25 Games Like Spore: Best Alternative You Must Play 2024

Do you like playing the game? What kind of game do you like to play? If you like to spend your free time or release your stress by playing the game, you might have known lots of games. As we also already know that game developer work hard to create such creative and amazing games.

One of the most popular genres of games that many gamers play is God-like games. The one that allows players to create creatures, things, and even the entire universe. This kind of game needs such high creativity to play because players should decide their strategies to create the whole world in the game.

One of the most famous God-like games is Spore. It can be said that Spore is the first game to bring out this unique genre. No wonder that this game is such a legend of this genre.

Many gamers are trying to play and create their creatures and universe, but sadly, the game developers of this game do not continue developing Spore. That is why some similar games bring out the same genre as this game. These games also put the same genre, simulator, interactions, similar characters, and difficulties.

The God-like characters in the game force the players to create the small details of the game. That is why if the players do not put their best strategies and decisions, the game might seem difficult to level up. Besides, there are many challenges that players need to surmount if they want to reach the next stage of the game.

This kind of game needs well-prepared decisions and strategic thinking that will help players to accomplish the tasks and objectives to be able to create more advanced characters and universes.

If you are fond of Spore and these kinds of genre games, keep reading this article because you will find out some similar games like Spore. These games below are capable for various platforms such as Xbox One, iPhone, Mac, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, and also online. These games below are some alternatives when you cannot continue playing Spore.

What is Spore Game?

First of all, before finding out 25 awesome alternatives games like Spore, let’s talk about the game, Spore.

Spore is a life simulation God game that was released firstly in 2008 developed by Maxis. This game includes multiple genres such as action, role-playing game, and real-time strategy. Spore allows the players to create their characters starting from the very beginning as microscopic organisms.

The players should take care of that microscopic organism and feed it to make it grow bigger and stronger. As the game goes by, the character will develop into a species and every time they are succussed accomplishing the mission, they will get a new item to develop their avatars.

Throughout each stage, the players are allowed to create their species and set it up as they like. Players can customize the creatures, their skill, their abilities, and even their species. Besides, players also create their vehicles and building later on in the further stage.

The limitless control of this game will not make players feel bored, even for playing this game for hours. Players are also able to make a friend with other species or fight with them to make their creatures stronger.

25 Best Games Like Spore That Are Worth Your Time 2024

The new release of this game was such a fresh air for gamers because it was a brand-new genre. That is why this game becomes such an inspiration for other game developers to create similar games. Here you will find another 25 amazing alternatives games for Spore.

1.      Flow (2006)


The Flow game is published by a German company, Headup Games, and developed by Omni Systems Limited. Flow game is a real-time strategy game that brings out about Dyson Tree Hypothesis concept.

It narrates that it is possible to grow trees on comets when it is in the right condition. The main tree will bring the birth of other trees all around the planet. The main tree will turn into a seedling from its falling leaves and branches later on.

Those branches and leaves from the main tree can help players to overtake the enemy’s asteroids if you can burrow their roots in their enemy’s core. Sadly, the game still has no multiplayer mode to play with friends so that players find it difficult to pair for three battles with other players.

2.      Plague Inc. (2012)


Plague Inc is such an amazing game that allows players to create a pandemic all over the world. At the beginning of the game, the player will choose a harmless pathogen from some other several various pathogens. Later on, the pathogen will turn into a lethal killer that will spread around the world and infected million of the human race.

The player can choose the location where the first victim is infected and they will be on a timed race because someone is trying to find the cure. The plague needs to be speeded spread all around the world and infected as many victims as possible before the vaccine is found by scientists.

To make sure that the virus spreading all around the world, the first location is an important place. Players need to study the weather, the genetics of their people, and their mobility to make sure that they will spread the virus fast. Players are also able to keep generating the plague so that will be difficult for scientists to find the vaccines.

The most interesting part is, the player also can turn the infected victim into a zombie and create a chaotic world from a harmless pathogen. Players will create such a chaotic world as the beginning of mass obliteration.

3.      Endless Space 2 (2017)


Endless Space 2 has some similarities with Spore in many ways, but still, this game has its uniqueness. This game has lots of improvements compared with its predecessor and this series was developed in 2017 by Amplitude Studios. The game begins with some choices of 5 different planets with different habitats, races, and weather.

Players need to boost the race’s technological power to reach the last civilization stage and dominate other planets. Furthermore, players also can interact and approach the other planets. This game provides the players with single-player mode if they want to play alone and multiplayer mode if they want to play it together with their friends.

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4.      Osmos (2009)


Osmos is released in 2009 by Hemisphere Games that can be accessed by Android, Linux, Windows PC, Mac OS iOS, and online platforms. At the beginning of this game, players will have one small planet that looks like a bubble. Players need to control their planet through an endless stretch of scape and absorb the other smaller planets.

When the smaller planets hit their bubble, the smaller planet will be absorbed by their planet and it will grow bigger. Players need to be careful with the bigger planets because they can absorb their planet/bubble. Carefulness is the key to this game so that players can dominate the space.

5.      Darkspore (2011)


Just like the similar name of Darkpspore with Spore, this game also has some similarities in character designs and mechanics. The Darkspore game is developed by Maxim in 2011. This game provides players with numerous objectives and fast-paced actions.

The players have to join a team to be able to work together and achieve the objectives. But if they want to play alone in the battle arena, they can choose PVP mode.

6.      E.V.O.: Search for Eden (1993)

E.V.O.: Search for Eden is an old school game yet an ambitious game for the real gamer of its time. This game was released in 1993 by Almanic when the gaming world was ruled by the SNES system. This game is rare to find and access on the Super Nintendo nowadays, but it doesn’t mean impossible to find it.

This game allows players to create their avatar and set it up with different attributes. The players need to earn some points to develop and complete their avatar’s evolution. EVO is a 2D game and there is still no further information about other capable platforms for this game.

7.      Thrive (2016)

Thrive 2016

Thrive, which is released in 2016 by Revolutionary Game Studios, might be the most similar gameplay as Spore. This game provides players with a similar motive as Spore which begins with a single organism. The players should develop that single organism to be able to grow to create stronger and more advanced species.

There are six evolution game stages and set up the creation to develop then dominate the world. Players do not need to pay for playing this game because they just can download the code from the official website.

8.      Katamari Damacy (2004)

Katamari Damacy 2004

Katamari Damacy was one of the candidates for the game development competition which is held by Namco. This game had caught the judges’ attention and was successfully released in 2004 and can be played on Playstation 2. Then in 2018, it was developed more and is capable for Nintendo Switch.

This game brings a story about a prince who needs to accomplish some tasks given by his king, The King of All Cosmos. During the mission, the prince will face many obstacles and challenges of various objects. If the objects are smaller, those will stick on his body then enlarge him. But, if the objects are bigger, those will cause him harm.

The unique idea of this game has driven judges’ attention and many players on playing this game. This game is similar to Spore yet it still feels different as well.

9.      No Man’s Sky

No Mans Sky

The concept of No Man’s Sky is similar to Spore but it is more similar to Osmos which also brings about a planetarium setting. No Man’s Sky will bring players traveling in an immense universe full of billions of planets and galaxies. Those planets and galaxies are waiting to be explored.

While exploring the planets and galaxies, players might meet new aliens and discover some innovative planets. Those planets might look alike at each other, but when you look closer, you will find some differences.

The planets revolve around a caretaker, just like the sun in our galaxy, which is known as Atlas. Scientifically, there are more than a trillion planets in No Man’s Sky even though there are some of them that look alike to each other.

10.  Endless Space

Endless Space

Similar to No Man’s Sky. Endless Space also brings about a Space theme. Endless game is a sci-fiction game that provides high gaming graphics. Most of the players of this game are gamers who are in love with everything about space or usually called science geeks.

The game begins in the year 3000 when everything seems more advance, especially the technology. There are nine civilizations that players can choose and their job is to emanate from one of those civilizations chosen.

This game also allows players to choose their empire and they need to solve political issues to bring back peace to the entire empire. The goal to bring back the peace will be done by players’ heroes. But they need to be trained first in a place called Academy to get everything well-prepared.

At first, the developers released the version of this game for the Windows platform in 2012., but later on, they developed it for other platforms. They keep upgrading the game so that players can get new experiences on playing this game.

11.  Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution (2018)

Species Artificial Life Real Evolution

Another game that brings out about evolution game is Species. Similar to Spore, in Species, this game allows players to create their creatures, observe and destroy the one they want to destroy. Players will witness evolutionary stages from this game and they also could decide how this game end because this is an open-ended game.

The interesting part is that players can pry their creature, combine, and match it from different strains and genes to create unique monstrous creatures. This creature will fight and dominate the world by creating mayhem. The fun process in creating, designing, and developing the creature needs high creativity and high-critical thinking from players.

Once players reach the advanced stage, they can create such a lizard creature, dinosaur, or even a dragon with the special abilities that they want. Besides, players also can create their creatures into a pack so that they can send those creatures all around the world to create a mess.

The global destruction is on the player’s hands and makes sure to keep upgrading the creature so that they can reach their goals to destroy the world. this game can be access on Steam online. Enjoy this game and experience how fun it is to create such a unique creature.

12.  Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire

This science-fiction game is based on revenge when the empires committed sins against you, as a player. The empires are creating troubles by doing rebel against you and will conquer all of them to get back your authority. Sins of a Solar Empires will focus on how you create great strategies.

Players need to gather up their military forces, have interactions with the universe and lead their people to conquer those rebels. Players need to prepare for the battle well because they might be fighting for hours with the empires across the galaxy. They need such extreme power, wealth, and territory before starting the battle.

It is not easy work to do because players might no see any intention for the battle to end, once they start it. There are many empires across the galaxy that need to be conquered, that is why magnificent strategy is highly needed to reach their goals.

13.  Niche (2017)


Niche is published by an indie company that is accessible for various platforms just like Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows PC; Stray Fawn Studio. This game is developed in 2017. The majority of this game is focused on genetics and traits.

The main goal of the Niche game is to maintain, take care and breed some special traits and characters that will long last up to various generations. When players succussed creating a healthy set of genes, there will be natural selection which will remove the bad genes from the combination.

This game will remind you of Spore because you need to create a creature from a different combination of similar traits such as goats, dogs, cats, and deer. The combination of those genes will create a new creature that has similar traits to its genes.

You might also encounter and make a friend with other creatures and breed in to get a perfect combination for your genes. The fun process of this game is addictive that you can play this game for hours.

14.  Kerbal Space Program

kerbal space program

Are you a space geek? Are you in love with everything about our space? If you are, Kerbal Space Program is created just for you. This game will bring you to explore the entire space universe with the help of a guide or helper that you can find and choose from the game.

That helper is usually known as Kerbals and they will guide you to create numerous materials such as rockets, space planes, and everything you need to be able to explore space. You will find some similarities with Spore while playing this game because Kerbal Space Program also allows you to create and design your spaceship and rockets as you want.

Creating your planes will give you many opportunities for amazing exploration in space. The main goal of this game is creating and building spaceships that later can bring you out of the earth’s gravitational force. You can be as creative as possible to create irrational ideas in creating new spaceships that the world never has seen before.

Once you leave the earth. There are more things you can do such as heading to a distant planet, landing on the surface of the moon, explore a mysterious planet, leave your spaceship and also get back to the earth. Make sure that you can land your spaceship without harming the pilot.

Even though Kerbal Space Program does not present you with the same level of evolution game like in Spore, but this game allows you to create something the best you can do. This game will be very interesting for everyone, especially for space geeks. Kerbal Space Program is available on Stream.

15.  Gridworld


Have you ever thought of playing a weird game yet still fun? If you like to play unusual games, Grindworld will be the best game for you. This game brings such a unique theme that you can clone creatures from other creature DNAs.

Gridworld begins with the most basic rate of life proceeding and you will find some ways to make sure that it will go smoothly. The game will get more complex as you need to evolve that creature. Later, you need to create a more complicated creature by cloning it with other creatures.

You need to remember that every creature in this game has its own unique DNA. When you clone one with each other, the result might be a little different or will be very different. That is why you need to be careful in choosing the DNA so that your clone will be as good as your expectation.

When you succeed in combining the DNAs, the result might be very satisfying that you can create such an adorable creature. You might think that this game presents a weird art style, but still, this game has good graphics and nice gaming features that you might like.

16.  Birthdays the Beginning


Birthday the Beginning is another game that is similar to Spore as you can create the entire world with your hand. This game has such an adorable God sim game because they have adorable graphics and cute creatures you might create.

This game has a sandbox-style game and the main goal of this game is to make sure that all creatures live normally in good balance. You need to make sure that the world you create is suitable for all the creatures in it. How the creatures in your game survive is depend on how you set up the world.

All the things in that world are under your control. You can set up the land topography, the weather, and other creatures as you like but make sure they can live peacefully and survive for a long time. There is an underwater world in this game and you need to consider the land animals before you set up that world.

Another thing, you will also find a magical forest that is full of interesting things. The game does not stop there as you keep exploring the game because you will never know how the world you create will come to end. That is why you need to keep exploring to find the answer.

17.  Black White 2


Black White 2 provides you with God features genre which is one of the best game simulations in its class. Here, in this game, you will be able to control everything because you will play as a God. As a God, you may choose to use your powerful power for good or bad.

The power that you want for so long might be used to create a peaceful world or to destroy it. Your role in this game is to control many things in the gameplay to reach your goal. Because you have options to be a busy God that protects everything in the world game or destroy it, each player may have a different goal with other players.

18.  StarMade


StarMade is another game appropriate for space geeks or starts geeks who are in love with constellations and stars in space. This game is using sandbox technology that will allow players for having fun in the wonderful world in the gameplay.

The setting of this game which is in the space will give lots of fun experiences. You may create and craft your shield, spaceships, and other stuff to achieve the goal of your star. You can also develop your skills that will be very useful in a real-life scenario.

Players also can collect various elements and minerals in the game that can help them to build different kinds of stuff to support their missions. They can customize their stuff as creatively as possible as they rule the stellar world. thy will have interactions and many other things that will make the game more fun.

19.  Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures

The impossible creature will bring you to explore the world fulfilled with many different dangerous creatures. You are allowed to create various and unique creatures, then use them to defeat and fight the enemy. You can create both animal or plants creatures, and it is also possible to modify both of their genes to accomplish your missions.

The most exciting part of this game that is different from other games is that your creatures can rebel against you. The developers of this game already make sure that your creatures will turn back to attack you. Whether you want it or not, you need to fight with creatures that are made by your own hands.

The epic revenge will lead you to do war and fight with creatures you raised and created on your own. That is why many gamers cannot leave their console games off because of this excitement.

20.  Creatures: The Albian Years


Are you a fan of science fiction games? If the answer is yes, you might be already familiar with the Spore game. One of the games that are similar and bring a similar atmosphere as Spore is Creature: The Albian Years. This game brings us to an exploration in the world where you can create creatures as you like and teach them to survive there.

This game provides you with an astounding world, good graphics, and beautiful creatures. Your capability of ruling this world is very needed to create the world you wish to be. It is completed with loads of features that need your high-critical thinking and creativity to make. You will see a beautiful fantasy world where you will find out lovable creatures.

This game might seem like Spore but The Albian Years has more fascinating features in the game. The appealing graphic will just make it more exciting and interesting.

21.  The Mims Beginning


If you like to play God sims games, The Mims Beginning will be not disappointing you. This game allows you to control a fantasy world where you will find people called Mims. The Mims will be your people who need your command and protection even for basic things.

In this game, you will be the ruler because you can control the people, help them doing their stuff, crafting buildings, food provision, and animal breeding to make sure that they can survive. Your main task is to keep them safe and have sufficient food. Besides, you need to keep them safe from monsters that sometimes will attack your people or some disasters that will harm them.

Battling with monsters to make your people safe is one of the most fascinating features of this game. You need to prepare your best strategies to beat the monsters so that you can continue protecting your people. You also need to remember that the Mims is not so smart so that you will be busy controlling them, even for doing the basic things.

22.  Cosmogonia


Universe exploration and colonization are the focus of Cosmoginia game, just like Spore. Players should carry out a heated battle to defeat the enemy to take over the entire universe. The more you colonize planets, the closer your goals are.

This game is a combination of 2D and 3D objects that will provide you with some abilities in planning strategies to win the battle. Besides, you will also have some powerful skills to face various challenges that will prevent your struggles to control the whole creature in the universe of Cosmogonia.

23.  Evolva

Evolva game

Evolva game provides you to go on various hunting stages and you need to do a hard fight to defeat the hunters in the game. The hunters have been modifying the genes that make them more powerful. The urge to remain alive and the alternation in genes are the main topics of this game.

This game also provides general players and science fiction lovers with some new theories and facts about mutation, evolution, and alterations. It is such a great game that players can also learn some scientific theories and facts through this game. Besides, this game also will lead them to be creative and create their high critical thinking to survive.

24.  SimLife


The world has been created in balance and everything is in its place. What do you think will happen if you mess that balance world? You will find the answer and discover lots of interesting things if you make a mess of the balance world in the game Simlife.

This game brings some scientific facts as interesting features in this game. For instance, the fact that all plants and animals have unique genes that will create the physical appearance and how they develop. This game allows you to modify any living things in their different yet unique genes.

You will be like a scientist who can modify and alter genes from one individual or more to create new species. Later on, your creation can take over control all around the world. the exciting feeling of the ability to create something leads many gamers to glue their hands on the console game to play SimLife.

25.  Eufloria

Eufloria game

Eufloria game allows players to sow some seeds and take care of them to make them grow bigger and stronger. The game presents an artistic level and it has many beautiful sceneries. It needs different strategies to make it easier to explore the fantasy world.

There will be 21 levels of this game and on a specific level, the seeds you grow will surpass your control. You will find plenty of features in this game that makes you relaxed while playing. However, at some point, this game will be very challenging but it just makes this game more interesting.

FAQs Games Like Spore

Is Spore free to play?

The game is not for free and there is no free trial as well. However, you still can play Spore freely by downloading Spore Free Installer. This installer will help you to be able to play Spore freely.

The installer is also easy to download and once you run it on your device, you can enjoy the game you want to play. Then, you can be creative to create creatures you want to make to conquer the world.

Is Spore still playable?

Many science fiction game lovers are questioning if Spore is still available this year. Many agree that Spore is one of the legends that bring this game genre. Even though the developers of this game did not continue to develop this game, but this game is still accessible.

Some gamers may have problems running this game on their devices and think that Spore is not playable. But some other players stated that they are still able to play Spore until now. So, there must be some problems for those who cannot play this game.

What is Spore compatible with?

If you want to play Spore, make sure that your device at least completes these requirements. You need a CPU that is better than a 2.0 GHz processor, RAM for more than 512MB for XP, and 768MB for Vista. Besides, the GPU of your device is at least better than A 128MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 and free disk space up to 6GB.

Those are the least requirements for your device if you want to play Spore smoothly. If your device is less than those requirements, some problems such as lags may happen during the game. That is of course not a good condition for playing this game.

Can I play Spore offline?

Another most frequently asked question is that can Spore be played offline. If you still keep the dial-up when you log into the game, you may connect to the main servers and download all the stuff you need from the game while you do something else.

The game will turn into a boring game quickly if you do not connect to the internet at all. However, if you already downloaded creatures and all the stuff you need, you may not connect it to the internet and you are still able to play it.

Can I play Spore with friends?

The origin of Spore game is only capable of single-player mode so that players cannot play with their friends. But you still want to use multiplayer mode from this game, you may try the one that has been modified.

The Spore game mode allows you to play with other players. However, the game mode of Spore cannot be applied on the stream version because it needs the origin Spore to play there.

Are there any games like Spore for PS4?

When you want to play Spore on your PS4, but you could not, you can play alternative games that are similar to Spore. For instance, Thrive, Katamari Damacy, No Man’s Sky are some of the best alternative games for Spore.

Final Thoughts

Spore is a legend game that brings up God sims game which stays in many gamers’ hearts. But because of some requirements of this game, sometimes it is hard to access this game. That is why lots of games are trying to find some alternative games that are similar to Spore.

Some of the best alternative games like Spore are listed above. Some of the games on the list are very similar to Spore while others are quite different yet bring out the same genre as Spore.

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