10 Best Animal Face Changer Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were an animal? Well, if you think this is impossible, wait until you see this. Lately, there have been a lot of smartphone apps that can turn your face into any animal you like with the animal face changer app.

You can turn the camera on or choose a photo from your library. Choose any animal you like, add more edits with fun and sophisticated stickers, then send it to your friends or family. Imagine how fun it is? All you can do is install the animal face changer app on your smartphone, then find out.

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List of 10 Best Animal Face Changer Apps for Android & iOS

These animal face changer apps enable you to convert your face with an animal face like a cat, dog, lion, panda, and many more. You can replace your entire face or also apply half-human face effects and the half-animal head on your photos. There are lots of apps for iOS and Android nowadays. But here the 10 best apps that will turn your face into an animal:

1. Beauty Face Plus: Face Morphing

Beauty Face Plus face morphing

When we’re talking about the best animal face changer apps, Beauty Face Plus should be on the list. It has a large collection of masks that can adjust to your taste. The app supports various types of applying animal masks: face-off, part face, face-morph, face blend, and split effects. It gives you access to more than 50 masks of animals.

Also, it will provide you with an eraser, as an alternative. It means you have many opportunities for customization. One more special thing about this app is it also has a collection of particular parts, like eyes, mouths, nose, and so on. That’s why your requirements will fully meet with the result.

Wanna turn into a weird animal? Choose and add as many elements as you wish and walla! At your fingertips, you will have more than 40 of them in case you like the animal eyes feature. Share it on Twitter or Instagram right after finishing your masterpiece. This app is available on Google Play only.

Download : ANDROID 

2. Animal Face

Animal Face

Animal Face app available for Android users only. It is a photo editor specifically made for your fun and wild moments as an animal. Included are various styles of hand drawing frames, a handpicked selection of real animal stickers to place over your pictures, and a nice selection of filters.

The app has an outstanding collection of animal masks, that contains 200 colorful stickers of animals, insects, and even fishes. If you are interested in insects, it will be presented via specific parts like shells or wings, not only via the head. It makes unlimited possibilities for every user’s creativity.

This app even included a drawing tool and an eraser to blend its user’s face into an animal, just to give it an extra realistic vibe. It is considered as the easiest app than the other animal face changer apps. Why? Because it also supports adding some basic text, frame, and filters. Last, you can share it instantly or save it on your phone.

Download : ANDROID 

3. Beauty Face: Animal Face

Beauty Face animal face

Produced by InstaFace Developer Team, Beauty Face: Animal Face app is available for Android only. This app only contains ten masks, which are representing the heads of various animals. So you can reincarnate into a cat, fox, panda, etc. Your picture will look more compatible because it has a feature that makes the masks adjustable for your taste.

This application also has a unique feature, in which you have access to a refresh button. Due to it, you will have more fun because the app will swap faces on the picture with an animal face, randomly. And, this app supports instant sharing on your social media or your friend and family directly!

Shortly, this app offers you to take a photo or choose it from the photo library, swap stickers to head, swap every head on the photo instead of one, and adjust it by the finger. Then, swapped the heads randomly by pressing the refresh button. Interesting, right?

Download : ANDROID 

4. Animal Face Photo App

Animal Face Photo App

Animal Face Photo App is available for Android and iOS. It has unique features such as colorful sticker’s animal masks, with every sticker cut for eyes. The user can make the realistic masks by adjusting it and also zoom in, zoom out, rotate, flip, change the opacity, and color the stickers.

This app will surprise you, in a good way indeed. So when you are about to turn yourself into an animal with your friends in a photo group, you can apply animal stickers to your friends too. The masks of various animals can be used at the same time too. It is considered the most downloaded app than any other animal face changer apps.

The special about this app, it will allow you to add the text on the photo and it will be fully customized. The added writing will look so extraordinary because the user has the opportunity to choose a font, pattern, and so on. You can share it via messenger or social media after editing it.

Download : ANDROID

5. SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor

SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor

SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor is one the best of any other animal face changer apps. It gives you a classy tool to pump your photo up. The app isn’t just a photo editor, but it has a built-in face recognition system. Yes, you can use auto face detection and rotation as its best features.

All you have to do is tap only one button, then all the faces on a photo will be swapped with animal stickers randomly. And after applying animal masks to everyone in your photo, you can adjust it by resizing and rotating. This app is available for Android only.

To complete your photo editing experience, this app’s algorithm also applies hats and sunglasses, besides masks. This feature will make your picture look sophisticated. Finally, you can save your swag photo on your phone or share it on your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or even email!

Download : ANDROID

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6. Animal Face Changer Funny Pics

Animal Face changer funny pics

The number six of the best animal face changer apps will be Animal Face Changer Funny Pics. It has tasteful tools that are appreciated by users across the world. You will be able to apply to more than 25 animal masks as well as particular parts, such as noses, eyes, ears, and tongues.

The app will provide you with 7 powerful adjustments: brightness, shadows, exposure, contrast, and another parameter just to enhance your photo. You can decorate your picture with funny photo effects, cute texts, and also crop it with various types like 1:1, 3:4, 16:9, or keep it original.

Snap sticker feature makes it easier to make focus on photos by photo retoucher or writing any texts with a photo font editor. You can add a cartoon sticker to your photo, save it immediately on your phone, or share it instantly on your social media. This free app available for iOS users only.

Download : iOS

7. Catface


Catface has the easiest features of the other animal face changer apps on this list. You are free to make your artwork just by simple manipulations with the help of this photo editor. By installing this app, you will have access to a free store full of free and fantastic stickers.

The Catface app also provides heart crown stickers to make a beautiful and sweet picture, with many special themes, such as birthdays, flowers, heart crowns, anniversaries, etc. The good thing is, it is always updated and added. Feature Transforms and Crop photo editor will make it easy to create and crop items.

You can crop photos freely in multi-aspect ratios, resize the photo, adjust the picture frame, change image position, and even reverse anything in the image. It has also colorful filters to make every photo a different angle full of ornate (vintage, modern, sunset, etc). This amazing app is only available for Android users.

Download : ANDROID

8. Animal face – Safari at Home

Animal face Safari at Home

If you’re looking for an animal personality and not sure which one will suit you, just try this app. This is a photo editor that is specifically made to let your inner animal out. With those wild things on this app, you can use an animal face to find a new image of yourself that suits you.

Providing many free animal faces to try on, the app gives you a feature of a handpicked selection of real animal stickers to place over your photos. All you can do is take a photo or choose the photo from your library. You can even use your Facebook photos, even of friends, and post them to your wall.

This app gives you opportunities to have fun with your animal face photos and save it in your library or even post it on your social media. You can also check what animal face you like and surprise your friends with your new face. The app is only available for iOS users only.

Download : iOS

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9. Insta Animal Face Maker

Insta Animal Face Maker

Insta Animal Face Maker is available for iOS users only. This is a good app, where you can blend your face into an awesome fierce animal. This app will give you 15 different animal faces, such as a panda, lion, cat, dog, cow, and many more, and more than 10 different faces in every animal’s include.

The app also provides write-on faces to make cute animal photos in an add-on text option, filters for perfect face montage, and loads of effects to see every different angle. This feature can help you to make the balance of face with animals. You can save images and share them directly to your social media.

This app is now available for a paid version and free new version, with 100 extra animal faces and an attractive UI design with an easy interface. Shortly, it will give you an enjoyable and fun image editing process by adding some sparks to your photos with the various snap filters and effects that are available on this app.

Download : iOS

10. Zooface – GIF Animal Morph

Zooface - GIF Animal Morph

When you’re looking the most different than the other animal face changer apps, choose Zooface – GIF Animal Morph. It is an app to change your face into an animal face with GIF animation. All you need is a face photo then watch the animal morph in a short motion magically.

When you finish your animal morph, just touch the screen and share it as a Still Photo or GIF animation. Saving mode in this app available in 2 ways, face blend mode and face morph mode. When you want to save your photo as face blend mode, just touch the screen and select “Share as a Pict”.

But if you want to save as face mode morph, you can touch the screen and select “Share as GIF”, then it will be saved as a Face Morphing GIF animation on your phone gallery. This app has 30+ animal face collections and is still coming. It is only available for iOS users only.

Download : iOS

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So there are the 10 best animal face changer apps for iOS and Android by far. You can install the tools below Google Play for Android users or App Store for iOS users. It just requires several taps only. After that, you can have fun with yourself, your friends, or your family. Let’s apply animal masks to your photo to make it look awesome. Good luck!

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