17 Best Screen Saver Apps for Android

In the early era cellphone, the use of a screen saver app is like the main aspect of a device. Thereupon, most people wanted to have it as interesting and personal as possible.

There was a time in the past when every smartphone has its own attractive animated image for the screen saver.

Well, that era is over. Many users no longer notice the function of the screen saver in their smartphones. However, there are a bunch of interesting apps to deal with this system.

List of 17 Best Screen Saver Apps for Android

There are still so many people who like to make use of this function and add interests to the interface. Thus, in this article, we have gathered the 17 best android apps for a screen saver.

1. Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

This is the best screen saver app for Android that offers a lot of exclusive pictures you can use as wallpapers. There are such amazing and wonderful collections of images.

Hence, with its simple interface, you can modify your smartphone easily.

A variety of artistic backgrounds that are designed by experts are also available inside the app. You can get the update of wallpaper images per day.

Also, there is an opportunity to send your creation to the app. So, many people would use it too.

Besides, the high performances and its collections become the high point of this Backgrounds HD app. Even though it comes with HD goodies, this program saves battery power.

Download : ANDROID

2. Kappboom

Kappboom screen saver app

Do you want to turn your smartphone into a wonderful image gallery? Install the Kappboom app on your device.

This best Android screensaver has more than 20 thousand wallpapers to explore. All of them are made just for its users for free.

The smooth run of the system in the app makes the exploration of images quick and easy. Further, the developers will fix any problems you may face when running the app.


– Turning on the wallpaper clock in a single tap

– The themes are stored by category.

– Select the backgrounds that refer to the wallpaper

– Share it to social media with friends

– Fast navigation and clear interface

– New updates every day

Download : ANDROID

3. Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K

This is the true animated screen saver app that provides live wallpapers for Android phones. Users may choose one image to be the lock screen or home screen.

Otherwise, there is no need to have a custom lock screen to change it. The very first thing you have to know is whether your phone’s system supports live wallpapers or not.

What makes the Pixel 4D is different from other applications is the real 4D depth effect. It is another level of 3D live wallpapers.

Surprisingly, this app will not reduce the battery level as much as we expected. The minimum usage is below 2 percent.

Moreover, it is recommended to use the AMOLED live wallpaper to deal with this issue. The developers promise to have new updates of the collection every week.

Download : ANDROID

4. Wallpapers & Backgrounds for Me

Wallpapers Backgrounds for Me

This is a great screen saver app that you will take a look at. There is a huge variety of wallpapers for your android smartphone.

Likewise, all kinds of images for every taste are available. Some of the collection is very unique which you can only find within the app.

Additionally, there are so many free wallpapers that come in perfect pixelation with HD and QHD resolutions.

You can explore them all through categories such as animals, fashion, landscapes, cities, nature, sea, and many others.

The best thing about this app is the Dynamic Wallpaper feature which has an auto-changing background. So, your screen will not be boring.

Download : ANDROID

5. Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper

Transparent Screen Live Wallpaper

Combining the function of live wallpaper and transparent screen makes an amazing graphic that users can experience like no other.

Thus, as you can see, this app would make the smartphone looks like a see-through device.

There are a bunch of graphics of the parallax effect as the live wallpaper. You can even set your unique home or lock screen and the vector sensor’s rotation.

Besides, the best thing about this program is the Transparent screen like no other. Download this free screen saver for Android right away and you will be surprised and having fun with it.

Download : ANDROID

6. GRUBL™ Live Wallpapers 4Κ & Ringtones

Another great application for Android screen saver, it offers more than just a collection of graphics or images.

Also, you can use the ringtone, notification sound, and alarm for free. A developer called GRUBL brings this excitement to your phone.

Moreover, users might decorate the lock and home screen with their collection of epic video wallpapers.

It is such a great screen saver app to install. Besides, the collection of ringtones and sounds are at your service. There are hundreds of them to explore.

The developer has claimed that this application is the only app on the store that can apply 2 different wallpapers for the home screen and the lock screen that does not need any modifications at all.

However, smartphones need to support the live wallpapers for both screens. There is also an “Auto Changer” which gives an automatic change of graphics daily or per 6 hours.

Thankfully, the app offers you pleasure in both visual and sound.

Download : ANDROID

7. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Water Garden Live Wallpaper

A natural screen saver on a phone is still one of the favorite things for a lot of people. Why? It can give some kind of refreshing atmosphere to the users.

If that is what you are looking for, this Water Garden Live Wallpaper is your perfect app.

This application offers you with ultra-realistic water pond right on your phone screen. It is such a marvelous 3D live wallpaper that looks so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Further, another interesting feature is that you can create water ripples with finger gestures. Just like a real water pond.

There is a bunch of adorable animated koi fish that exploring the pond. Then, you can even tap the fish to please them.

Select the scenes you like from its collections. Buy some items from the store to decorate the pond in any way you would love.

It is simply the best screen saver app for Android you can find especially if you are a fan of nature things. The high-definition graphics are so enjoyable.

Download : ANDROID

8. The Real Aquarium

The Real Aquarium screen saver app

This one is a very specific screen saver app for you who want to turn your home screen to look like an aquarium full of colorful fish.

It comes with amazing live wallpaper filled with Caribbean fishes. Select the backgrounds that meet your taste. You can choose among the backgrounds filled with typical ocean’s underwater sceneries.

To make it looks real, the program gives you some bubbles, light effects, and sounds to perfect the real vision of an aquarium right from your phone screen.

Furthermore, the cool HD graphics will not waste your battery consumption.

Download : ANDROID

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9. 3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD

3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD

If the previous type of best screen saver app is not your style, you may wanna take a look at this Aquarium Live Wallpaper app. It offers a different atmosphere and design.

Then, the cool 3D parallax effect would give a feeling of a real aquascape.

Besides, it becomes more realistic when you swipe it left and right. You will see the background is moving too.

In addition, the smooth motion and beautiful backgrounds would complete this live wallpaper app. It will make a perfect phone screen saver for ocean enthusiasts.

Let us talk about the contents. This application comes with a lot of various exotic fishes. Moreover, you can see the beautiful plants, sea corals, and sunrays.

Apparently, it is more than just an aquarium, yet an underwater ocean right in your pocket.

Download : ANDROID

10. Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper FREE

Unlike many other applications that relate to water, this one gives you a very specific kind of fish called Betta.

It is also known as Fighter Fish. If you are a fan, this cool Android screen saver app has everything for you to display on the phone screen.

However, you need to buy the full version to explore the whole options and collections within the app.

Otherwise, in the free version, you will not get the option to change the colors of the fish, background colors, and lights.

According to the developer, the fish swim to the color dot. So, you can block the fish from swimming by tapping the screen with your finger. That sounds like fun, right?

Download : ANDROID

11. Smart Night Clock

Smart Night Clock screen saver app

This application displays time in a form of a colored LED-light clock. It is a perfect bedside alarm while sleeping. The unique display is friendly for the low or dark situation.

Also, the smart night clock would make a great screen saver. Choose the LED color and style you would like for your phone.

Besides the traditional style of clock design, you can also choose the digital one. There many other themes to choose from.

Just like a clock app on your phone, this application also features a stopwatch, alarm, and counter.

Download : ANDROID

12. Huge Digital Clock

Huge Digital Clock screen saver app

The first thing you need to know about this app is the fact that it is not made for a lock screen. This simple program turns your phone into a digital clock.

Likewise, it comes with an “always-on” mechanism and the design of the display is customizable.

Just like its name, this app is an extra-large digital clock. It shows the day, calendar date, and of course, the time.

You can set the time number format, font, and color. Instead of landscape, the portrait mode is also available. If you think the status bar is not needed, just hide it.

There are some extra features you can enjoy within the app. It comes with a widget for the home screen.

Besides time and date, find out what is the weather like right from the screen. When the battery is low, you will know about it and close the app.

Download : ANDROID

13. Glitter Live Wallpaper Glitzy

Glitter Live Wallpaper Glitzy

If you are interested in glittery live wallpaper for your phone’s screen saver, install this application. The developer claimed that this app is the first one in the world.

Indeed, this app is more than just an animated image. It has got motion feedback sparkles to enjoy.

The combination of realistic glitter with parallax effect in one live wallpaper is just amazing. As you move your phone, you will see how the glitter reacts beautifully.

This app allows you to create your version of glitter images to become the lock screen and home wallpaper.

Instead of making it yourself, just select one of the available wallpapers. Then, choose the level of sparkles, modest or super glittery.

All of the items in the app’s collection of live wallpapers are designed by artists. So, it is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product and nothing will be like this application anywhere else.

Download : ANDROID

14. Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro

It is one of the best widget apps in the market. This multi-functional application is very popular. With the program, you can customize your home screen to be anything you want.

Then, add clocks, weather, and widgets on it. Those come with beautiful animations.

According to a report, Beautiful Widgets Pro was the first app in the store to get 1 million paid downloads. This application needs payment before you can install it.

So, what this app can do? Well, it has complete clocks widgets, interactive weather forecast information, toggles widgets, and themes.

One more thing, it has a Daydream feature that shows animations and screen saver.

Download : ANDROID

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15. Wallpaper 3D

Wallpaper 3D screen saver app

For those who are into 3D wallpaper, this is the right application to install. It has a good collection of high-quality graphics with an intuitive interface.

Changing the images is within a few clocks. You can create a database for your favorite ones.

If you are worried about the pop-up advertisements that would disturb the joyful visual, this app does not have that much. Since this application is free, there will be ads but it will not ruin the excitement.

Download : ANDROID

16. Waterfall Live Wallpaper

Waterfall Live Wallpaper screen saver app

The beautiful scene of a waterfall would be a great graphic for your home screen. It gives you a breathtaking atmosphere on your phone.

So, install this live wallpaper app and pick the images you love as the screen saver.

Besides the waterfall, there are some other graphics to choose such as the Parallax effect, Water Drop, Filters, Slideshow, Foggy Glass, and Flying Particles.

Download : ANDROID

17. HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)

HD Wallpapers Backgrounds

More than ten thousand free HD wallpapers are ready for you to explore. Likewise, they come in many different categories.

Everyone will love all of them without a doubt. They are all worthy and of high quality. However, the images are not “live”.

Download : ANDROID

Obviously, all kinds of cool screen saver app are already mentioned in this article. It is now your time to decide what to pick as your personal favorite.

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