11 Best SMS Lock Apps for Android and iOS

It is common that people prefer texting rather than calling. However, there is a possibility that your phone has been hijacked so that becomes a privacy violation. That is why you need an SMS lock app.

This application protects various data on smartphones and PCs. There are many protection systems, for example, with a PIN, pattern, or encoded messages. It depends on how seriously you take privacy.

No more questions about how to lock messages on Samsung, Xiaomi, and so on; the programs will be applicable for any brands.

However, there may be some differences if you use Android and iOS. Let’s read the details!

List of 11 Best SMS Lock Apps for Android and iOS

The threat of invasion of privacy in gadgets has long been a problem. There have been many attempts to overcome this, including by using the SMS lock app.

Thus, it is no wonder that nowadays we can find a lot of programs related to this. However, you have to be careful when deciding which application to use.

Many products are unclear that will be inconvenient if you do not recognize the specifications well. Some programs also have random features that will not help at all.

Therefore, read in detail information about the programs before installing. Make sure you opt for an app that fits your needs.

These recommendations are the best message lock app for iPhone and Android.

1.      GO SMS Pro


For those of you who need more than just a privacy protector, GO SMS Pro is one of the best recommendations.

This app allows you to encrypt messages so you can rest easy when you have to save important chats.

Apart from that, this SMS lock app also has other fun features. You can choose some prominent contacts and prioritize them.

Plus, messaging will be fun too, with hundreds of built-in themes and stickers.

You can do tighter security if you get suspicious contact and blocking to avoid them viewing or stealing your data. Also, enjoy other conveniences related to messaging.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

2.      Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Millions of people have used this SMS lock app for news, documents, and data. Many users trust their privacy because it has protection so that whatever you write does not leak carelessly.

The encryption system will make you feel comfortable because no one can access the messages. In addition, this application also provides fast service even with slow connections.

In addition to privacy that makes you comfortable, you can enjoy the dark theme feature. It is perfect for users who do not like a bright light on the smartphone screen.

One more thing, this app also supports photo-related activities.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

3.      Vault – Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

Vault - Hide Pics Videos App Lock Free Backup

The high demand and mobility make many people inevitably store a lot of data on their smartphones. Videos, photos, and even documents are stored in it.

Can you imagine if an irresponsible party hijacked your cell phone?

To avoid this problem, remember to provide extra security. Vault will provide protection, ranging from hiding private files, cloud backups, private browsers, and app locks.

In addition, Vault also makes it easy for you to send data from one smartphone to another. Thus, changing the phone is no longer something that makes you report.

Moreover, there are several advanced menus that you should try.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

4.      AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

AppLock - Fingerprint Password Gallery Locker

Choosing an application must be full of considerations, especially when it comes to privacy. With so much data on your smartphone, you cannot install random programs that would harm the device.

AppLock is one easy way to provide comfort and protection. You can lock your social media accounts to avoid others who want to access them.

Lock options are also very diverse, ranging from PIN, pattern, fingerprint, and so on.

Do not forget that you can also get additional features, namely beautiful themes that will decorate the background of the message. It is no longer the time to worry about privacy.

Download: ANDROID

5.      Privacy Messenger – Private SMS messages, Call app

Privacy Messenger - Private SMS messages Call app

The first thing you should know is that it is free. Everyone can get it easily on the PlayStore.

Secondly, this Privacy Messenger will make you secured. Everything is encrypted so that no one can access let alone take screenshots.

In addition, you will also have a private box to set which messages visible and invisible by others. One more thing, everyone can send and receive free chats with other users.

Download: ANDROID

6.      Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling

Private Text Messaging Secure Texting Calling

You can also try this application to protect the data on the smartphone. Not only protect the things in it but also provide comfort when talking on the phone.

Hence, you do not have to be afraid of someone tapping.

Protection against messages is also great because it allows messages to be deleted immediately after reading.

Also, it features a menu to hide important data so that hijackers do not know there is a secret you are hiding.

Uniquely, this application provides a unique way. You can do shaking to lock personal private text messages. In addition, there are many more unique features to hide your privacy.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

7.      Private App Lock

Private App Lock

Does your girlfriend often open your smartphone? Or your family never hesitate to borrow a cell phone? It can be annoying at times, but this other app can be a total privacy protection option.

Everything in the phone can be locked as long as the smartphone is in someone else’s hands. They cannot access anything in it if you have installed the lock properly.

There are various locks to choose from, range from PIN, time password, graphics, and fingerprint.

Amazingly, this app does not take up much space because of its small capacity, which is less than 5M. It helps you provide a lot of space for other important apps too.

Download: ANDROID

8.      Message Lock

Message Lock

You can also consider it as the best SMS lock app for Android because of its simplicity which protects your data optimally.

Not just SMS, this program will give you security while using Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

When installing this SMS lock app, you will automatically have the option to lock or unlock various apps on your phone.

Interestingly, this protection also applies to the gallery, video, and all offline data on the smartphone.

If you use email, YouTube, and games on your smartphone, this app will also provide protection. With a simple way of working, you will get complete security and comfort for all your needs.

Download: ANDROID

9.      Message Locker

Message Locker

Privacy breaches are indeed a big problem because today’s hackers have sophisticated ways to do it. Therefore, you need to have an SMS lock app to protect your data from theft.

This application protects various messages on your cell phone with a PIN or pattern lock system.

You can also use it to prevent hackers from opening chats or data on social media, applications, messengers, email, and others.

This application will also be very useful when your device is in the hands of someone else. They can reveal your personal information, but you can prevent this by installing this program.

Download: ANDROID

10.  Secret Messaging 2020

Secret Messaging 2020

There are times when the messages we send are very confidential and should not be read by anyone. But nowadays, many hackers can easily hijack other people’s phones.

Therefore, you will need this SMS lock software.

This SMS lock app enables you to send messages with an encoding system. In other words, your chat will be in form codes with specific shareable passwords.

Thus, this message can only be accessible if the recipient knows how to pass.

Although it seems confusing, this application is very easy for users. The step instructions are clear and simple. In addition, users can enjoy its features for free. Do not be afraid of any secrets to leak.

Download: ANDROID

11.  Messenger Lock

Messenger Lock

If you use this SMS lock app, you no longer have to worry about strangers accessing your data. By a PIN, all of your chat platforms will be protected.

Messenger lock will prevent strangers from accessing your data from public access. Not just chatting, all data will be protected, starting from the gallery, music player, and so on.

Your Secrete Lock or Secret Password will make it safe every time.

The operation of this app lock is also easy. After downloading, you must enter the PIN; it is an activity you will continue to do.

If there is an error entering a number, the application will immediately record the accessor. This way, you will immediately recognize if someone is trying to access your data without permission.

Because the file size is small and does not take up space, you can consider it the best message lock app for Android.

Download: ANDROID

Privacy is an important thing that you must protect for convenience. Do not let other people access data, chat, and anything else on your smartphone, then misuse it for irresponsible things.

Let us stay safe with the SMS lock app.

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