Apps You Need in Order to Stay Safe Online

In recent years many people have transferred most of their business online. But it is not just business that we do online. It seems that most of our private life is also exposed on the web. It looks like we are eager to share all details with others and the more content we dispose of, the better. But the other side of the story says that not many people are concerned with online safety. As it turns out, the impression is that many are more preoccupied with downloading the best photo editing app than with online security. The reality is quite different since there are so many Internet frauds that you should really start thinking about the apps you need in order to stay safe online.

Can the content ever be truly deleted?

The shortest answer to this ubiquitous question is – not really. The development of technology and the vast use of the Internet has indeed brought us so many benefits and nobody ever said that we shouldn’t use the most of it. However, as an Internet user, you must be aware of the fact that you can’t really rely on the full privacy of your data that you posted online. If for any reason you decide to remove some of your old photos, posts, or entire social media profile, know that it is still possible to dig them all out. Those with enough skills and motivation are more than capable of doing it.

The big problem with this information is that you can never be sure who is behind the action and what are their real intentions. Since digital footprints are everywhere, the information you reveal online stays there for good. That’s why investing time in finding appropriate apps to keep you safe on the Internet is well worth it.

How do we leave digital footprints?

We leave digital footprints practically with every action you take online. From the moment you are logged in, that’s when you are leaving your trail. Unfortunately, most of us are not really cautious when it comes to this truly serious matter. After all, our poor judgment can cause serious issues in the long run. And as long as we are acting reluctantly towards the issue, data privacy abuse will continue. Security breaches can lead to stealing your personal data which can allow someone to take control over your life. Some of the ways we leave our digital footprint are:

  • Visiting a website
  • Entering our bank information
  • Giving out our email
  • Participating in forum discussions
  • Posting info on social media
  • Signing up for an account
  • Using cloud storage

By doing this your data will be available in cyberspace and can later be distributed in a way you never planned. All the more reasons to check out some of the apps that will guarantee you online safety.

Apps that help maintain online safety

Before we mention these apps, please let it be clear that no complete privacy can be guaranteed. However, not all is lost since there are ways to strengthen your defense mechanism. Having them at your disposal can really help you repel the most serious of attacks.

So far, the best apps have proven to be a VPN, email protectors, and scanners which will immediately inform you in case your data ended up on the dark web. And that is where problems truly become serious. This being said, in case you need to invest some money, do not immediately ditch that option.

The Email protection app

Most people send and receive dozens of emails per week. These emails may contain some terribly sensitive information and it’s imperative keeping it safe. Encrypting your email is probably one of the best choices. On the market you can choose among Apps like Preveil, StartMail, Private-Mail, etc. The best part is that the protocol is extremely simple and it really works. And, when it comes to business correspondence, the guarantee that a message came from a reliable source means everything. Which of these and other apps will suit you best is entirely up to you. Each function differently using a different strategy.

Another problem with the email occurs when you need to log in some website, or buy anything online, or simply send an email to someone. It leaves a clear trail which many can use to hack the email and use it for their own purpose. But for that there is one handy application called Disposable Email Address (DEA). DEA truly offers a wide range of services that will enable easier email management.

VPN at your service

One thing is for sure. There is no application that covers so many online security issues. Firstly, by learning more about VPN services, you can realize all of its extraordinary features. Starting from hiding your IP address to unlocking geo restricted websites, the possibilities are endless. With the help of a VPN your digital footprints won’t be so obvious. You will keep your traffic encrypted and hidden from those who intend to steal it. Together with hiding your IP address, think about hiding your passwords as well. Not many people remember all the passwords for each account online he uses, and so a password manager can be of great help. This way you can think of a strong password without bothering to remember it.

As we have learned in this article, a security vulnerability is a burning issue of the modern digital era. One should give his best to cut down bad privacy practices. Instead of being mainly focused on searching for the best animation application for a mobile device, you should be more concerned about downloading the apps you need in order to stay safe online. Only then can you say that you have taken the necessary steps to fight all sorts of hacking attempts and internet malware.

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