11 Best Fast Charging Apps for Android

These days, everybody needs to be always on the go. It is necessary to have all things that will aid daily activities to be ready at all times. Includes having the phone ever in full battery mode. Android users start using any fast charging app for Android for this.

Developers see the opportunity due to Android users’ need to have a faster phone charging process. Utilizing such an application, users can minimize the time required to perform phone charging. It is essential for a user who moves around often. They will not take a long time to charge phones.

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List of 11 Best Fast Charging Apps for Android

If an Android user checks the app marketplace, they will see many apps that aid fast phone charging. But do fast charging apps work? Well, not necessarily all of them do. Thus, the following list compiles some of the best apps worth checking:

1. Fast Charging Pro (Speed Up)

Fast Charging Pro

Nuotec Studio developed this best fast charging app for Android. The reason is many people want to charge their phones quicker. It helps a phone to charge quickly by eliminating disturbing functions. Certain phone activities can hinder the phone charging process.

As an example, this particular app deactivates apps that a user is not accessing at the moment. It also controls the screen brightness so that the power consumption will not be as high. Because of this, the phone does not need to lend energy to unnecessary functions.

The developer also equips this app with an intelligent control console. This console manages Wi-Fi pass, Bluetooth, and GPS on one’s phone. This function helps to reduce the rate of power consumption significantly. The power will fill the battery instead of being utilized to power those connections.

With this app, users can also monitor the charging process. It provides time estimation for the charging process down to the minutes. It also oversees the temperature of Android devices while charging. When a device gets overheated, it can damage the internal components. We recommend to install app to cool down phone.

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2. Fast Charging – Charge Battery Fast

In the list of best fast charging apps, users will find this app’s name. It remains a solid contender for Android charging booster app. The app helps to optimize the phone so that the charging process can happen without disturbance.

It stops applications that users are running in the background. Many Android users tend to leave apps open even if they are not in use. It is pretty common, actually, due to the easy mobile device interface. Unfortunately, these open apps will bog down the phone from running optimally.

This application highlights its simple user interface. To activate the function, users only need to press a button that will run various functions. Those functions include turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as cleaning the RAM disk. It can also show the battery charging status.

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3. Ultra-Fast Charger: Super Fast Charging 2021

Ultra-Fast Charger Super fast Charging 2021

Ultra-Fast Charger is another great fast charging app for Android to help users get their smartphone charged quickly. Like any other app listed here, it also aims to optimize the charging process by closing unnecessary apps. Thus, the incoming energy goes straight to the battery.

Once a user has connected a charger to their phone, this app will immediately run. It is going to force-close apps that run on the phone even if they are not in use. The effect is immediate that the battery will get charged at a quicker rate.

It is an app that also enables battery monitoring. The developer provides the app with basic data about the phone’s battery. The data includes the technology of the battery, its current temperature, voltage, and diagnosis of its heath.

Users also receive information about RAM and the CPU in the device. Such information is necessary for people who use their phones often. Over time, a mobile device will have its function deteriorating. Constant monitoring can help a user decide whether they have treated their device properly.

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4. Fast Charging – Fast Charge

Fast Charging – Fast Charge

Vinhash created this quick charger app for Android to compete with similar apps in the market. It also works by closing background applications that users do not need. It has ease of usage with salient function buttons.

The application provides battery information for users. Battery information provided includes its tech, current health, temperature, voltage, and level. This information helps a user to take care of the device’s battery better. It also provides information if, in certain cases, the device encounters issues related to the battery.

Another feature that the app offers is alarm notification. Users can set up an alarm tone to indicate that the charging process has finished. This function helps to prevent the phone from overcharging. A phone that is continuously being overcharged may face significant internal damage.

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5. Fast Charging Booster: Fast Battery Charging Master

Fast Charging Booster Fast Battery Charging master

Another fast charging app for Android that users recommend is this one. It helps to boost the charging process so that users do not have to wait around for hours. The app closes apps that the users do not require to make the power directly fill the device’s battery.

The optimization happens by cleaning up the RAM disk. In a mobile device, RAM takes up the majority of energy spending. To clean the RAM, the device must deactivate several apps that consume its space. The application also includes internet connection, both Wi-Fi and mobile data.

This app runs immediately when a user connects their phone to a power source. Therefore, the user does not need to scroll down and open the app. The phone does not demand plenty of time to charge. Thus, it can maintain battery health.

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6. Super Fast Charging – Charge Master 2020

Super Fast Charging Charge Master 2020

The free fast charging app for Android is another solid example of a quick charging support app. It optimizes the charging process by 50%, which is quite a significant improvement. The application resolves various issues that a phone may experience while charging.

This speed charging app immediately runs when a user plugs the device into a power source using a connector. Users have the option whether to activate the program or not. If users opt to start the application, it will close the unnecessary apps that eat up the device’s power.

Users often do not realize that screen brightness, internet connection, and auto-synchronization consume powers. Other apps that can consume power might be apps that a user frequently uses on their device. Users are likely to forget to close them.

The developer also packs this app with various charming features. It can provide a reminder to the user if the charging process is complete. Additionally, users can also check the battery’s health on this app. The application accommodates 20 different languages for users worldwide.

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7. Battery Turbo | Charge Optimizer

Battery Turbo Charge Optimizer

MobileStudios produced this fast charging app for Android for users who want to cut down charging time. However, it is not as rigid as other apps in terms of functionality. Users can still have the freedom to choose the charging modes.

The application offers three distinctive modes of charging. The first one is the slow mode, which suits users who will still use running apps often. This mode will only manage the phone settings, particularly connections, and not the other apps. It will not improve phone charging as quickly, though.

The second mode is fast, which provides a faster charging experience. Lastly, the app also offers extreme mode. It optimizes charging very significantly. Unlike fast mode, it also tampers with the phone settings other than the recent apps. The result is significantly quicker charging.

It can reset the settings to normal with few clicks if the user wishes. Also, users can set up an alarm to notify them when the charging process has finished. It will reduce the burden on the battery’s phone. Due to that, the battery can be longer-lasting.

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8. Charge Battery Fast – Fast Charging

Charge Battery Fast – Fast charging

For people who need to be mobile at all times, having a reduced phone charging time is important. This app is a great speed charge app for Android to use because it optimizes charging by 99.99%. Users can have a full phone battery two times quicker with the app.

Users can make this app active simply by plugging the device into a closer power source. The app will immediately provide optimization options with only one click on the app. There will be a lock screen that displays the charging status.

This application optimizes charging by cleaning RAM disks. The disk may be burdened with background apps and services. It stops Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, automated synchronization and also reduces screen brightness to its lowest level. Auto-rotating screen halts as well when this application is active.

Users get to use its smart charging mode as well. To access this mode, users can head to its setting menu. This mode enables device users to customize the optimization process. Because of this, it does not disrupt their tasks. It is indeed a convenient app.

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9. Fast Charging

Fast Charging

The ease of use of this super fast charging app for Android can compete with others. It has an auto-launch feature that activates the application anytime the device connects to power. Moreover, this application receives constant feature updates from its developer. Users can enjoy new charging features to optimize the current one.

It supports connection cuts by closing inter-device and internet connection. This happens while the user plugs the device into a power source. It also reduces apps that users do not access for a while but still consumes RAM space. Users need less than 20 minutes to have a full battery from 10%.

The interface has a neon green color and few buttons. Users will have an easy time when trying to navigate this application due to its straightforwardness. Moreover, it also informs the information about the battery’s condition. It enhances battery maintenance.

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10. Green Battery – Power Saver Free, CPU better

Green Battery Power Saver Free CPU better

This app does not only work as a battery fast charging app for Android. It also aids users in saving their precious device power, especially during a critical time. The developer incorporated so many different features within the application. This helps to maximize its functions.

It has several modes that will boost the charging process. There is an advanced setting that will force all applications to stop and block them from restarting. The app also offers a customized mode. Users can choose which apps to close and which should remain open.

The application can also work as a memory cleaner to enhance its power-saving function. Some files and junks may take up space and the device’s energy. With this application, users can clean up those items to make the battery last longer.

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11. Fast Charging 2021 – (Fast Charger)

Fast Charging 2021

Its developer, FreeSmartApps, intends for this application to be a universal fast charging app for Android. It is rather evident in the way that the interface looks. Moreover, this application supports 60 different languages, which means a larger target audience.

It helps to make charging faster by reducing apps usage, especially in the background. The application shows data about the battery stats. Users can also arrange a notification ringtone to inform when the battery is full so that overcharging will not happen.

This one is friendly to users across ages. Even older people who do not operate mobile devices often will find that this application is easy to utilize. It does not have a complicated interface, and users can find labels for all the buttons.

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Android users who are always on-the-go can benefit from having a super fast charging app for Android. As seen, it helps optimize the charging process by removing functions that users do not need. It can speed up the charging process up to twice faster. It eliminates the time required for waiting.

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