11 Best Eye Candy Apps For Android and iOS

Eye candy app is the app that helps you to make your photo result more professional and beautiful. These apps contain a lot of unique filters and editing tools to help you edit your photo. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your selfie.

Because the eye candy photo editor has become the solution to take a selfie with filters, your precious moment will look beautiful to remember. A lot of users have rated this camera app. You don’t need to worry because of the quality of your selfies.

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List of 11 Best Eye Candy Apps for Android and iOS

This camera app is also easy to use, and certainly, the candy photo app could be the app that you want to make your photo look professional. With many beautiful filters, you can capture your moment just in a second every time and everywhere. Here is the list of the 11 best apps you can try to use:

1. Candy Camera

Candy Camera

JP-brothers, Inc developed this best eye candy app for Android and iOS. Candy Camera has a lot of filters to beautify your photos and videos. The unique feature of this app is that you can take a selfie using the silent mode. You don’t need to doubt it because it has more than 100+M users on Google Play Store and has a high rating (4.4/5).

This app’s developer always makes an update to add new features. Therefore, this app has a lot of users because of the uniqueness of the Candy Camera. The app also supports many languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

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2. Cymera Camera – Photo Editor

Cymera Camera – Photo Editor

The next option for you to use the eye candy app is the Cymera Camera. This app always updates its app’s features and keeps satisfying its users. There are many effects in this app, like a beautiful face camera with great filters for social media apps. Cymera Camera app provides a good camera lens for beautiful photos and selfies.

There are more than 20 filters in this app that can help you to edit your photo. This app has reached 100+M downloads on the Play Store because of its unique features and got 4.6 ratings. Cymera Camera also available for iOS users. So, you can download this app on App Store.

Download on: Play Store || App Store

3. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie Camera

The Sweet Selfie Camera app is suitable for you who want a beauty camera, photo editor, and attractive slideshow with magic effects. This app also has a real-time beauty effect for editing and beautifying your selfie. Some features of this eye candy application will make you get interested in downloading it.

You can get a selfie photo editor with great tools to turn your selfie fabulous. There’s also the body retouch that can make your body look slimmer in the pic. The advanced photo editor can help you to edit the picture like you’re using a PC. This camera has reached 100+M downloads on the Play Store with 4.6 ratings. Sweet Selfie Camera also available for iPhone users.

Download on: Play Store || App Store

4. Makeup Plus


The next popular eye candy app for you is Makeup Plus. This app provides some easy features for you to edit your photo to become gorgeous with an easy touch. The Makeup Plus app lets you try a complete look for your selfie photo and make it match with your accessories.

You can use exclusive makeup looks to create your photo looks professional and beautiful. Makeup Plus has cooperated with a lot of beauty companies. It means to satisfy the users with the result of its editing process.

There are many accessories in-app to support you in editing your photos, like retro sunglasses, angel holos, and many more. You can try the Touch-up feature to make your selfie photo more gorgeous. This app reaches more than 50+M downloads on the Google Play Store and got a 4.4/5 rating. For iOS users, you can download it on the App Store.

Download on: Play Store || App Store

5. Bestie Camera360 Selfie

Bestie – Camera360 Selfie

Bestie Camera app has been the most favorite candy photo editor app for a few years. This app offers you a real-time editing process with a lot of beautifying effects. Likewise, the camera also can edit your portrait photo to become more interesting using its retouching and brightening effects.

The cute sticker is also available on this app, like the characters Bunny, Kitty, Puppy, and many more. Bestie Camera is also an all-in-one selfie camera. Because of its process of editing, which is simple and faster with professional results. This app also provides an intelligent beauty editor for your photo.

It means it has many intelligent features to process and edit your photo to be perfect in a second. Based on this feature above. This app must be the best candy photo editor app that you should try to download because it reaches 50+M downloads on Google Play Store and got a 4.4/5 rating. Just like the candy camera selfie selfies before, iOS users can download it on the App Store

Download on: Play Store || App Store

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6. Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor Selfie Camera

Pretty Makeup photo editor is unique. Because it gives you a magic makeover filter, and it also provides a beautiful selfie camera. This app is different. Therefore, it will give you a perfect virtual makeover, and you also can take a selfie with motion stickers and a lot of beauty effects.

There are a lot of features in this app. The most useful feature that supports this app is auto-recognition (Make a natural makeup effect and beautify your photos). The other is a tap for beauty (this feature will make your photo beautiful automatically).

This app is the perfect eye candy photo app for Android and iOS if you want to makeover your selfies instantly. Therefore, on Google Play Store, this app has been downloaded more than 10+M and got a 4.4/5 rating.

Download on: Play Store || App Store

7. Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor

Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor is a solution to candy photo editor app. This app can beautify your photo in seconds. It is a full virtual makeover and will take your selfies with a lot of motion stickers. Even, this app contains more than 100+ funny face stickers.

This app is professionally designed to give you the best experience if you want to have the best pictures and selfie photos. Because it provides many tools that you need to makeover your selfies into perfect selfies, this app’s features are skin editor, slimming, dark circles, bright eyes, and perfect smile.

This app is the best option for you who want to try the best eye candy app for Android and iOS users. Therefore, you can get this app freely.

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Yoplala fun motion filter and face selfie editor

Yoplala is a unique app for editing your selfies. This app doesn’t only edit your photo, it also can make creative and funny videos. This app also provides many motion filters and faces a selfie editor because many photos use this filter like dog face, angel face, bunny ears, and flower crown.

In Yoplala, you can find a lot of unique filters that you can’t see in other eye candy app. This camera has a live selfie camera with a lot of fancy filters and effects. You can see the funny and cute filter while editing your photo. Don’t doubt the quality of your photo because it will be of the best quality.

Download on: Play Store || App Store

9. Sweet Candy Camera

Sweet Candy Camera

Sweet Candy Camera is a free photo editor with a lot of face filters. This camera application provides a lot of unique editing tools with effects like photo filters and stickers. This feature will help you who don’t have any skills in editing photos.

There are many useful features in this app, such as Smooth skin, artistic tools, Professional tools, and a magic camera. Using this eye candy app that available only for Android users, you will get the perfect effects that can make your photo look professional.

Download on: Play Store

10. Selfie Camera: Filters Stickers Photo Editor

Selfie Camera Filters Stickers Photo Editor

The next recommendation for the eye candy app is Selfie Camera. You can say, this is the best selfie camera and photo editor with many beautiful filters and more than 100+ Stickers. This camera app also contains beauty filters and will bring magic effects to your photos with selfie filters.

Some of these app’s useful features are the beautiful effects, amazing selfie filters, and photo editor highlights. Also, you will get all of these great features if you download this app. Don’t miss downloading it.

Download on: Play Store

11.Eye Candy – Selfie Camera

Eye Candy Selfie Camera

Another best choice for a free selfie camera with many interesting filters is Eye Candy – Selfie Camera. With the beautiful filters from the eye candy app, you will make your selfie beautiful to remember.

This photo candy app will make you professional in editing photos and selfies. It has awesome filters to make your photo more interesting to remember, perfect real-time filters to make your photos perfect, collage photo, and silent mode (no one will hear you when taking selfies).

You can easily share your photo with your friends on social media, and the last is the emergency selfie widget. From these features above you can see that it Is one of the best selfie cameras, Based on its features. You Should try this app.

Download on: Play Store

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There are many options for you if you want to try the effect from the candy photo editor app. Whereas, each app has offered its best features and services. Therefore, It all depends on choosing an eye candy camera app for you because every app has its unique features.

Those eye candy apps will help you make your selfie in unique ways with many editing options. You can easily find that app on Play Store and App store for free. By using those apps, your photo and selfies will look beautiful and more professional.

You’re free to choose the app that you want because each app offers different tools. But, the important thing is, you don’t need a good phone to take pictures. Because using this app, it will make your photos and selfies amazing.

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