10 Best Text Message Backgrounds Apps for Android

So many apps to change text message backgrounds, especially for Android. It makes smartphones more interesting because the cute and beautiful background for a text message is the important one for smartphone users. The users will feel free to apply some background based on their own choice and taste.

Commonly, the application provides so many pictures and characters of the backgrounds. Each application will give unique and popular backgrounds for the text message to catch smartphone users’ interest. Here the following of 10 best text message backgrounds apps for Androids that have cute backgrounds:

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List of 10 Best Text Message Backgrounds Apps for Android

Although the default background is okay, most people would love to change it for a better view. Therefore, without further delay, let’s see the best apps to change text message backgrounds that we gathered here:

1.    GO SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is one of the best text message backgrounds app that smartphone users commonly use. About 100 million users have used the application, and it became the top. Providing interesting free features, including backgrounds that make the users want to have one.

Besides, the GO SMS Pro provides Dual-mode. It means either the users can choose the theme from the app or create their theme. They can do the creation and designing of their personalized wallpaper. Then do setting the template and the colors for the text message background.

That is nice to use the GO SMS Pro app because it has many options to change text message background. It will make smartphone users, especially Android, feel satisfied with GO SMS Pro Theme Maker’s new feature. The users can make a theme based on their taste.

The users can then publish their theme creation by writing down their name, theme name, and description of the theme. After that, the users can upload the theme as their DIY theme, and the other smartphone users can download it freely later.

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2.    GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard has become the top application for changing the keyboard of Android users to be more interesting. This app provides some features; one of them is the colorful themes to change the text message background and can be your choice of cool text message backgrounds app. It will make the screen of smartphone users more stylish and trendy.

So many Android users choose GO Keyboard because it has so many advantages. Not only providing some themes, but this app also provides other interesting features for the keyboard. It supports more than 60 languages, gives a lot of cute emojis, and provides suggestions in using words for typing text.

Besides, every week the smartphone users can upgrade their theme with over 10,000 colorful themes. The beauty and brightness themes can make the text message background more picturesque. The users can also change their keyboard types with many options and, most importantly, a fast typing process.

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3.    Textra


Textra has become popular to be an SMS messenger application. They provide some features for the cool text message, such as theme colors, bubble colors, and emoji styles. The smartphone users can also do the scheduling for sending a message and deleting the previous message that it is still sending to someone.

The Textra has a unique appearance for the text message background. The users can choose colors of the background that are available in the app. There are dark, light, and night modes for automatic use. Then customize the users’ preferred theme and bubble color to make the background look pretty.

Besides, smartphone users also can change the colors of the bubble for each contact. The users can choose the types and the colors of bubbles freely. Customize their favorite bubble to be applied for a unique text message background. So it makes different styles and colors of each other’s contact.

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4.    Chomp SMS

chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is an application that is designed as an alternative to replacing the Android smartphone SMS application. This application provides many features, such as beautiful themes, cute and funny emoji, scheduled SMS sender for reminders and birthday wishes, SMS blocker, and many more great features.

The Chomp SMS makes smartphone users feel enjoy when typing the text message for someone. The features can change the theme, set the color and the font size of the text. Then customize the background based on the users’ choice. It makes the display stylish.

Moreover, Android users also can put their favorite text from someone special to the top. So it makes it easy to find the message. They can also choose the notification ringtone and vibrate pattern for each contact to make the users know who is sending the text message.

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5.    Messenger for SMS

Messenger for SMS

Messenger for SMS can be an alternative for the cool text message backgrounds app. This application has some sophisticated features that make users can be quickly texting. Like the other applications, Messenger for SMS provides many themes for messenger that it gets freely.

Also, heaps can change the text background as the users wish and customize the texting bubble, and set the color. Next, this application has free animated and emoji art—thousands of trending and popular emoji with funny faces that make your conversation more pleasant.

The excellent features of the application, it has SMS backup and restores. The users do not feel worried about losing their important text from somebody. They can read the deleted messages using the restore feature. So with using the Messenger for SMS application, all the messages will never get lost.

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6.    Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is one of the advanced applications for messaging. It also offers a lot of appealing and impressive features for smartphone users. With thousands of emoticons to express the users’ mood and feeling, then providing some cute themes to make the users feel enjoy and relish using the application.

This application gives many varieties for the users to customize their text message background. The users can choose the picture from their gallery or take a selfie to set it as their wallpaper. Then, they can personalize the color of the background and the size of the text there.

Also, in using the emoticon, the smartphone users do not need to find the emoji one by one; they can find it just by writing the word then the related smiley will show up. That’s such a fantastic application to use that makes the users’ mood better in texting.

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7.    New Messenger 2021

As an excellent application for customizing the appearance of a smartphone user’s message screen, this application has tons of unique themes. Thus, this can be one of the cool text message backgrounds for Android. This app makes your phone screen bright and light. Then, the smart users can set by their taste the gradient theme colors. So it will make the background more cheerful.

New Messenger 2021 offers convenience to smartphone users with other unique features. The users can do designing for their conversation interface and customize the bubble color chat. Next, the users can manage the font with more than 500 to make your text message less boring and monotonous.

Furthermore, the other features that the New Messenger has are group meeting features. It is like an online chat application that serves the same feature. The users can add their friend or their family to the group and make their conversation. So they can talk together in one room chat.

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8.    SMS Black White Keyboard

SMS Black White Keyboard

SMS Black White Keyboard is one of the unique applications for your keyboard SMS. This application is unique. As the name implies, this application only serves the black and white theme with the coolness makes the smartphone users’ keyboard and text message background look so classy and straightforward.

Further, the SMS Black White Keyboard also can design a DIY theme. The users can personalize the background with their photo collection. They can then set the font type based on their style and customize the button type based on their taste. So it will be their theme.

Besides, this modern application supports 85 languages, including about 138 countries in the whole world. It makes smartphone users worldwide understand how to use this application by using their languages. Then to get the SMS Black White Keyboard application, the smartphone users can download it freely.

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9.    Handсent : Best texting w/ MMS & stickers

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is one of the other best text message backgrounds app. For Android users, It offers useful and beautiful features. That provides many lovely themes, skins, and backgrounds for the users’ text messages. This texting background apps is fantastic, With ultimate customization that personalizes bubble style, font type, color, ringtone, LED color, and vibration pattern.

All the attractive features will make the smartphone users’ text messages more elegant, and they will feel satisfied to do chatting there. The users can then find many fun emojis and stickers that liven up the atmosphere for their conversation. Then make their communication to be excellent.

The other feature of the Handcent is providing SMS backup that the users’ text will save. Then there is a private box feature for the private placement of the users’ text. So they do not need to worry about someone who wants to know about their privacy.

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10.  SMS Themes 2021

SMS Themes 2021

Suit to the name, SMS Themes 2021 is the application that provides plenty of fancy themes for smartphone users’ text messages. It is a new application that launched in 2020, which has so many fabulous new themes there. Make the screen of text messages more exciting and engaging.

All the SMS Themes 2021 application’s themes feature has HD graphics that transform the users’ text message application into a unique screen look. It will make the users feel enjoying and relaxing in texting. Then it changes their mood to be good at chatting with their friends and family.

Like the other applications, SMS Themes 2021 also provides message encryption and privacy protection. It will keep the text of users safe, and anybody can read it without the users’ permission. There is keyword blocking and blacklisting to filter the trouble, unwanted, and spam messages.

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Final Note

So that all of some cool text message backgrounds apps for Android. These are the best applications to change text message background freely. You can download one of these applications to make your screen look more pretty and delighted. Just pick one of them, they will change the screen phone immediately.

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