11 Best Cool Down Apps for Android

To deal with overheating problems that your phone might have, a cool down app would come in handy.

It would be quite annoying for both the device and yourself while getting heated. Therefore, you can search for the application to help you in decreasing the heat.

If you can find the right app, you might be able to get the phone back to its normal temperature. Likewise, there are so many applications that claimed to be able to handle this issue.

List of 11 Best Apps to Cool Down Phone for Android

Well, we have already gathered the best cool down apps in the market without searching again from other sources.

1. CPU Cooler – Cooling Master, Phone Cleaner Booster

CPU Cooler Cooling Master

This popular application will cool down a phone and reduce its CPU usage. Then, it works by closing the running programs in the device that causes the rise of heat.

Further, if you want to close any program, just select the application.

What is the function of this CPU to cool down phone? It would show you the real-time temperature of your phone.

Also, it can function as a phone cleaner that would clean unimportant files in your phone. Then, use the Speed Booster tool to speed up the process inside the device.

This user-friendly mobile cooler app would cool down the phone within a couple of minutes. Additionally, its lightweight feature makes this app so special.

Besides, CPU Cool can work as an app manager that would back up and uninstall any program you want.

2. Phone Cool Down – Cooling Master & CPU Cooler

Phone Cool Down Cooling Master CPU Cooler

Phone Cool Down app is a CPU temperature monitor, processor cooler & booster, and battery percentage program.

Thus, it would help the users to control the operations of the application that causes overheating.

Main Features:

  • One Tap Cooling Down
  • Battery Saver
  • Ram Usage & Running Processes

Start cooling down your phone with a single tap. It will work immediately and let you avoid the overheating issue of your battery.

Thereupon, the Ultra-Fast and extreme power saver feature would be so useful to save battery life.

Besides, this app functions as a memory cleaner and booster. It can clean the junk file that causes the slower process that goes in your phone.

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3. CPU Cooler – Cleaner – Booster – Fast Charging

CPU Cooler Cleaner Booster Fast Charging

This free app can cool down and android CPU of your phone quickly. Also, it allows you to remove junk files and make the charge time faster.

If your phone is running slow, install this CPU cooler app and improve its performance and speed.

Moreover, there are some highlight features that you should look up to. Clean and optimize the storage space in your device with this program. Hence, it can make phones work faster than ever.

Extend the battery life within a few taps. Check a lot of information about the device, battery, and CPU. If you like to play big mobile games, use the game booster feature in the app.

In addition, fast charging becomes its pleasing feature. Thereupon, the app is able to shorten the charging process and optimize its efficiency.

4. Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master

Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master

This phone cooler app will control the heat of your device and detect the other applications that cause it.

Likewise, the app would eventually get the phone back to its normal temperature. Besides, it also supports battery-saving coolers.

The interface has a beautiful design that comes with useful features to assist you with a lot of things. Do not worry about the phone being overheated. This Phone Cooler would deal with that issue.

Besides, there is tracking and monitoring equipment that displays important information about your phone. It helps you to know whether the temperature is good or not.

Additionally, this app will detect the overheating apps and close them to control and cool down the heat.

5. Fast CPU Cooler: Cooling Master, Cool Max, Booster

Fast CPU Cooler Cooling Master Cool Max Booster

Many applications out there may use the CPU of your phone for a long time in the background. Thus, that would cause the device to produce a lot of heat.

Then, it would increase the temperature. That definitely affects the condition of the phone and the software’s process.

This smart cool down app offers an optimized setting you can apply to help to deal with the overheating issues.

Besides, it can clean cache memory and free up RAM usage that causes a slower process of the phone.

Furthermore, one of the features worth mentioning is Overheating prevention. You can avoid the phone increasing the heat by closing the related apps.

Fast CPU Cooler-Clean Booster
Fast CPU Cooler-Clean Booster

6. Cooling Master – Phone Cooler Free, CPU better

This professional cool down app can control the phone’s CPU Usage. Also, it is totally free to download.

Moreover, this app will help to detect and closing the heavy resource-consuming application.

Cooling Master would reduce the usage and lower the temperature of the phone quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, the displayed information is in real-time. So, you will know the exact data that represents the condition of the CPU or device.

In addition, it only needs one tap to cool down the phone and take the heat away. Also, you can prevent overheating issues that could come again.

Cooling Master - Phone Cooler
Cooling Master - Phone Cooler

7. Cooling Master – Phone Cooler (Fast CPU Cooler)

Cooling Master Phone Cooler Fast CPU Cooler

This smart cool down app can restart some running programs. It will get the CPU usage reduced and cooled down.

Further, this program will enhance phone performance. Make it work in its finest condition.

The dynamic overheating app controller and detection will work effectively. There is an Ignore List feature.

Hence, it allows you to exclude some apps including this cooling master program to prevent them from the cooler process.

Besides, you can try the power saver mode, battery cooler, and smart charge feature. See what is a great thing that this app can give to your phone.

Cooling Master - Phone Cooler
Cooling Master - Phone Cooler

8. Phone Cooler- Battery Cooler – Phone Cooler Master

Phone Cooler Battery Cooler Phone Cooler Master

Cool down the phone with a single tap. Enjoy the real-time monitoring of the phone’s temperature. It displays the live graphs that show the RAM usage and other information.

Also, the app will help to boost the RAM quickly. This phone cooler would automatically detect overheating applications with its special algorithm.

Further, it would help you in finding the most RAM-consuming apps and close them.

9. Free Cool Down Phone Temperature ( CPU Cooler Pro)

Free Cool Down Phone Temperature CPU Cooler Pro

Besides being a phone cooler, this app is also a booster for the device and its memory. It is claimed to be the best phone speed booster in the market.

Therefore, it cleans up the memory and gives a great optimization for speed.

Likewise, this app will be removing all the redundant background tasks that your phone does not need. The CPU Cooler Pro can stop stealthy running apps to speed up the device effectively.

Additionally, this cool down application is small but powerful enough to clean and save more space for other important stuff.

To save battery use, the application will stop the draining process automatically. It would save the life and power for a long time.

Phone Cooler
Phone Cooler
Developer: Mobile Tools LTD
Price: Free

10. Cooling Master – Phone Cooler – Heat Minimizer

Cooling Master Phone Cooler Heat Minimizer

You can monitor and control the overheating condition by using this great app. Besides, it reduces the usage of CP and lowers the phone’s temperature.

Interestingly, Cooling Master is easy to use. You do not need to deal with settings. It works in one touch to cool down the phone’s heat.

Also, it comes with an ignoring list and a Combo list feature. The temperature control is at an advanced level.

Check out the User Interface. The material and design look so beautiful. You can even control the brightness and set it to automatic mode.

In addition, try the Turbo Charging Function. It would charge the phone’s battery fast.

CPU Master - Phone Statistic
CPU Master - Phone Statistic

11. Cool Down Phone Temperature ❄ Battery Cooler

Cool Down Phone Temperature

A smart app to cool down the CPU of mobile phones quickly. Also, this program helps in system optimization. It has an efficient mechanism that would scan the whole CPU.

Eventually, it will find out the causes of overheating.

After that, the system will start dealing with causes automatically. Then, the phone will get rid of the overheating problem.

Meanwhile, this app work in an instant. It detects the running apps quickly and cleans the unnecessary items.

Moreover, it is not only cooling down the phone but also getting back a lot of space inside.

What people love about this app is the ability to cool down the phone and boost or clean the memory. There is a warning every time it is in its overheating state. Thus, users will know what to do next.

Final Words

For those who have been using their phones for a quite long time, some overheating issues might be happening.

Well, you will need to install a cool down app to deal with the problems and prevent them from coming again.

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