17 Best Free Classified Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Technological developments have brought many conveniences, including in terms of buying and selling. Instead of having to bother renting a stall to market your goods, why not use a free classified app?

Just by installing the app, you can upload many products to sell online. Because many people now also prefer shopping via smartphones, the chance to get buyers is also very high.

It is not just for selling new stuff. Many people use this app to list and buy used items at good prices. Moreover, there are many other conveniences to get.

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List of 17 Best Free Classified Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Despite many applications circulating to support online sales, you still have to be selective. Several apps are not effective enough to use.

Some free classifieds on Google applications are less user-friendly and make many people have difficulty using them.

An unsystematic way will only stress you out instead of making a profit.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to how the application looks and how easy it is for users to find items.

It is critical because it determines how quickly other people can find your goods.

Therefore, do not get stuck with applications that are of less quality. Here are recommendations for the best classified ad software that can make it easier for you to sell and buy.

1.      KSL Classifieds

KSL Classifieds

It is one of the free classified ads in USA to trust. With ease of use, you can market your goods and promote them quickly.

Anyone can also get items to buy easily.

There are some menus to market the products, ranging from cars, houses, and even jobs. Just fill in the description column and photos in the application, and the product is already on the market.

For product and job seekers, you can also access everything quickly and practically. To make it easier, you can use the filter feature by location or category. Everything is free!

‎KSL Classifieds
‎KSL Classifieds

2.      NL Classifieds

NL Classifieds

Many free classified apps force users to perform a complex series of steps when uploading items for sale.

But this application will make your buying and selling moments more fun.

Many categories in it allow you to upload everything in the right place. It does not take a lot of time for posting because the system is easy and fast.

Buyers will also enjoy a variety of product displays as desired. The filter feature will remove unnecessary things.

Because of its convenience, compared to other free ad posting apps, NL Classifieds currently has more than hundreds of thousands of users every month. All you can get here.

NL Classifieds: Shop Local
NL Classifieds: Shop Local

3.      VarageSale


When making sales transactions, user identity is prominent to some people. For security and convenience, of course, you want to know who the seller or buyer is.

This free classified app will be the right choice for those who want to make sure everything is clear and safe.

You can have conversations via Facebook so that the identity of the other person is clear.

Another advantage of VarageSale is its user-friendly interface that you will not have any trouble using it. Selling, buying, and renting activities will be easier because everything is at hand.

‎VarageSale: Buy & Sell
‎VarageSale: Buy & Sell

4.      HotSale


Many free classified sites and apps have few categories and are too segmented. However, HotSale will not limit the search because there are many kinds of listings to satisfy users.

Sellers can post as many free classified ads as they want and have the opportunity to be seen by searchers, as long as it is legal.

Meanwhile, categorization also makes it easier for buyers to search for goods. Thus, they will not buy the wrong item.

Interestingly, this free classified application has many promotions to help you save your budget when making purchases. Everything you can get here.

5.      5miles – Buy and Sell Used Stuff Locally


This application has more than 10 million users, which means that you don’t need to doubt its quality. With you, you can find a variety of local products easily.

Categorization will help you filter products as you wish. Users can search for what to rent, buy, or sell. Local services, job information, and more are also available.

For people who like to compete, this free classified app also allows bidding. You can attend an auction that lasts for 90 seconds with an opening price of $1.

6.      Let Me Know

Let Me Know

Used goods are not always useless. Everyone may have a reason why they no longer use the item. Maybe it is too small, does not fit, and so on. Then why not just sell it online?

You do not need to worry about stalls while using a free classified app. By installing and registering, just sell all items on Let Me Know.

There are many categories of goods in this application, ranging from pets, vehicles, and others. It also has a chat menu for easy bargaining.

Although you can sell and buy anything, the transaction process is closely under control. Never do anything against the law. It is to ensure user safety.

‎Let Me Know: Classified App
‎Let Me Know: Classified App

7.      Cashify


If you want to make transactions related to electronic goods, Cashify is the right choice. Users can find various products of used computers, mobile phones, and others.

Not only buying and selling transactions, but Cashify also allows users to rent the desired items.

Furthermore, it allows sellers to choose a free pickup option. They do not have to look for buyers to sell your used goods.

Meanwhile, if you are a buyer, do not forget to read the description carefully to avoid the wrong choice. You can find dream products at low prices but with adequate quality.

Cashify: Buy & Sell Old Phones
Cashify: Buy & Sell Old Phones

8.      Local Classifieds


Local Classifieds

This application is one of the recommendations for those who search for free classified ads in USA and Canada.

It enables users to do any transactions, from buying, selling, to renting.

Local Classifieds is indeed more than a marketplace filled with daily necessities. You can make it exchange to offer property or vehicles, as well as job vacancies.

Moreover, it offers various services to suit your needs. There are many options at attractive prices to solve various housing, automotive, and other problems.

Uniquely, this free classified app also displays information about gigs and events. Do not miss the garage sale section to look for affordable products.

Classified Ads
Classified Ads
Developer: Rhythm software
Price: Free

9.      Free Classified Ads

Free Classified Ads

Due to various reasons, you may need particular items right now. Unfortunately, you cannot find shops around that provide them.

Buying them online will also waste time in shipping.

For this problem, Free Classified Ads might be a solution. You can find out if other users in your area sell these items. You can apply a filter that shows its availability near your location.

This app also contains more than 200 categories of items, so your target item is likely in it. With so many users, every product is up to date all the time.

The seller is also very free to post free classified ads in many categories. This simple process helps to find by searching.

10.  Daily Classifieds App

Daily Classifieds App

While using free classified apps, one thing that users complain about is the inaccurate location setting. It makes you waste time selecting products from a far area.

If so, you need to install the Daily Classifieds App on your smartphone. Not only accurate, but you can also set multiple locations at one time.

The products that appear are what you want.

Additionally, this application is easy to use. Therefore, it does not take a longer time to find out how to operate.

Daily Classifieds App
Daily Classifieds App
Developer: Lifelike Apps, Inc.
Price: Free+

11.  Gumtree Classifieds

Gumtree Classifieds

Gumtree Classifieds is suitable for those who need information, such as local services, home appliances, and job vacancies.

Buyers can find the nearest location to make transactions easier. You will get new and used goods with the best quality and price with one click.

Gumtree: local classified ads
Gumtree: local classified ads
Developer: Gumtree UK
Price: To be announced
‎Gumtree: local classified ads
‎Gumtree: local classified ads

12.  Shpock


While many business people choose to take a holiday during the weekend, this application will support you to buy and sell for 24 hours in 7 days.

Posting ads and buying products is very easy via a smartphone.

In this application, many categories help you classify items according to user searches. You can post anything that is no longer used and let buyers see and choose.

Interestingly, everything is free for sellers. Remember to provide a detailed description so that buyers are interested in visiting your stall.

Shpock: Buy & Sell Marketplace
Shpock: Buy & Sell Marketplace
Developer: Shpock
Price: Free

13.  Quikr


Inside this application, you can get various listed products. Then, find anything like homes, cars, electronics, home services, and job vacancies.

This application provides access to make phone conversations and chat. That way, you can make offers and transactions freely.

Quikr is compatible with various devices, including Android and iOS.

You can also enjoy online payments during transactions and the Free Doorstep Delivery service of mobiles & tablets.

‎Quikr: Local Classifieds
‎Quikr: Local Classifieds
Developer: Quikr India
Price: Free

14.  Wallapop


Sometimes a free classified app requires a payment. You still have to pay commission fees, additional shipping costs, and other things.

If you are searching for a truly free app, try using Wallapop.

Users of this application enjoy free services in transactions, except for the price of goods. You also do not have to wait long because Wallapop will not hold any products in the transaction.

You can sell any item according to the category, houses, cars, furniture, and so on.

Further, users do not need a lot of money as capital. Wallapop allows you to sell used items that are still in good condition.

Wallapop - Sell & Buy
Wallapop - Sell & Buy
Developer: Wallapop
Price: Free
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

15.  OLX


If you are looking for a compatible free classified app with Android and iOS, then OLX is the answer. This application already has millions of users due to its easy use and simplicity.

With so many users using this app every day, the product has an opportunity to find potential buyers. In it, there is also a menu to bargain prices until reaching an agreement.

Regarding products, OLX will display details, prices, and photos. To get accurate information, you can have a private chat with the buyer before finally making a transaction.

However, users must be careful when making transactions. To avoid scams, take a good look at whom you are discussing with.

See how long the person has joined OLX and how other users give reviews.

Price: To be announced
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

16.  letgo


Another way to sell unused items is through letgo. This free classified app allows users to list some stuff that is not used but is still worth using.

The listing process is easy by filling out a form that explains the details of the object. Remember to add a photo so buyers can judge whether your item is what they want.

The interface is also very user-friendly that you will have no trouble getting what you want to buy. For buyers, this is an opportunity to get quality items at affordable prices.

Besides, this application provides a super boost service that allows your product to get a maximum promotion.

Thus, the opportunity to be seen and get buyers will be higher.

letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff
letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff
Developer: letgo
Price: To be announced
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

17.  eBay


eBay is one of the most remarkable free classified apps worldwide. You can sell and buy various objects, both common and rare products.

This application has reached many people, including celebrities. Users can set up their eBay experience regardless of time and place.

The easy posting process is also an attraction.

Because it already has many users, the chance of the product getting viewers is also very high. Then, ask for the goods’ condition from the chat feature.

The nice thing about eBay is that you can enter auctions and have a chance to get antique and rare items. Do not forget to monitor the schedule at all times.

eBay online shopping & selling
eBay online shopping & selling
‎eBay: online marketplace
‎eBay: online marketplace
Developer: eBay Inc.
Price: Free


Recently, more and more people are using free classified apps to sell personal items online. The reason is that this method helps the product have more opportunities to be seen by buyers.

Even though everything looks easy, please be careful when making transactions online.

To prevent unwanted things, avoid free ad posting sites without registration because they are prone to fraud.

Finally, to maximize use, you should use a free classified app that suits your needs. For example, if you need a property, use the appropriate application, likewise for other searches.

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