15 Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android and iOS 2024

For music lovers, it must be much calmer to do something with music. Music lovers are looking for some applications for their smartphones. Lots of the best FM radio transmitter apps to enjoy a trip or get together with friends and family.

When someone hears the word FM nowadays, it must feel strange. Because mostly it referred to the radio. Not to mention, now that only a few people listen to the radio. Whereas if someone listens to the radio a lot is obtained. Here are the 15 Best FM transmitter apps for Android and iOS:

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15 Best FM Transmitter Apps for Android and iOS 2024

1. Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio &Podcasts

Pandora Streaming Music

Pandora streaming music is a music service originating from America owned by Sirius XM Holdings. This service in music focuses on the recommendation services of the Genome Music Project. Means of playing music and calculating individual songs based on musical characteristics.

Initially, this service appeared in the consumer market at that time as an internet radio service. This service generates personalized channels based on the characteristics of the songs that users like. Pandora is best FM transmitter app that can enjoy from anywhere on the music platform.

Not only enjoy quality music and the latest. In Pandora, people can listen to exciting podcasts ranging from personal stories, motivations, cooking tips, and more. Pandora couldn’t keep the radio-quiet either.

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2. iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcasts

iHeartRadio - Free Music

iHeartRadio is a streaming FM transmitter app, an American free podcast produced by iHeartMedia. The broadcast was founded in April 2008, and 2019 became the worldwide umbrella brand for the largest radio network and broadcaster in the United States. Until now, iHeartRadio brought more than 250,000 podcasts.

Many services provide extensive quality, and the company itself is very concerned about the listeners’ satisfaction. iHeartRadio provides a free service with a premium option that also combines live radio artist channels. When the song is playing, subscribers can also see the song lyrics.

It has premium quality, broadcast tier technology that is the music division of Live Broadcast. In its broadcast, it has dozens of artist pensions and 20 genres. Lots of famous artists and the latest artists can be found easily here.

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3. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is popular FM transmitter app from the United States that broadcasts live news, sports, and podcasts. This app by the company Tueln Inc. based in San Francisco, California. In 2002 the company was RadioTime in Dallas, Texas, and was founded by Bill Moore.

TuneIn brings together live news, music, sports, radio stations, and podcasts worldwide. Also, it has premium quality subscriptions such as commercial news, commercial music and fewer ads. Radio channel owned by more than 100,000 internet radio views from 197 countries.

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4. Radio Online PCRADIO

Radio Online - PCRADIO

Lots of broadcasts are circulating now, including from Radio Online. Radio Online is an application that provides a very interesting FM transmitter. Hundreds of radio stations of various genres and classifications are on this radio.

Radio Online is easily accessible because it has good quality, even in the low signal strength. Radio Online is perfect for hanging out with friends or traveling. The songs that played were from various circles and exciting genres.

Radio Online is also included in one of the traditional radios which are good quality. It contains hundreds of stations and a lot of types of content that make online radio a highlight. There are some additional features such as audio recording, a timer if it is in pro quality.

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5. Radio FM

Radio FM is an application that broadcasts internet FM transmitters. FM radio does not allow various kinds of news that occur, such as disasters, crimes, soccer, and others. Here you can also listen to songs from various genres of classical music to hip hop.

Radio FM also provides a lot of entertainment such as comedy and concerts. Many publishers watched from all over the world—lots of accessed features, such as alarms, sleep time, and others.

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6. Simple Radio – Live AM FM App

Simple Radio Free Live AM FM Radio Music App

Simple Radio is an application that provides services. Using Simple Radio, listeners can listen to broadcasts from FM transmitters, online radio, and favorite radio stations. With the free service, you can listen to songs, news, and more.

Simple radio has access that is very broad and easy to use. More than 50,000 stations can be listened to while sitting back and receiving information from various regions. It’s also effortless to find music by genre if you want to see the latest songs.

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7. SiriusXM: Music, Radio, News & Entertainment

SiriusXM Music

SiriusXM Radio is the best FM transmitter app that serves streaming radio perfect for Android and iOS users. In a simple radio form, listeners can listen to FM transmitter channels, online radio, and favorite stations. SiriusXM Radio is a free service, so it’s really interesting.

Listeners can listen to comedy, interesting chat, music with various genres. On these Apps, there are many programs like football, sports, and food. Listeners can also get their favorite radio channels in this application.

This radio has very wide access and lots of programming. In it, there are more than 50,000 very attractive and very young pensions accessed from various regions. It’s easy to find songs based on genre and is perfect for casual friends.

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8. Radio.net – Radio and Podcast Apps

Radio.net - radio and podcast app

Radio.net is an application to broadcast an FM channel for iOS and Android users. This app allows listeners to play FM transmitters from the wide world. Through this radio, listeners can listen to information from around the world for free.

Listeners can listen to more than 30 million worldwide FM transmitters. In it, listeners can also search for songs by city, title, genre, and others. For listeners, songs can even be heard or stored immediately.

Radio.net is also an application that has a broad reach. It has a collection of standard functions that are adequate for enjoying transmitter services. There is also a feature that can use to sort by country name.

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9. myTuner Radio and Podcasts

MyTuner Radio is an application that can be used to listen to favorite radio stations on your smartphone, especially for Android or iOS. Just like other radio applications, here listeners can listen to the latest songs. Listeners can easily search for favorite FM channels and from various programs.

In this FM transmitter, more than 40,000 radio stations from 200 countries and territories. The radio can play a limited number of 100 songs, and listeners can share with friends or family. In 2017 it had more than 300 database users with radio stations.

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10. Stitcher – Podcast Player

Stitcher - Podcast Player

Stitcher Radio is a radio transmitter application for Android and iOS users. On this radio, listeners can ask to play what they want. Not only can songs be a comedy, sports, news, or conversation, but can also be on-demand.

The news listed also comes from trusted sources such as CNN, ESPN, BBC, NPR, and others. Listeners can easily find the things they are interested in for free. Podcasts that are talked about are also exciting and do exciting reviews.

Stitcher Radio’s many awards for podcasts are among the best FM transmitter app. It features a lot of features, a very attractive design, and ease of use. This app is very affordable and completely free and contains absolutely no ads.

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11. Replaio Live: Internet Radio & Radio FM Online

Replaio Radio FM Online

Replaio Radio is the best FM radio transmitter app for Android that is free of charge and can be listened to from the wide world. In Replaio you can also listen to internet radio from countries around the world. There is so much to hear on this radio, from music to food recipes.

This application has many interesting and free features such as a radio alarm clock, timer, and broadcast reminders. This radio has access to more than 30,000 radio stations. On this FM transmitter, listeners can also listen to foreign radio stations to learn foreign languages.

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12. Audials Play – Radio & Podcasts


Audials Play – Radio & Podcasts

Audials Play is classified as the latest broadcast application but its name is immediately famous for the best FM radio transmitter app for Android and iOS. It has more than 80,000 radio stations. Listeners can easily search for radio stations in this application.

Many songs come from a variety of genres and listeners can search by genre. It also allows listeners to see the title or singer’s name with details of the previous song. Just enter the name or title of the singer or the local station around it.

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13. Radio FM Player – TuneFm

Radio FM Player - TuneFm

Radio FM Player – The TuneFm application makes it easy for radio listeners to find interesting inspiration. In this application listeners can listen to broadcasts from the BBC, NPR, Radio Latinas, and many more. There are more than 7000 radio stations registered in this application.

Listeners can listen to songs when they gather with friends or family with interesting songs. Songs can be sorted starting from newest or by name. There is also a simple and intuitive activity interface and is finally ranked in the best of FM Transmitter app for Android.

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14. TuneLink Auto

TuneLink Auto

TuneLink is a popular FM transmitter app for Android and iOS that can also be used for Bluetooth to wireless FM. This is perfect when the listener is driving a car and can listen to the radio casually. TuneLink provides the best audio quality, especially for the car.

In the application, you can listen to the latest music from various genres ranging from classic to contemporary songs. Channel search settings are very easy for fast music search. The design style of this application is also very modern and attractive.

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15. Free Radio Tuner

Free Radio Tuner

Free Radio Tuner is a popular application for FM radio transmitters for Android and iOS users. More than 40,000 radio stations from 200 countries and territories concerned. You can listen to various programs ranging from music, podcasts, and other entertainment for free on all smartphones.

There are other additional features such as alarms and reminders of the listener’s favorite radio broadcasts. The designs that are owned are also attractive, and the colors used do not bore the listener. The developer provides complete equipment and features to make listeners comfortable.

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Final Note

Lots of radio transmitters app can be used to get quality radio channels from around the world. These best FM transmitter apps help loyal radio listeners get what they want. Moreover, adding lots of new and attention-grabbing features makes listeners even more satisfied.

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