13 Best Distorted Face Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Uploading photos on social media is fun. But have you ever felt bored due to the expression that you seem to have displayed a million times? If so, it means that you need a distorted face app.

Playing with expressions is sometimes not enough to create a funny photo.

Sometimes you need a face distortion editor that can produce unique images for various purposes, ranging from memes, jokes, or just annoying close people.

This application is different from the tools that will beautify or those changers that transform you into an old.

The distorted face app will turn you into a figure that is no longer recognizable because of the shape of the completely edited face.

So, are you interested in giving a new look on social media by using these face distortion filters? Keep reading this article and find the fun.

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List of 13 Best Distorted Face Apps for Android and iOS 2024

As we discussed above, these photo distortion app is for drastically changing photos to create jokes.

You do not have to be a caricature because this software provides instant help to make anyone laugh.

Many apps are available to make facial distortion quickly and practically. However, not all of them provide comfortable features and the best results.

Therefore, you need to choose carefully so as not to have a not-so-well impact on the smartphone.

This article will discuss the best face distortion app that is user-friendly but provides the best results for your needs. Are you ready to make jokes from your collection of pictures?

1.      Photo Warp

Photo Warp

This distorted face app will help you get more creative with your photos, GIFs, and caricatures.

With the editor features, the ordinary images will be completely different and make you laugh. Users can enjoy it for free.

You can drag the face, zoom in, make a dramatic cheese-eating grin, and then turn it into a GIF. You can do almost anything; make it fatter, thinner everything can happen with just one click.

The photos you produce have high resolution so that you can use them on various platforms without fear of being broken or not optimal.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

2.      Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2

Do you need some funny face distortion filter to get rid of boredom? Face Changer 2 might be the application to try.

It has multiple engines to help you do any creative images. It is everything you need to be a pro.

Besides the funny face distortion effect, you can also enjoy other features such as swapping, morphing, and adding extra parts (nose, tattoo, scars, and many more) to the image.

This application offers a feature to share pictures with friends so you can have fun together. The tools are also simple and easy to use. Learning to edit will not take your time.

Download: ANDROID

3.      Ugly Camera – funny selfie

Ugly Camera - funny selfie

In the past, everyone who poses will try to look perfect. But the era of beautiful and handsome photos seems to be out of date.

Why not create a different feel by showing pictures that look imperfect? This Ugly Camera application is the answer for those of you who like to be distinctive.

Changing the face to be different is sometimes fun because it looks funnier and becomes the best material for jokes.

Some of the effects that you can use in this distorted face app include distorting, duplicating, and transforming. You can also enjoy live filters and create funny GIFs to share with others.

Download: ANDROID

4.      Funny Photo Editor

Funny Photo Editor

Despite the name, this app is more than a photo editor. It is one of the best face distortion apps for videos that will make editing more enjoyable.

There are also cutely animated stickers to complete everything.

This application features a tool to add parts of the face, starting from the nose, ears, hair, mustache, and others.

Its various features also make it easier for you to create unique caricatures and funny image jokes.

Another benefit of this app is that it is user-friendly and easy for you to use. Do not forget to add text and frames to make your creations even funnier and make you laugh.

Download: ANDROID

5.      Funny Face Effects

Funny Face Effects

This application is so popular that it has managed to reach more than 10 million downloads.

Funny Face Effects is a program that focuses on face modification and will help you create cool images.

Even if you do not have stock photos to transform, this distorted face app has a built-in camera that will help you create funny pictures instantly.

If you want to make your work even more impressive, try turning your photo into a GIF and sending it to your friends. See how your funny pictures make others laugh.

Download: ANDROID

6.      Face Warp – Face Changer Camera & Editor

Face Warp - Face Changer Camera Editor

If you see alien-like distorted face memes circulating online, maybe the creators used this program to create them.

This application does have a distinctive editing style and displays results in the style of extra-terrestrials.

You can turn images, portraits, or selfies into ugly faces with super big eyes or Squidward-style noses. Try editing photos of your closest people and see their reactions after seeing the results.

This app has several features, including a live camera to record videos or takes photos, a photo editor to change faces with filters, and a video maker that helps you work on motion pictures.

Download: ANDROID

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7.      Warp My Face: Fun Photo Editor

Warp My Face Fun Photo Editor

When life starts to feel bland, then it is time for you to warp your face. This application will make you laugh because of the hilarious pictures. Faces will change in surprising ways.

Users can change their face or someone else’s face to be thinner, fatter, scary, whimsical, and other funny filters.

You can also create comics, caricatures, or cartoon characters by taking advantage of the features in them.

Warp My Face can also create animated works, then share them on social media. Even if you want to learn, there are test models to retouch your face to your heart’s content.

Download: ANDROID

8.      Face Warp: Photo Booth

Face Warp Photo Booth

It is another way to turn a biased photo into an extraordinary one. The distorted face app has 24 warp effects that will make you laugh after seeing the results.

With just one photo, you can make all kinds of funny transformations to share.

You can make your face longer, grin wide, and various other filter options with this application. Besides, change the eyes to be very big like an alien.

If you want to combine all the transformations, this application has seven collage styles that will display all your work beautifully.

Download: ANDROID

9.      Photo Bender- Deform & Animate

Photo Bender- Deform Animate

Still, photos can be boring sometimes. But with this distorted face app, you can create more than just funny photos. Why not turn it into a more lively animation.

With an easy way to use, you can create works that you thought only belonged to art experts. Download now and get the fun.

Download: ANDROID

10.  Face & Body Warp & Agingbooth

Face Body Warp Agingbooth

Applications related to photos are usually heavy in loading and make the smartphone slow. Hence, you should choose the best one to avoid such problems. Try using Face & Body Warp & Agingbooth.

This application is very user-friendly and will give a funny and surprising effect. Not only changing the shape of your face, but you also see what you will look like when you are old.

It is like having instant Photoshop at hand. You can also create a before and after comparison view and upload the result via social media. This app will make your day.

Download: ANDROID

11.  Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor

Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor

Warping faces has never been this fun. Users will get a wide variety of fun filters to turn their pictures into extraordinary photos. You can create comics, caricatures, and other works like a pro.

Uniquely, this application does not only focus on the face. You can also change the shape of the body to be slimmer or fatter, or provide other filters.

Another interesting thing is that this distorted face app has a fast response when you use it. Even if you use an old device, the activities in it will not slow down your smartphone.

Do not forget to share it with others.

Download: ANDROID

12.  Face Distortion – Screw Up Your Face

Face Distortion – Screw Up Your FaceWhile using this photo distortion app, users may not remember the last time they uploaded a normal photo. The reason is, the filters in this application make anyone addicted.

There are several distortion options to choose from, warp, twirl, hole, bump, liner, and others. With this app, you can turn something mundane into really fun.

Download: iOS

13.  Individual Face – extreme distortion filters & effects

Individual Face

Everyone has a different sense of humor. If you are someone who likes extreme and dark things, then Individual Face is the right choice. Inside are surprising filters to share.

This application is also very suitable for those who cannot live without social media.

Every work you create will be ready to share on various platforms, ranging from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.

Download: iOS

Those are some of the best distorted face app recommendations. Although the results are sometimes annoying but do not take them too seriously. Sometimes you need to have fun with another funny face filter app programs like silly face app.

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