19 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android & iOS

We all have a moment when we lose our keys, ring, earring, and other important objects. Finding these small things can sometimes be hopeless. However, thanks to stud finder apps for Android & iOS, we could be helped to find those objects using our smartphone.

List of 19 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android & iOS

If you are having a problem finding your small objects, try some of these wicked and brilliant apps. They aren’t 100% accurate but they are surely helpful. Here they are:

1. Stud Finder Scanner Free

Stud Finder Scanner Free

The first list of best stud finder apps for Android is the Stud Finder Scanner app. It is a free application that uses an EMF sensor. Not only that it could detect metals, but also for cables, wiring and pipelines. This app is accurate, fast, and easy to use.

The Stud Finder Scanner could search through items. Like a brick wall, a wood wall, plasters, and even the earth ground. When finding an object, the app would start beeping and the monitor would show you the value of the meter to the object. Moreover, it would deeply scan the location and point it out.

Download : ANDROID

2. Stud Finder & Metal Detector in Wall

Stud Finder & Metal Detector in Wall

The next top stud finder app to use is the Stud Finder & Metal Detector, it is for searching wiring, studs, and metal. This app could find it through other objects. For example, if you are searching where the screw or bolt is positioned inside the wall, this app could detect it.

Moreover, the application could also be found through materials such as drywall, copper, wood, PVC pipe, and plaster. When searching, place the phone near the object where you want to detect it.

The application is easy to read, this is because of the simple interface. Another great thing about it is that you could use it perfectly offline, so when there is no internet connection, you could still find objects with it.

Download : ANDROID 

3. Stud Detector & Stud finder : Stud Wood Finder

Stud Detector & Stud finder

Stud Detector & Stud Finder is also another app that you could use for detecting objects. This app could help to not only detect but also find objects. Starting from wood, metal, cables, and stud. It could scan through drywall, stucco, plasterboard, and even wood walls.

This app would also help for those who want to hang a mirror or picture on their wall safely. It is because people could hang it on their wall without crashing to any objects inside, especially on a large fixture. Moreover, it could be used as the device compass as well.

The app could work not only on phones but also on tablets. Make sure to read the instructions well before using, as tablets might be bigger and a little bit harder to use.

Download : ANDROID 

4. Stud Finder and Stud Detector

Stud Finder And Stud Detector A joist finder app

The next app for stud finder is the Stud Finder and Stud Detector. It could scan for metal stud and wood stud. The app could scan through hidden objects such as plasterboard, the wall, drywall, and even woods.

This app could be found on both android phones and tablets. As for the requirement, it needs a device that is able for working a magnetic sensor. If not the sensor might malfunction.

Download : ANDROID

5. Stud Finder, Metal Finder, Metal Detector Real

Stud Finder, Metal Finder, Metal Detector Real

The other list good stud finder apps for your phone is the Stud Finder, Metal Finder, Metal Detector Real which is free. The app could help us find metals that are hidden in objects or even buried underground.

However, this app requires phones that are equipped with a sensor magnetometer. This is because the app would use the magnetic sensor from the phone, which could give the info of the location, the strength, and even the relative change. The app would not work on phones that don’t have one.

As an additional note, make sure to use the app far from the TV, laptop, radio, and computer signals. The signals would affect the magnetic sensor and make the result not maximal.

Download : ANDROID 

6. Gold Detector 2020 : Gold Finder & Stud Finder

Gold Detector 2020 Gold Finder & Stud Finder

The Gold Detector 2020 is a professional app on android for searching not only metals, but also stud, iron, and even types of gold like iron, steel, platinum, and gold. Even though it is a professional app, it is free.

The application could scan through objects even though the position is away from the wall. It would wave through and picture it in a graph on the phone. The graph and interface are easy to read, so anyone could use this app. As for the equipment, the app is completed with an IP54 rating. It would even protect the metal detector from any water spray and even dust.

Download : ANDROID

7. Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Another app to use the Metal Detector app. This app has been running since 2012. It comes free without any advertisements in it, so it would not bother during the searching. However, this app could only detect objects that are magnetic metals, like iron and steel.

As for how it works, this app would be faster than other apps. The interface is simple and intuitive which makes it effective as well. For additional tips, shake the phone for calibration when using the app.

Download : iOS

8. Magnetic Stud Finder

The Magnetic Stud Finder is also another great app to use. It is a handy stud finder that everybody must have inside their pocket, or on their phone. Unlikely other apps, the Magnetic Stud Finder provides a second source. This app also comes in a bubble level view.

Those who never use a stud finder do not have to be confused, because the app provides a perfect tutorial and video from their website or Youtube channel. Supporting us to use the app properly and maximally.

The app is tested already on several different phones, which gives the average results on all of it. That means it doesn’t have to use the best android to get the best result. Moreover, it could go through thick layers like a ceramic tile.

Download : ANDROID 

9. Metal Detector

Metal Detector android

The next stud finder to use is the Metal Detector. It is a great app that could change your phone into a metal detector tool. The application is very easy to use. Once you open the app, it would immediately show the metal detector reading.

The earth magnetic field shows from 30 to 60 µT which is great for daily activities. Make sure to avoid electronic devices because it might interfere with the system and make it powerless. The application could not only be used for the EMF sensor but also the EMF detector.

Download : ANDROID 

10. All Tools

All tools

All Tools are an application that provides more than 60 tools in it and the metal detector is one of the tools in it. You could get the application for free. Despite the complete tools in it, it only takes about 5 MB of the phone’s memory. When using the detector tool, it could work perfectly without internet access.

Download : ANDROID 

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11. Metal Detector EMF

Metal Detector EMF

The Metal Detector EMF is the next suggested app to use. It would find metallic objects behind walls or even hidden underground. However, it could not detect a nonmagnetic field or nonferrous objects. The application requires a magnetic sensor from the phone, otherwise if not, it would not work.

Download : iOS

12. Metal Detector Free App

Metal Detector Free App - Security Scanner

The other best metal stud finder apps for iOS is the Metal Detector Free App. You could find this on the App store. The app is available on both iPhone and iPad. It could detect electromagnetic waves using a magnetometer or compass.

The app could detect wiring and metallic studs behind walls. Moreover, the app would only be able to detect magnetic steels. You could control the sensitivity of the searching on your phone screen.

Download : iOS

13. Tesla – Metal Detector and Magnetic Field Recorder

Tesla - Metal Detector and Magnetic Field Recorder

The Tesla – Metal Detector and Magnetic Field Recorder is also a great app to use from iOS. Not only could that it detect, but also to measure and record metal objects and magnetic fields! Since the application is handy for both scanner, measure, and recording, people usually use this app for experiments and research.

Another great thing about the app is that you could use it for real-time or save it to analyze the result later. For those who don’t have a magnetometer sensor on their phone, they could activate the “simulated” mode, so they could still use this app.

The application would show a simple but complete interface. For example, the electromagnetic field strength would be shown on the screen in three dimensions. As for the UI it is clean and responsive for both iPad and iPhone.

Download : iOS

14. Best Metal Detector

Best Metal Detector

Entering the next list of stud finders is the Best Metal Detector. The Best Metal Detector could detect metals that are nearby with the measuring magnetic field value. If the object is getting closer then the value would increase.

The usage of this application is very easy. Open the application and the magnetic field level would show immediately. The interface would show three dimensions of the position and come with colorful lines.

Users could find objects through walls, pipes, and even the ground. The device would make sounds and vibrate if it is getting closer to the hidden object. If it seems disturbing, you could always control the sensitivity of the sound and vibration in the setting.

Download : ANDROID 

15. Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector

The next best stud finder for iOS is the Hand Held Metal Detector. The application is free, however only for a limited time. So once the limit has ended, users must pay from the app store.

The Hand-Held Metal Detector could easily detect ferromagnetic metal objects, like iron, gold, pure silver, and gold. Not only through walls and ground, but you could also use the app for searching inside bags and pockets.

Download : iOS

16. EMF Meter

EMF Meter - EMF Detector Free

For those who are searching for a measure electromagnetic field radiation and stud finder by moving electrically charged objects, then the EMF Meter app is the one. The EMF Meter is a free application that could be used for EMF detector, magnetometer, and also a compass as well.

We could also use it as a ghost hunter tool with the EMF detector. Moreover, the EMF radiation could also be used to detect electrical wiring and also other electronic objects. It has many detection modes as well. Besides searching for metallic objects, it could also search for other hidden things like a mic and even bugs!

The EMF Meter would work if the phone has a magnetic sensor in it. However, it would still be able to run without, but the result would come perfectly.

Download : ANDROID

17. Metal Detector / EMF Meter

Metal Detector EMF Meter

Another best app for stud finder on iPhone is Metal Detector / EMF Meter. The application could be downloaded for free. However, users could upgrade by paying some amount of money.

The Metal Detector / EMF Meter could detect the strength of the magnetic and shows in a three-axis dimension. Not only that, but it could also show us the calculation in microteslas. To ease our amusement, we could also record the reading of each event. We could even pause during the magnetic reading as well.

As for the upgrades options, there are several features of it. We could add an auto-sleep to disable and enable the notification. There is also a feature to help us read the meaning of the calibration as well.

Download : iOS

18. Real Metal Detector with Sound

Real Metal Detector with Sound

Since it is not easy to find cable or pipes through the wall or even underground, the Real Metal Detector with Sound would be a helpful stud finder application to use. Not only for searching for cables and pipes, but also to search for metals. However, it might work less on gold and silver objects.

The app is completed with a graphic screen that shows us the searching. Also, it has an indicator sound, and vibration as well.

Download : ANDROID 

19. Smart Metal Detector

Smart Metal Detector

The other list of best metal stud finder apps for iOS is the Smart Metal Detector. This app could be found in App store and it is free. The Smart Metal Detector allows us to detect metal near us. The usage is also easy because as we open the application, the detector would be on immediately.

Searching metal objects or electrical wires and iron pipes through walls, grounds, and other objects are available. However, it could not identify gold, coins, and silver that is made from copper.

Download : iOS


So those are the list of the 19 best stud finder apps for Android or iOS that you could try from your mobile phone and even tablets. Most of the applications are free to download. So, it is cheaper than buying a metal detector tool. Not only that, these apps would help us save more time on searching the metallic things and do it effectively as well.

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