10 Best Total War Games: The Most Popular Titles

Creative Assembly launched the first Total War games entitled Total War: Shotgun in June 2000. This game reached its success by hitting over 20 million copies sold. Since then, the developer has launched up to 10 series of this game. Gamers love it because they need to use tactical controls and make the correct decision to win any battle.

The features in this war game are very diverse, so this game is one of the best-selling strategy games on the market. In addition to adrenaline, we are also trained to make strategies to defend and fight.

It is very difficult to decide which game we should play. Because almost all of these war games are very unique and fun to play.

This time there are several choices of war games that can be one of your recommendations. Choose one of these game wars to get your adrenaline pumping.

10 Best Total War Games Ranked: The Most Popular Titles

Playing war games is one of the right choices, especially to pass the time during a pandemic. Here, we have the list of the 10 best Total War games you have to try.

1. Total War: Shogun 2

Total War Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun is still popular even after 19 years and becoming one of the top Total War games. Gamers seem don’t care about the slow speed and glitches in this game. That’s why Creative Assembly developed the sequel entitled Total War: Shogun 2 in 2011.

Gamers get surprised while playing this series due to the significant improvement of its technology, including the use of Artificial Intelligence, melee, cavalry warfare, and better graphics. The developer even adds great elements, such as politics and alliances that make this game more interesting to play.

At the same time, you can control a whole strategic campaign and take charge of real-time epic battles. This game has amazing detail, such as a throne room for diplomatic affairs, a hand-drawn map, miniature figurines, and traditional music.

It seems that you join the fight of the armies, along with a mythic Japanese topography and a lot of arrows. Most gaming experts and lovers state that Total War: Shogun is one of the most successful Total War games.

2. Total War: Medieval 2

Total War Medieval 2

The same case happens in Total War: Medieval. Creative Assembly launched the second series entitled Total War: Medieval 2 which is far better than the previous version. Gamers are amazed by the hunting battles, fascinating gameplay, and strategies.

Imagine that you don’t know what is going to happen in the next phase. You seem to enter a new world with a great storyline and graphics. Your job is becoming a ruler by capturing the known land and occupying the cities and castles.

The more castles you can occupy, the bigger the military units you have. The more cities you occupy, the more revenue you earn. The developer uses the same graphics as the Shogun version. That’s why these Medieval Total War games also have impressive graphics.

The melee combat is another great thing about this game that makes gamers don’t want to push their hands off. Plus, you will feel you are playing a game with modern gameplay. Gamers may be a bit confused with the daunting battles, they still enjoy playing it.

3. Total War: Napoleon

total war napoleon

Total War: Napoleon is one of the perfect Total War game for gamers that love to play with only one general. The large and bloody battles are satisfying enough. It is also a typical game for history lovers, especially the history of the Napoleonic Wars.

You are about controlling your troops to fight against European armies to survive and freedom. This game gives a new perspective in which you can’t only be Napoleon Bonaparte but also his enemies. Then, start to lead the line ground warfare and naval battles with unlimited gunpowder.

The level of this game is advanced, so you may try to play other series first before playing the Napoleon version. It seems that you learn about Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion while playing this game. The drawback is that you can’t do so many things with the Napoleonic Warfare.

4. Total War: Rome II

Total War Rome 2

The Creative Assembly seems to face a problem while launching Total War: Rome II in 2013. This game has a variety of technical issues, although the developer can solve them well. The best part is that the developer uses a new and powerful Artificial Intelligence.

Like other series, you can also play the new game Emperor Edition of Rome II. In Rome II, you are about to hunt and get involved in frightening battles with satisfying visuals. This game is using a camera zoom that gives you a clear image of people’s faces when they get slaughtered.

You can fight in a variety of battles, including naval, land, river, sieges, and ambushes. Due to the issues that appear in this game, Total War: Rome II is considered one of the worst Total War game.

The reason why this game stays strong in the market is that the Creative Assembly keeps updating and launching the new Emperor Edition while repairing the bugs. Let say you may be unsatisfied with the older version of the map, yet you will be happy because you get the latest maps after the update.

5. Total War: Attila

Total War Attila

You may be a bit surprised with the changes in the basic rules of the Total War: Attila. The gaming feel and atmosphere are different compared to the Shogun and Rome. At least, Atilla seems a bit similar to the Rome 2 version, such as the map and battle gameplay.

Be aware if you see a burnt city. It means you have to be ready to face a bloody battle and bring your tribes nomadically to keep surviving. You can’t see your occupied cities when you love a battle in Attila. Indeed, you will also lose them.

It seems that the Creative Assembly wants to create something fresh by making a few changes in Attila. The design is one of the reasons not to hand off this game fast, especially at the strategic level. You will also get new features, factions, and fewer bugs. Some gamers assume that Attila is an extended version of Rome 2.

6. Total War: Thrones of Britannia 2018

Total War Thrones of Britannia 2018

The year on the title of the game is the same year where this series was launched. The developer was inspired by the 878 AD British Isles. It is another historical theme after Total War: Napoleon. The Thrones of Britannia 2018’s setting is in the Medieval era, after the death of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok.

The interesting part of this game is the feudal European kingdoms and coming out with a lot of lands. On the other hand, it is one of the series with low ambition and less scope. The graphics and battle gameplay are satisfying.

The gaming feels of Thrones of Britannia 2018 is different than other Total War games, although it uses the same units. This different gaming atmosphere makes some gamers a bit disappointed with this version.

7. Total War: Empire

Total War Empire

You may try to play the Empire version if you don’t like the Thrones of Britannia 2018. The gaming sensation of Total War: Empire is similar to the Atilla and Shogun version. The focus of this game is about how you can take over the cities and lands.

You will even become the ultimate king of the land. So, what you have to do is expand your territory, conquer towns, manage your army and resources as much as you can. The key to winning this game is the way you decide the best tactics and strategies during the battles.

You even have to think about diplomacy in this game. Gamers who have a well-managed plan can continue the game and be the strongest king. Total War: Empire is not one of the most popular Total War games in the market, yet you have to try it to feel the sensation.

8. Total War: Warhammer II

total war warhammer 2

How about if you are a newbie to the Total War game? Which one of the versions do you have to try first? Total War: Warhammer II can be a good version for those who play this game for the first time. It is one of the biggest games by Creative Assembly, along with well-managed battlegrounds and a complicated system.

Things that make Warhammer and Warhammer II different is that you get bigger maps in the second edition. It also serves better gameplay, graphics, and petrifying battles. You are about to explore mountains, beaches, and cliffs with a variety of geographical features. The animation is also good, although the sound quality may make you a bit disappointed.

9. Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms

You get an Asian atmosphere in this game in which Creative Assembly uses Chinese history as the background. Players can choose to play with a Romance or Record mode. You will also become one of the 12 legendary warlords to conquer the world.

This game serves you with amazing graphics and gameplay, along with more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. The developer even explains that Three Kingdoms apply new things that Total War lovers have never used before.

Besides facing epic battles, you also have to deal with social and political issues in this game. The map is also quite big enough. The bigger the map, the bigger the battles. Some gamers are a bit unsatisfied with more virtual and hollow characters.

10. Total War: Medieval

Total War Medieval

Gamers can’t find any great RTS games after Shogun. Then, Creative Assembly released Total War: Medieval in 2002 that became a new trend. This version even offered new innovative ideas that Shogun.

It is considered the most perfect design of the Total War game. The developer successfully blended religious factions, espionage elements, and other factors that made the game become an iconic game series.

Do you like to test your decision-making ability? If it is so, Medieval is a worth-it game to play. Indeed, it is one of the challenging and thrilling Total War games you have to try.


Which Total War Game should I start with?

Total War Game Warhammer II can be one of the series you can try as a beginner. This version gives you a clear overview of the entire game series, such as the battlegrounds, system, features, maps, and other features.

You can also feel the quality of the gameplay, graphics, and battles before moving to other versions. It seems that after playing Total War Game Warhammer II, you will get used to the atmosphere of this game.

This game is a good starting point to set the best strategies and tactics to conquer cities and lands. Imagine that you are about to play the biggest Total War by Creative Assembly. You can also try Medieval 2, Empire, and Shogun 2 for your first trial.

You will get the excitement of Total War games when you play these versions. The more excited you are, the more versions you want to play. At least, you will not stop after the first trial.

Is Three Kingdoms the best Total War?

It is hard to decide the best Total War games, but Three Kingdoms can be the best version. First, Creative Assembly includes an Asian atmosphere in this game that makes it different from other versions. Second, gamers can also feel a lot of innovations, along with more challenging diplomacy and espionage.

Third, it is hard to hand off this game due to the human drama in it. Plus, you still have to struggle to become the strongest king in a lot of terrifying wars. Fourth, you can also learn a bit about Chinese history after the Han Dynasty.

It leads you to know the 12 legendary Chinese warlords. Too bad, Creative Assembly has announced that they will stop the launch of this version.

Should I Play Total War?

You should play Total War if you are a fan of strategy games. Total War: Warhammer II is one of the recommended versions you can try as a beginner. It is a perfect version where you can learn everything before moving to other versions.

This game can be challenging for some gamers. But, the more challenging the games, the bigger your temptation to play and win the game, right? You have to learn the way to manage huge units on the epic battlefield.

Your decision shows what kind of leader or king you are. This game also forces you to manage cities and lands you have conquered while maintaining public order. Try to learn a bit about politics and society, such as the way to engage in diplomacy. The point is that Total War is not a simple game to play, but worth it for strategy games lovers.

Is Medieval 2 Still Worth Playing?

Medieval 2 is still worth playing if you are looking for a high-quality game in the Total War Series. You can play this game to feel the sensation of the earlier version of the Total War series. It can be the last because Creative Assembly started to improve some features in the next versions.

The reason why gamers are still looking for this version is because of the amazing scenes. You can relate between the modern Total War versions with Medieval 2. This version is one of the most unique Total War versions, especially in the detail and characters. The drawback of this game is on the diplomacy and agents elements, yet the developer pays it off in later versions.

What is the hardest Total War game?

Several Total War versions are hard to play. Beginner players will get confused with the game. Then, they may assume that Total War is not a good game to play. That’s why the hardest versions are perfect only for advanced gamers.

Crooked Moon in Total War: Warhammer I and II

You are about to face the Crooked Moon faction while playing Total War: Warhammer I and II. This faction seems unfriendly and it makes the game challenging. You also have to face economically low and weak units. It means that you think deeper about the best strategy and tactic to win the battles.

Total War: Attila

Total War: Atilla can be the most brutal faction. Imagine that you are about to play with a numerically weak Roman military. You will use it to face barbarian factions and enemies in Spain, Britain, and Italy. The economic condition in this game is also poor because of corruption and rebellions.

Like playing Total War: Warhammer I and II, you need to set the most effective planning while playing Total War: Atilla. Plus you have to play with a high level of perseverance and patience. The combination of them may lead you to be a winner in this game.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Try to play Total War: Three Kingdoms by being a bandit queen to know how hard the factions are. Imagine that you only have a few initial resources. Attacking the enemies seems useless. Plus, you still have to focus on not getting trapped in the mountains and rivers.

In this case, you need to avoid strong enemies while moving carefully to prevent traps. Indeed, you have to be smart in choosing strategies, tactics, and decisions.

The Aztec in Total War: Medieval II

In this game, you are surrounded by powerful neighbors. You have to defeat them, although it is hard to do. You still have to face Spanish conquistadors with few resources you have. Imagine that your unarmored warriors are fighting against enemies with gunpowder. It may be hard to win the game, yet using your tactical skills, you will have an opportunity to win it.

Final Thoughts

Total War game series is the most complete strategy game. It uses a variety of settings and timeframes. You may get confused with that, but you will get used to it the more you play the game. Creative Assembly also develops this game with a variety of difficulty levels.

Beginner players can choose to play the easiest version first before moving to the next level. The good thing is that you will get a strategy game with outstanding graphics, battlegrounds, concepts, and others. It makes gamers satisfied and curious with other versions. Gamers with high tactics and want to test decision-making skills should play Total War games.

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