be a vocab master so you can communicate attractively, then you must install this app on your phone. This app will widen your vocabulary not only for daily or formal use but most importantly the weird words. Every day, you can learn weird, unconventional, and strange words. Add them to your vocabulary collection and make your communication smoother.

Not only English, but this app also has a collection of words from all over the world. Should you need to travel to another country and want to speak their unconventional words, this app will help you. Words collection has been used from reputable dictionaries such as Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam Webster. If you want to have more fun, then you can play games in this app as well.

Weird Word A Day - Vocab build
Weird Word A Day - Vocab build

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4. Word Of The Day: Learn Daily English, Lexicon Quiz

Word of the Day Learn Daily English

The next word of the day app you can add to your smartphone is Word of The Day: Learn Daily English, Lexicon Quiz. This app allows you to enhance your vocabulary in very attractive ways. There is a vocabulary hangman that will make the lexicon quiz more interesting. You will get a hangman vocabulary test that allows you to learn letter by letter.

If you’re having difficulties in building your learning habit, then the word learning reminder in this app will help you. Every day, you will be given new words to learn at a particular time so you will never miss your lesson. Should you like a specific word or phrase, you can add it to your favorite collection. Quiz and daily learning in this app will never bore you.

Word of the Day: Learn Words
Word of the Day: Learn Words
Developer: JpCrow
Price: Free

5. Word of The Day: Improve your vocabulary daily

Word of The Day Improve your vocabulary daily

This app is so simple and practical for you to learn new words. To enhance your skill, you can practice every day with daily quizzes. If you don’t want your favorite words to skip away, then you can save them and read them later. With a classy, user-friendly, and decluttered interface that will never overwhelm you. Writing an essay, journal, or taking an exam will be no problem with the help of this app.

You will be given a full description of the phrases including synonyms, antonyms, verbs, adjectives, nouns, pictures, and more. Don’t worry if you miss your daily lesson because you can always look back at previous words you miss. You can also pull the widget to be part of your lock screen so you will be able to see new words just at a glance.

‎Word of the Day - Learn Daily
‎Word of the Day - Learn Daily

6. Merriam – Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

If you need an app that still works without an internet connection then Merriam-Webster is the answer. This is one of the most respected and useful American dictionaries you can add to your Android. You will get the best English references, vocabulary building, education, audio pronunciation, quick definition, daily notification, and many more.

At a glance, this app interface may seem plain and a bit boring. But in recent updates, the builder has already added new games for your fun time. The games will include a fun test of strong words, true or false, name that thing, and quizzes. This app is free but supported by ads. So, if you’re looking for a simple app and focus on its function, then Merriam-Webster is all you need.

7. Dictionary.com LLC

Dictionary.com English Word Meanings Definitions

This is one of the best digital dictionaries that will help you boost your vocabulary skill. It is because of its complete and wide collection of English words and is also the best app to enhance your grammar skill. The interface itself looks professional, clean, modern, and classy. There are more than 2 million trusted words from reputable sources. This app also works offline.

Having Dictionary.com LLC on your smartphone will help you to write your thesaurus, essay, or report. You will get everything you need such as audio pronunciation, definition, synonyms, antonyms, sentences example, nouns, verbs, adjectives, favorite words and search history, and spelling help. To save you from boredom, this app also comes up with games such as a puzzle, voice search, and wordplay.

8. Daily Word – Word of The Day

Daily Word - Word Of The Day

For you who like simplicity, then this app is all you need. The interface is minimalist but full of functional features. So, you will not get overwhelmed understand how the app works. If you’re a beginner or intermediate who wants to boost your vocabulary, then this app gives you new words every day. Daily notifications help you to be punctual and set your learning schedule.

Interestingly, you don’t need to sign up or make any app purchase. Moreover, you have no worry about ads since this app is ad-less. This app gathers words from reliable sources of words such as Merriam-Webster through an API. Daily Word works by showing you a compact definition and comparing it to the original full description.

Daily Word - Word Of The Day
Daily Word - Word Of The Day
Developer: Pramod SJ
Price: Free

9. Word A Day: Learn a new word every day

Word A Day Learn a new word everyday with example

This app is the best solution to learn vocabulary practically. The main feature of this app is to give you new words every day or daily with bite-sized information. It looks lite but actually, this is all you need. You don’t need to fuss about the long descriptions that might confuse you. This app gives you a short but understandable definition, examples of uses, and audio as well.

Despite the practical function, this app doesn’t have a save word feature. So, if you find words that you like, the only option is to capture or copy them manually. On the other hand, you will get a translation feature to help you translate words or sentences you don’t understand. Since it delivers new English terms daily, you won’t miss any words you aim to learn.

Word A Day: Learn a new word e
Word A Day: Learn a new word e

10. Improve English by Knudge.me

Improve English by Knudge

This app is hard to refuse because it is great in every way. The interface is unquestionable because its user-friendly, modern, attractive, simple, and practical. Not to mention its content quality and features that will impress you from the first time. This app provides several ways of teaching that will never bore you.

Boosting to read, and idioms. Knudge.me consider your fun as well by providing games such as Word Checker, Reader’s Digest, Polarity, Sea Voyage, and Jelly Fizz. Moreover, you can send challenges to your friend by sharing code or joining existing tasks. Don’t forget to take a personal quiz to earn credits for every right answer.

Improve English-Vocab, Grammar
Improve English-Vocab, Grammar
Developer: Knudge.me
Price: Free

11.  Vocabulary Builder: Daily Word

Vocabulary Builder Daily Word

This is an ultimate app to build a strong vocabulary and it’s effective to strengthen your language skill. You will be able to learn English on daily basis by having daily notification of new words or phrases. The interface itself is clean, easy to navigate, and practical so you will find no difficulties operating the tools. Don’t bother to take personal notes because this app has a save word feature.

Word quality in this app is trusted because it comes from reliable sources. Make fun by joining vocabulary games, word of the day, and challenges. This app is the perfect choice if you prepare for SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and more. With built-in widgets, you can easily check daily phrases from a single tap on your homepage.

Vocabulary Builder: Daily Word
Vocabulary Builder: Daily Word
Developer: Rishabh
Price: Free

12.  Vocabulary by Monkey Taps

Vocabulary by Monkey Taps

Having a strong understanding of vocabulary is quite a challenge. It might take a lifetime but there has always been a solution for that. By downloading Vocabulary by Monkey Taps, you will get the assistance that help you enhance your language skill and vocabulary. Audio feature helps you speak articulately while other features boost your writing and reading skills.

Don’t worry about skipping your daily words because you can set a widget on your screen to get a quick glance. For your convenience, you can set a schedule for this widget to show up. Should you find the words you like, save them to your collection. Or, if you have your own phrases, then you can share them. You can always look back to previous words or vocabulary and use it as a dictionary.

‎Vocabulary - Learn words daily
‎Vocabulary - Learn words daily

13.  Word of the day – Quiz Games

Word of the day Quiz Games

This app is the best choice for iPhone users to learn American English. With more than 2400 English words, this app is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced levels. Every day, you can learn one new word with helpful grammar tips. The audio pronunciation helps you in listening and speaking. You can also set the favorite words feature.

Word of The Day – Quiz Games, as its name, is full of fun games. From flashcards to quizzes, you will never get bored. This app is also the perfect tool if you prepare for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, SNAP, SAT, CAT, MAT, and more. Apple watch extensions and iPad integration are available. If you’re losing an internet connection, you can still operate this app offline.

14.  English Word of the Day

English Word of the Day

The last word of the day app is English Word Of The Day that is suitable for iPhone users. This app helps you improve your language skill such as grammar, reading, listening, writing, and speaking by learning one word every day. You will be given a phrase on daily basis and complete with its definition, types, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence examples for your better understanding.

The word collections come from a trusted source such as Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary. Should you prepare for the exam, then you can count on this app. To manage your learning habits, there is a manageable scheduled notification. Impress your teachers, friends, and community with an advanced English skill with this daily widget of words.

‎English Word of the Day
‎English Word of the Day
Developer: Tran Hoa
Price: Free+

In conclusion, having the word of the day app may help you boost your vocabulary collection and understanding. As we stated above that having a better understanding of language and becoming a fluent speaker is hard, you may need proper assistance. Thanks to the unstoppable technology development that now we can get online dictionaries on our grasp.

So, in order not to be left behind but to be outstanding, having backups from the word of the day app is a must. Set your schedule, be focused, be punctual, but don’t forget to make fun because most of the apps have games. Gain your confidence by speaking fluently, writing comprehensively, and reading thoroughly. Good luck!

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