11 Best Aquarium Live Wallpapers for Android

Many people choose to decorate their houses with aquariums filled with live fishes. Aquariums and beautiful colors of fish can indeed make the house more attractive and comfortable. But there are also people who are reluctant to have aquariums in their house because of their high cost to upkeep.

But if you still want to see the beauty of aquariums without worrying about budget, you can simply install the aquarium live wallpaper application on your Android phones.

11 Best Aquarium Live Wallpapers For Android

While the fish might not be alive when you use the aquarium live wallpaper, you can still enjoy their beauty right on your phone. This way, you will not need to spend a lot of money to keep the fish alive and waste energy to keep the aquarium clean and beautiful.

1.     Koi Free Live Wallpaper, A Special Aquarium App for Koi Lovers

Koi Free Live Wallpaper

The main attraction of aquarium live wallpaper apps is the availability of multicolor fishes and high-resolution background images. These two elements can help to create a visual of a real aquarium right inside your phone. This app also has the ability to change the screen animations based on the style that you have chosen.

To keep the fishes alive, you’re going to need to tap the screen and drop a few fish feeds. The fish animation will look very cute when the fishes are running towards the food. The high-resolution image also looks very calm and peaceful. But this app will only have koi as the type of fish to choose from. You will not be able to get more exotic fishes to be used as screen wallpaper.


2.     Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper, Free Aquarium Live Wallpaper Apps With Complete Feature

This aquarium wallpaper app is a must-have on your phone if you like tropical fishes. The backgrounds are colorful and the fishes are all exotic. Like other apps, you can double-tap on the screen to either drop food and get attention from the fishes.

This app is also available in the full version with which you will be able to get an aquarium that has more than 14 types of different fish. You can also change plants, decorations, lighting, and of course the backgrounds. The existence of light beams penetrating through the water also makes the visual a lot more realistic, as if you are really being underwater.


3.     The real aquarium – Live Wallpaper, Caribbean and Tropical Fishes Come to Life on Your Phone

The real aquarium Live Wallpaper

If you love to see the appearance of Caribbean fishes, then this free live aquarium wallpaper app might be the best one for you. There are many backgrounds created with corals and oceanic elements to support the beauty of the aquarium wallpaper. This app also allows the users to change lighting and have various sound effects.

The great thing about this app is that it has a very low battery consumption while still keeping beautiful graphics and high-resolution images. This will also work on phones with higher resolution and even 4K.


4.     Aquarium Live Wallpaper, Simple Aquarium App Many Background Choices

Aquarium Live Wallpaper Simple Aquarium App Many Background Choices

Beautifying your phone home screen is just going to be a very easy thing to do if you have this app installed on your phone. The main feature is the imagery of crystal clear water filled with colorful corals and exotic fishes.

Some of the most interesting features that this app has included 10 free wallpapers with higher resolution that you can use, three types of animation speed to suit your needs, beautiful special effects, and optimized battery usage to prevent the battery from draining when you have it activated on your phone.


5.     Fish Live Wallpaper 2020, Another Aquarium Live Wallpaper for Koi Lovers

Fish Live Wallpaper 2020 Another Aquarium Live Wallpaper for Koi Lovers

While this might not have the best and the most expensive collection of fishes, it might be the favorite among people who love koi fish. It features a very realistic moving animation of the koi, which will make your phone look really calming and peaceful.

The visual is also presented in 3D mode, which means that your wallpaper will look very modern and attractive. The battery performance is also optimized to make sure that the wallpaper application is not ruining your user experience.


6.     Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE, A Non-Paid Apps for Betta Fish Collectors

Betta fish are attractive to a lot of people due to their colors and movements. They also have various things detailed all around their bodies. This wallpaper app has all of those features that will make it a fan favorite for people who like to collect betta fish.

While the options for backgrounds and other elements of the visuals might not be as complete as other apps in the category, this app is also very realistic when it comes to betta fish animation. It really feels like you have a betta fish swimming around inside your phone.


7.     3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD, Amazing 3D Graphics for Lively Fishes

3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD

In this really realistic aquarium live wallpaper app, users will have a chance to create a virtual aquarium based on what they like. There are countless high-resolution backgrounds available as a foundation for the aquarium look. Furthermore, dozens of exotic fish types are available to keep inside the virtual aquarium.

This app also has a very interesting 3D mode, in which users will get a parallax effect when they move their phones. This feature will make the visual more realistic as if it is really an aquarium inside a phone. The created aquarium visuals can also be shared on various social media accounts.


8.     Aquarium Live Wallpaper, Customizing Feature for Personalized Aquarium

Aquarium Live Wallpaper apps

This app is pretty much similar to other entries that we have mentioned in this article. The only difference is that this app is much simpler in its visuals. The users will not be able to create customized aquarium looks. Instead, they will be given a few options to choose from as their main wallpaper.

But even though the customization options are limited, the appearance of the aquarium live wallpaper is still very appealing. This app also has beautiful fishes and attractive air bubbles. The animations are in very high-quality rendering which makes the fishes look very realistic. The simplicity also makes the app a lot lighter compared to similar apps.


9.     3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper, Dynamic Animation of Fishes on Your Phone


3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Not only your typical fishes, but this aquarium 3d live wallpaper also features coral reefs and occasional sharks and Manta rays that fly by. You can also enjoy the beauty of underwater habitats around islands as well where you can see tropical inhabitants of the ocean. The visuals are very dynamic with animated 3D movements along with amazing sound effects. Having this app on your phone will really make it feel like you are immersed in an ocean.

This app also has support for tablets and phones with bigger screens which means that the aquarium can be seen in a much more realistic environment. Meanwhile, you can also use the app both in portrait and landscape mode, depending on whatever mode you like.


10.                        Aquarium Live Wallpaper, Serenity with Virtual Fishes Inside Your Phone

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Do you ever find yourself wanting to listen and relax from your busy life? Do you think the ocean will relax you? Well, you don’t need to go to the beach to enjoy yourself. Just install this app on your phone and enjoy the beautiful movements of fishes right on the screen. This app has five options for amazing fish wallpapers that you can customize based on whatever you want.

You can also change features on the visuals. For instance, you can add the number of fishes swimming on the screen. You can also add some events such as sharks or other bigger fish to find in the frame. Meanwhile, some underwater greenery will make the aquarium habitat look more immersive.


11.                        Real Aquarium Live Wallpaper, High-Resolution Virtual Aquarium with Customization Options

Real Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Unlike other apps in this list, this free live aquarium wallpaper app will allow you to customize the background picture of your aquarium. You can add steel images, gifts, videos, and other areas to make the visual look more personal aquarium. Just imagine having your face inside the virtual aquarium and see the fishes swim around your picture.

If you don’t want to customize the visual, you can always opt to choose from the pre-made aquarium looks. Furthermore, if you use phones with HD or even 4K screens, the app will be able to utilize those features to maximize the amazing scene. And you don’t need to worry about battery life, because this app will only have a minimal effect on the battery.


There you have it, the list of aquarium live wallpaper that you might want to install on your phone. Now, you don’t need to wait to have money or a lot of time to enjoy the beauty of your favorite fish. You just need a little bit of creativity to bring a lively visual to your virtual aquariums. And as you can see, many apps will even allow you to customize your own aquarium. So, your choices are practically limitless in making a virtual aquarium that really suits your personality.

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