11 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android and iOS

Having the main function as a communication tool, you will be surprised to hear that smartphones can also be used to weigh items. Therefore, using a digital scale app is very possible.

Ordinary people may think that this does not make sense. But this is reality. Instead of having to buy a tool to weigh things, getting a scale app download will give you a whole new experience.

So, are you going to put things on top of your smartphone? The answers will vary greatly. In fact, due to limitations, we cannot place heavy items on the smartphone because they will damage it.

The principle of this program is to use the accelerometer to find out the approximate items you weigh.

However, some applications only give random numbers. For more details, try to see the following explanation.

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11 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android and iOS

After all, many people think that putting weight on a smartphone to weigh is weird. They are worried that these objects will damage your communication tool.

Well, but of course we have made the calculations and do not place objects that are too heavy on the smartphone.

Regardless of the precision digital scale app or not, it is only for small and simple use on a small scale. But of course, not all programs out there will give the results as expected.

There are cheap applications that do not work well. Thus, you should read these digital scale app recommendations.

1.      Truck Scale Calculator

Truck Scale Calculator

As the name suggests, this application is indeed for truck drivers when carrying out their duties. Its function is to analyze the weight of their axles. Thus, they can distribute the load well.

However, this tool does not function to put things. The driver first takes measurements of several parts before entering data into the application.

Further, the components analyzed include steers, drives, and two different spread ones.

When you enter the required data, the application will immediately perform calculations and display the results on the screen.

Another function is to enter scale readings from both long and short platforms.

It is one of the phenomenal 2020 iPhone scale apps and helps the activities of truck drivers. But unfortunately, many complaints appear so that the rating of this program only reached 3.4.

Download: iOS

2. Digital Scale FREE – weight estimator simulator

Digital Scale FREE – weight estimator simulator

Here is the other digital scale app to discuss. This program has a stylish look, combining neon and black. When you see it, you will think that this tool works.

This app only gives random numbers. If you are looking for a tool that can show you exact numbers, Digital Scale FREE is not the answer because the numbers that appear may be very far from reality.

However, many people use this app for fun. You can prank other people and show real results. See how they amaze in front of you.

Download: ANDROID

3. Right Weigh Load Scale App

Right Weigh Load Scale App

In addition to the Truck Scale Calculator that we discussed above, other applications will make it easier for drivers.

Its function is almost the same as the previous one, which is to calculate the axles of the vehicles and to avoid travel problems due to overloading.

The working principle is almost the same. You enter the numbers of the requested sections. After that, the calculator will do the calculations for what you want.

This program will also detect the location where you did the measurement.

Download: ANDROID

4. Digital Scale Simulator

Digital Scale Simulator

While operating the menu, you will be surprised at how magical this app is. Once you place an object on it, the app will immediately move and a moment later will display a number on the screen.

Well, many people are fooled by this application. The numbers shown are not accurate results but random.

This program looks like a small-designed scale as if it can only read the weight of light items. But in fact, even light goods will not be accurately read. This digital scale app is only just for fun.

Download: ANDROID

5. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale

Unlike the previous digital scale app, you can use this one to measure some basic ingredients when working in the kitchen. For example, you need a few grams of spices for your cooking.

While facing any difficulties, you can use this working scale app. Inside, you will find a choice of spices you want to measure. After that, a circle will appear where you can place the ingredients.

Even though it works, the readings may not be completely accurate due to limitations in the software.

However, this method will be better because you can get an estimate of the desired weight.

Download: ANDROID

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6. Digital Scale by LucidSWs Inc.

Digital Scale by LucidSWs Inc.

It is the other digital scale app that is quite useful. Its function is to calculate the total price of the groceries you buy.

By entering the price per unit and the quantity you want to buy, you will get the exact cost.

This tool will be great if you are shopping at the market and are confused about estimating how much money to spend.

After entering the requested data, the application will read and display the amount.

That way, you do not need to be afraid of miscalculation or becoming a victim of seller fraud. The system is the same as a calculator but more specific to shopping activities.

Download: ANDROID

7. Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

If you are a person who is very calculating in terms of nutrition, then the Smart Chef Smart Food Scale is the right choice.

Not only does it count grams, but it also estimates the number of nutrients in the food you make.

This digital scale app also lets you track the foods and medications you take. The program can also convert grams into glasses or tablespoons. Besides, you can determine how many eggs are needed.

It is suitable for people who concern about the food’s nutritional value. Thus, you will not only measure the weight but also find out the nutritional content for yourself and your family.

What a great app to try!

Download: ANDROID

8. Sensoscale Lite digital scale

Sensoscale Lite digital scale

The developer claims this digital scale app is a working program. It is not a toy application like most programs on the Android market. You should connect it with Bluetooth.

Many people do not know how it works, that they think it does not work. First, pair the app with the scale to make them connected. While using it, turn on Bluetooth.

To measure the goods, please turn on the application. Once connected, you can place items on the surface of the scale, and numbers will appear in the program.

The appeared number is the accurate result of the calculation.

Download: ANDROID

9. Precision digital scale

Precision digital scale

The app is quite simple but many believe it works. By using the accelerometer, you can find out the weight of an item just by placing it on the screen.

Initially, you should open the program and place your phone on a flat surface. After that, the light will be turning into green. It indicates the application is ready for you to use.

To measure things, you have to do it very carefully. Place the object slowly so that the system can read it correctly without errors. The screen will show the result.

Download: ANDROID

10. Scale Estimator

Scale Estimator

This app will work for small measurements, with a weight range from 10 to 500 grams. It works without using a weight sensor but rather another method.

The instruction on how to use this app is available in full when you download it on the Play Store.

To use it, first, you have to calibrate the smartphone. However, you may face some quite complicated processes.

While using it, you will need a bottle with 0.5-liter of water and two paper sheets. After that, you will get information on how to set everything up in the measurement process.

Download: ANDROID

11.  Super Scales Free Digital Scales

Super Scales Free Digital Scales

This working scale app seems to be the best choice for weighing with a smartphone. The program lets you measure small objects without bothering with extra stuff.

This app is available in Lite and Pro versions. The first may not be as accurate as the second one but it is sufficient to meet basic requirements when taking measurements.

Besides, a video on how to use is available.

This application can weigh items up to 6 grams. When using it, you will get a one-time calibration feature of the Lite version. Meanwhile, you will get the unlimited one when using the pro.

Download: ANDROID

If previously you were surprised when you heard about weighing on a smartphone, then now you have got a complete explanation.

Some applications are just toys, but you can also take advantage of the real scale.

These apps are quite helpful, for example, for weighing small objects in the kitchen or helping drivers or shoppers while on the move. Everyone can use it as needed.

However, most digital scale app programs still have limitations. However, over time, there may be products that are more advanced and easier to use. Who knows?

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