15 Best Magnifying Glass Apps for Android and iOS

Some people often have difficulty reading small print in newspapers or magazines. Thus, a magnifying glass app will be helpful.

Well, ordinary people may not understand why anyone develops and uses a magnifying glass online. However, try to look closer, you will see how useful this software is.

In addition to being useful for those who have difficulty reading and seeing, this program is also practical for various purposes.

Biologists can observe objects spontaneously when they are not in the lab. Besides, it enables users to look for tiny objects that might be scattered.

Luckily, now you do not have to carry this kind of stuff everywhere. All you need to do is opening the smartphone, getting the app, and everything is under control.

Thankfully, it is compatible with any device. You can choose the magnifying glass app for pc, Android, iOS, and more. So let us talk deep about it!

List of 15 Best Magnifying Glass Apps for Android and iOS

As you know, there is now a magnifying glass app for mobile that is compatible with Android and iOS. Its function is to help seeing small objects, including writing.

Unfortunately, many do not understand this application. In addition, the number of similar software circulating makes many users confused about which one is more suitable.

Therefore, to decide easily, there are several recommendations for you to try. Here is the best magnifying glass app for various daily needs.

1.      Magnifier + Flashlight

Magnifier Flashlight

Magnifier+Flashlight is a popular magnifying glass app for Android. This app has a magnifying effect and many features that help the task of this app.

This application has good details and attractive colorful images. Your vision will be perfect with the flashlight.

Using this app is also easy. First, point the camera at the object, then zoom out to make it bigger and zoom in to reduce the resulting object.

This magnifying glass app also has high accuracy so that it can display objects in detail. Unfortunately, this software is only compatible with Android and not compatible with iOS.

Magnifier + Flashlight
Magnifier + Flashlight
Developer: App2U
Price: Free

2.      Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

Magnifying Glass Flashlight

This flashlight-equipped app was the best in 2019. This software has helped a lot in reading important information in the small printed text.

The advantage of Magnifying Glass+ Flashlight is that it can see in detail down to the elements. It is related to the help of a flashlight which is one of its features.

Using the flashlight in this application is also easy because the buttons are on the screen. This feature is not only the best part of the magnifying glass app but also as standalone lighting.

The drawback of this application is the zoom feature which only has 1.0X to 5.0X. It makes the image less clear when you take it at a distance.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight
Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

3.      Magnifying Glass by Pony Mobile

Magnifying Glass by Pony Mobile

In addition to having a flashlight, Magnifying Glass by Pony Mobile combines with photo features. It is the best help for those of you who have poor eyesight or other vision-related problems.

The other information is that this application has a special filter to neutralize all the damage caused by magnetic rays from the device inside. Thus, you will get a quality image.

The advantage of this application is that it is easy to use because all the buttons are on one screen, making it easier for the user.

Unfortunately, it is Android-based only and not compatible with iOS.

Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass
Developer: Pony Mobile
Price: Free

4.      Magnifier Microscope

Magnifier Microscope

For those who are looking for magnifying glass online with different features, you can try this one. The developer claims that this application has a function as a microscope.

Not without reason, you will find plenty of features to help see small print well. Reading becomes very easy with this.

Interestingly, there is an image effect that changes the image into negative or Sepia mode. The microscope feature also provides better mages for small elements.

Some other features to get are the LED flashlights, image freezing, filters, and much more. Now, who needs glasses?

Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy]
Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy]
Developer: HANTORM
Price: Free

5.      Smart Magnifier

Smart Magnifier

This application can turn your smartphone into a magnifying glass with camera zoom, complete with LED lights.

Its use is easy because of its simple and user-friendly design.

Smart Magnifier has a camera and digital zoom capable of zooming up to 5x. Thus, the small objects will be visible very clearly.

Enjoy the benefits of various other supporting features, such as LED light and a rotating camera view. Do not forget the autofocusing to prevent blurring of the image.

Users can also use screen freezing for easy viewing and take screenshots for publication. Everything is made easier with this app.

Smart Magnifier
Smart Magnifier
Developer: Smart Tools co.
Price: Free

6.      Reading Glasses – Magnifier

Reading Glasses Magnifier

Reading Glasses is a magnifying app with giant colorful buttons. It is easy for users who have poor eyesight and or have decreased.

You can also add filters that can provide additional tools to make reading better. Even if you do not have vision problems, this magnifying glass app for mobile is still useful.

Many people use it to read restaurant menus, medicine or prescription bottles, and serial numbers. You also use it when looking for information in the form of writing on other small objects.

Its benefit is having large icons to read easily. It also comes with easy use.

Unfortunately, this application does not have a slider control for zoom. The graphic design is also standard, and the light feature should match the built-in LED flash.

7.      Magnifier


The next magnifying glass software is a Magnifier that has high image clarity. Besides, a flashlight will be useful for illuminating the to-be-read area.

This app includes all the essential features for a digital magnifier. You can use it to zoom in, zoom out, freeze, take a picture, and rotate it up to 180 degrees.

This application also has a 10x zoom which can turn the phone into a microscope. In addition to daily needs, it is the best magnifying glass app for trichomes.

However, the disadvantage of this application is that the program requires device permission to capture images and storage. Without this feature, it is useless.

Developer: melon soft
Price: Free

8.      SuperVision+ Magnifier

SuperVision Magnifier

This app is a classic version of the magnifying glass that is accessible on mobile. Despite its simplicity, the tools in it are beneficial for various needs.

The way to enlarge an image is by double-tapping. After that, the object will experience maximum magnification.

To return to its original size, double-tap again, and the object returns to its original size. Thus, it is such an easy application.

However, this application has a drawback, namely that there are no lights for lighting. If the object is too dark, you have to use another flashlight or the like.

SuperVision+ Magnifier
SuperVision+ Magnifier
Developer: MEE_VRT
Price: Free

9.      Best Magnifier

Best Magnifier

As the name suggests, Best Magnifier is software to experience a better reading. Not only Android, but it is also a compatible magnifying glass app for iPhone.

This easy program can zoom in on objects to great detail.

You do not need to have difficulty in reading small texts such as prescriptions and drug information, electronic device codes and numbers, official documents, and food product.

If you do not have time to read at that time, then use the image capture feature. The text will be in memory that you can read it later.

In addition, the flashlight feature can also help to lighten the image if the lighting is too dark. It is not wrong if people call it the best magnifying glass app.

Perfect Magnifier
Perfect Magnifier
Developer: NETIGEN Apps
Price: Free

10.  Magnifying Glass With Light

Magnifying Glass With Light

This Magnifying Glass with Light is for iOS devices. It is the only app that allows you to use vertically and horizontally.

In addition, the results obtained from this application are also very different compared to other applications.

The image quality is high enough that you will not have any trouble reading.

You can hide the buttons on the screen that they do not interfere with capturing the image. Unfortunately, the number of ads that appear is so annoying when used.

11.  Pro Magnifier

Pro Magnifier

Pro Magnifier is a powerful magnifying glass app for Android devices; it does not have a built-in zoom. Its usefulness is the same as other applications.

However, this magnifying glass software has a unique feature. You can use it to detect whether a currency is real or fake.

Also, the app can be compatible with multi-window and help typing while reading small text. This ability is perfect for those who are multi-tasking and have to do many things at once.

Some other features that you can use are camera freezing, taking an image by using a timer, pinching to zoom, and many more. It supports the latest Android 11 and Slices.

Magnifying glass, Magnifier
Magnifying glass, Magnifier

12.  BigMagnify Free


BigMagnify Free is a powerful application exclusively for iPhone and iPad. It gets high ratings because of its various best features for zooming in on objects.

This app helps those who have poor eyesight or want to see things at a micro size. Furthermore, this multifunctional program includes all the qualities of a modern magnifier.

Dim lighting is no longer a problem while using this application because it has built-in lighting to activate without LED lights from your cell phone.

In addition, the images are shareable with others because the program has connected to various platforms.

The drawback of this application is the large number of ads that appear and are potentially annoying. To solve it, try upgrading to the paid pro version.

Developer: Dave Cheng
Price: Free+

13.  Pocket Magnifier with LED

Pocket Magnifier with LED

Pocket Magnifier with LED is a simple but quite complete and useful app. While installing, you already get the lighting features in it.

This application is easy to use and very practical for any purpose. Unfortunately, the image that appears is a bit blurry.

Pocket Magnifier with LED has a feature that can see things in black and white and has autofocus which is very convenient for reading small text.

Pocket Magnifier with LED
Pocket Magnifier with LED
Developer: EXA Tools
Price: Free

14.  Magnifier Plus – Magnifying Glass with Flashlight

Magnifier Plus Magnifying Glass with Flashlight

Similar to other standard apps, this application has all the functions of a digital magnifier needed. The app also has a negative mode which can help check the small print on the currency.

Some other conveniences that you can use are freezing images, flashlight, zoom and exposure control, high magnification control, and many more.

You can also share the pictures you take with others via various connected platforms. One more thing, the picture quality is perfect.

15.  Magnifier App 2021 with Deep freeze and Flashlight

Magnifier App 2021 with Deep freeze and Flashlight

Having the same features as other applications, this Magnifier App 2021 with Deep Freeze can help zoom in and out on small images and text.

This application is equipped with a deep freeze mode to focus on a specific document. You can easily access the created images in a folder created by this application.

Indeed, Magnifier App 2021 is the best app with 11x zoom. Its feature makes this app even more perfect. Worth it for you to try!

Magnifier & Magnifying glass
Magnifier & Magnifying glass
Developer: killerapps
Price: Free

Final Note

Although wearing glasses can be helpful, some people may find it uncomfortable. Sometimes, there are some situations where we have to use a tool to read or observe something.

Fortunately, users do not need to use a lot of troublesome tools. Some applications can help to enlarge text or thumbnails.

Other supporting features also help you even more. Its easy use becomes much more sophisticated than a regular magnifying glass.

About the quality, you do not need to hesitate.

For instance, a 30x magnifying glass app has a device with a built-in camera that allows you to scan documents and increase the text and image size on the screen.

Otherwise, be careful while using this application. Although many have features, not all of them will suit your needs and burden your smartphone.

Therefore, after reading the review above, you can decide which magnifying glass app is best suited for your device. Happy trying!

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