13 Best Bright Flashlight Apps for Android and iOS

A bright flashlight app is a needed program for your smartphone. It is a crucial application to remove the darkness around you.

Therefore, a flashlight is a very important feature on the phone that can handle many situations.

For example, sometimes we drop something under the bed and you will need a light to brighten up your sight to see what you need to find.

Every smartphone must have a flashlight feature to go with the built-in camera.

Likewise, some apps would make the function even more efficient. It could give you complete control of the light. There will be several effects to try.

List of 13 Best Bright Flashlight Apps for Android and iOS

Check out some of these apps. You will find the best one that suits your phone and personal references.

1. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight LED

It is a simple and free bright flashlight app to deal with darkness around you. Then, its features are both for LED light and on the screen.

Also, there are some plugins available like the Strobe, Blinking, and Morse lights. It would increase the productivity of your flashlight use.

Further, it is claimed to be the best flashlight application on the market. The light is so bright.

This flashlight becomes the most reliable and optimized one designed to be friendly with your battery life. It is one way to get you ready every time you need lights in an emergency situation.

Tiny Flashlight + LED
Tiny Flashlight + LED
Developer: Nikolay Ananiev
Price: Free

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2. Brightest Flashlight Free ®

Brightest Flashlight Free

This free application offers you the brightest flashlight on your device. The app would turn on all the lights available on the phone to their maximum state.

There is an automatic timer that exits the app after a couple of minutes.

Brightest Flashlight Free comes with some audio effects on start and stop. There will be unobtrusive ads that will not disturb the interface.

It is probably one of the best bright flashlight apps for dark conditions. Its natural LED color will give the great contrast you will need.

3. Flashlight HD LED

Flashlight HD LED

As we know, there are so many similar apps out there you can choose to have. Well, why you should get this one?

This one probably offers the brightest and most powerful light possible. It is packed with a simple and well-designed interface.

Then, the flashlight LED would be on instantly. For a full-screen device, it would function as a color light lamp.

Moreover, this application would work on all devices. To get quick access to the app, use the widget feature.

Hence, have this app on your phone. It is simply the best one in the business.

Flashlight HD LED
Flashlight HD LED
Developer: smallte.ch
Price: Free

4. Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight

Even though your flashlight cannot show colors, this app would give you an alternative. In this case, the colorful flashlight would come from the full screen.

Therefore, you can choose the desired color from the full range of choices.

Then, make the flashlight even more fun with effect and brightness. There is this cool custom effect to try in the app.

You can have something light candlelight, a rainbow, a disco ball, a police light, and many other. That sounds so much fun, right?

To get to the options menu, simply touch the screen. Color Flashlight app will maximize screen brightness. Meanwhile, the camera LED light can be used as a torch too.

Color Flashlight
Color Flashlight
Developer: Notes
Price: Free

5. High-Powered Flashlight

High-Powered Flashlight

This app is named High-Powered Flashlight for a reason. Indeed, it offers an LED light with Maximum brightness.

Furthermore, this free application would work on the fastest and easiest tap possible. It comes with 3 lighting mode that connects with your camera flash.

Besides, it would activate the flash easily. While opening this application, there will be a clean layout and interface to enjoy.

The LED flashlight can work as a real torch. So, it also offers you such experience.


  • Always-on Compass
  • Super Bright lights
  • Built-in SOS signal effect
  • 10 frequencies in Strobe mode
  • Intuitive and elegant user interface
  • instantly ON

6. Flashlight by Lighthouse

Flashlight by lighthouse

This simple flashlight app offers an ultra-bright light that would save your life in emergencies.

Installing this application into your phone would help with finding keys in the dark, read books at night, being a source of light during hiking and camping, and many others.

When it comes to simplicity, this bright Flashlight app is hard to beat. The setup looks like an actual hardware light.

Also, there is an on and off switch to maximize the experience. The color screen feature is a fun one to try.

Developer: Lighthouse, Inc.
Price: Free

7. Flashlight with powerful magnifying glass

Flashlight by RV Appstudios

It is another application with a simple name. The app is quite the same as the previous one.

Additionally, it is claimed to be the fastest, most powerful, and brightest flashlight to carry in your pocket. There are a lot of features you can try such as compass, clapper, magnifying glass, and many others.

Some interesting features are worth trying. As you can see, it offers strobe, shake, clap, and magnifying glass. All of those features in one screen. Then, the battery indicator is clearly seen.

This app has full optimization for tablets and phones. Thus, it becomes a perfect use for all your devices and helps you a lot.

Flashlight: Torch Light
Flashlight: Torch Light
Developer: RV AppStudios
Price: Free

8. Color LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH

Color LED Flashlight Selene FLASH

It is another free LED flashlight application to have on your phone. This app becomes the fast and brightest color program for the bright flashlight and screen light dimmer.

Besides, there are several effects to apply such as disco. It is such a fun way to deal with the app.

Utilize some hues like red, green, and blue. So, the Blink mode would serve just like the one in the nightclub.

The Battery Indicator is a feature that helps users to save their batteries effectively. Also, try the adjustable dimmer for the brightness of the screen light.

Color LED Flashlight & FLASH
Color LED Flashlight & FLASH

9. Crazy Flashlight LED Brightest

Crazy Flashlight LED Brightest

When it says “Crazy”, there might be something cool about this app. Well, this reliable flashlight application will turn your device into a super bright source of light in one click.

Then, you can use your phone just like a lamp. It would work even when the screen is off.

However, do not worry about wasting a lot of battery life. This application is designed to preserve it while operating. This Crazy flashlight LED brightest would be ready to use in an emergency situation.

You can adjust custom light timing with this app. So, the flashlight will go off automatically within the set time.

Crazy Flashlight LED Brightest
Crazy Flashlight LED Brightest

10. Flashlight by iHandy Inc. [#1 Flashlight App for iPhone]

Flashlight by iHandy Inc

For iOS users, this application is one of the best to download whenever you need to use the flashlight effectively and efficiently.

This bright, fast, and simple program is the most functional and elegant flashlight app you could ever have.

Further, it comes with several new features to try. There is this useful built-in Mini Map. Just tap the compass to use the menu.

You can control the LED brightness to the desired state. The fullest version of this app is available for iPhone 6 to X users.

The intuitive and elegant user interface design would work great whenever you need it. So, to use the strobe light, just simply swipe it to the left or right.

See? It is more than just a tap. This program gives another side of experience to enjoy.

‎Flashlight Ⓞ
‎Flashlight Ⓞ
Developer: ONE App Essentials
Price: Free

11. Best Flash Light – Fastest Torch LED Flashlight

Best Flash Light Flashlight

Another flashlight app made for iPhone users, this one is called Best Flash Light because it offers its users great quality.

The magnifying glass feature is just so amazingly useful for certain situations. Also, there is a Compass, Map, Location function to try.

Moreover, this application comes with a special feature. It is called Light + Video Zoom View. Interestingly, activating both video and camera lights is possible.

Zoom in to the right spot to see what you need to see. Many people enjoy the clap-on clap-off feature. Thus, try and have some fun with it.

12. Flashlight for iPhone + iPad

Flashlight for iPhone iPad

Both iPhone and iPad can have their flashlight app together. Otherwise, it comes with different skins and a lot of unique features.

There are some elegant and beautiful colors and patterns to choose from to design according to your taste.

Besides flashlight features, there is an animated lighter and candle. It is such a fun feature to play with.

Additionally, there are some built-in features like SOS signal, Compass, Elevation track, and Disco mode. It offers easy and simple use. A single click will turn on the LED lights in an instant.

13. Flashlight x

Flashlight ×

It is a simple but sophisticated bright flashlight app for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You do not have to waste a lot of battery life on a compass or strobe.

Hence, Flashlight X works really quickly. Its instant startup and variable brightness are enjoyable.

Also, the app has a clean, pleasant UI and icon to accompany its efficiency. Compass is unavailable which is it works so fast and effectively.

There will be ads to see but it will not be a disturbance while using the flashlight.

‎Flashlight ×
‎Flashlight ×
Developer: DOUBLE U s.r.o.
Price: Free+

Finally, you can choose a suitable bright flashlight app for your phone. It works perfectly in emergency situations when you need brightness.

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