18 Best Kinds of Bluetooth App for Android

Having a Bluetooth app is one of the major smartphones’ features. Indeed, the first generation of phones was only able to transmit voice.

After decades, they can do almost everything virtually. Also, that includes data transmission.

Additionally, the Bluetooth radio module has an important role in your phones. Then, it connects your phones to any other device without wires needed.

Let us say you want to transfer data to your Laptop or PC. Thus, this feature would just do it with no fuzz.

Further, there are so many applications that will make use of your Bluetooth effectively. Here are the lists

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List of 18 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android

1. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer

This one is pretty basic. Thus, it makes your Bluetooth feature more optimal for data or file transfer between two gadgets.

Bluetooth File Transfer is designed for your android phones that offers a high-speed transfer for any type of file.

Besides, the app transfers the data individually or in groups with an archived format.  Do not worry you can check the integrity of the grouped files before unpacking.

Furthermore, the application helps you set up everything before adding the files into your phone’s storage.

There is some sort of a file manager after you open this bluetooth app. So, it allows you to receive and send music, documents, videos, archives, and so on.

Main Features

  • The phones become the FTP or OPP server.
  • For security, it has the protection to block the third-party device’s unauthorized access.
  • Closing the app will turn off the Bluetooth automatically.
  • Customize the display of the files, folders, and more.
  • Multiple languages.

Download : Android

2. Apk Share Bluetooth

Apk Share Bluetooth

This program is actually a smart manager that is designed only for transferring the apk files to any devices possible.

Thus, sending a lot of Apks will not be a fuzz anymore. Just in one click, it is all done. Also, the application provides information about the sizes of the apk you are about to send.

Besides, Apk shares Bluetooth is also able to optimally uninstall apps in your phone with its Easy Uninstaller feature.

Hence, it will help you manage the systems apps. The App Backup feature can free up the storage smaller and faster.


  • Multiple Apk share, uninstall, or backup.
  • Great interface and simple animation.
  • Show System Apps (Root Required).
  • Show Used permissions.

Download : Android

3. Bluetooth Audio Widget Battery FREE

Bluetooth Audio Widget Battery FREE

This is a smartphone-controlled app for wireless headphones with a Bluetooth connection. Thereupon, many products can work with this program and use them as conveniently as possible.

Then, this Bluetooth audio widget battery app allows you to control the headphones’ volume and their connection range.

So, to get them connected, just turn on the headset and press the search button. Also, activate your phone’s Bluetooth connection.

After they are both connected, you can set up the volume of your headphones right from the app.

Moreover, for compatibility, it works with most audio devices like speakers and headsets that work via Bluetooth.

Download : Android

4. Bluetooth Pair & Auto Connect

Bluetooth Pair

As its name implies, this application would give you information about the paired devices. Thus, you can find wireless spears, headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth phones, and wearable.

Otherwise, if you are looking for an app that has a broad function, you cannot get it from this device. However, the application is useful for smartphones.

Then, check out all phone paired devices. Besides, it has a Bluetooth headset locator that helps you find your headphones any time you need them.

Then, the feature works with all popular brands like Beats, Jabra, JBL, and more.

Download : Android

5. Bluetooth Remote PC

Bluetooth Remote PC

This great app allows you to manage the desktop and software on your PC right from the smartphone easily.

It is such a multifunctional manager for computers. Additionally, it can connect both via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This application is like wireless management to your computer. Wherefore, many kinds of media player programs can work with this Bluetooth Remote PC.

Moreover, you can even use it as a remote for PowerPoint presentations.

Managing the computer includes taking control of the keyboard and mouse. So, with the cursor, dragging, dropping, scaling, and button clicking will not be a fuzz.

Further, shut down or restart the computer right from the phone. Well, this is such a great program for your devices to remotely control the PC or Laptop.

However, this one is a paid app but you can run the demo version with only a Bluetooth connection and limited desktop control.

Download : Android

6. Btmono


This application is available in both free and premium versions which only cost one dollar. Indeed, it is the program that redirects the audio stream to a wireless headphone via Bluetooth.

In addition, the app is a great use while watching movies and listening to music without a single wire.

Meanwhile, the premium version allows you to do automatic switching after calls. There is also a widget to operate.

Well, you have to know that this app is an elementary program. So, there will be some minor errors in the free application.


  • Widget
  • Phone calls with automatic switching
  • Status Bar Notification
  • Color Adjustment

Download : Android

7. Bluetooth GPS

Bluetooth GPS

This app is quite complicated. Therefore, it works with an external Bluetooth GPS device. Besides, the application can work with the mock provider and deliver it to your phone’s operating system.

You can go to the list from the device, then choose the GPS-paired GPS provider.

After that, just tap on the connect button. From there, you can see the location information.

Further, you might provide the information to the applications and android system by checking the “Enable Mock GPS Provider” feature.

Next, you can begin to track your location by launching the preferred geolocation app. Once again, to work with this application, you will need an external Bluetooth GPS hardware device.

Furthermore, this program needs GSA, GGA, RMC, and GSV to works properly.

Download : Android

8. Bluetooth Audio Device Widget

Bluetooth Audio Device Widget

This is a widget app that provides an easy connection to Bluetooth audio device. Therefore, only one click is needed to connect the headphones, speakers, car audio, and others.

Thus, you are able to connect the Bluetooth and play music players right from the widget.

In addition, check the connected devices and the battery level with a simple swipe. If you are using Airpod, this app works just great for that.


  • Easy on/off the connection to a device and Bluetooth profiles
  • Battery Status check
  • Changing colors, transparency, size, and image
  • Quick settings tile
  • Volume level setting easily

Download : Android

9. Bluetooth App Sender – Apk Share and Backup

Bluetooth App Sender - Apk Share and Backup

Similar to the previous Apk share program, this one is currently one of the best ones. Likewise, it is simple and free.

Sending an application to another device can be very easy with a Bluetooth connection. So, there will be no data cost.

Besides, you can use this Bluetooth App Sender to deliver an apk as an attachment through email, Google Drive, Whatsapp, and so on.

Further, this program is easy to operate; you can just choose one or more applications. Then, tap the send button.

After that, choose whether to Backup or Uninstall the apps after sharing. The features include Apk sharer, manager, and Backup Tool.

Download : Android

10. Bluetooth Headset Battery

Bluetooth Headset Battery

The developer of the app claimed it to be the revolutionary new way to check the battery level on Bluetooth-connected devices.

Hence, it comes in a form of a widget that can work with all wireless devices that you can pair with android.

Likewise, headsets or Headphones are just what this program is designed to be. Some products do not provide the battery indicator for the device.

Moreover, this app will fix it with the widget when they are connected. Also, you might notice how much time your headphone has left.


  • Measures the connection time of headphones and headsets.
  • Stops the counter automatically when it’s got disconnected.
  • Displaying battery indicator and low-battery warning.
  • Telling us how much battery is left.

Download : Android

11. Bluetooth Connect & Play

Bluetooth Connect Play

This is such a smart application you should have on your phone. It allows you to automatically play the music right where it left off.

So, when you get in the car or turn on the headphones, the song you love would start immediately.

With the bluetooth connection, you will get those automatic features. However, this app will not help to pair the devices. It is only working with the paired gadgets.

Otherwise, the autoplay option is unlike any other application. This feature offers you a chance to choose certain players you want.

It is not only about playing music. You can even set it to automatically play your favorite podcasts.

Download : Android

12. Bluetooth App Sender

Bluetooth App Sender

This is a convenient manager to send applications that are installed on your phone. Using a bluetooth connection you will be able to transfer any program to other devices.

This Bluetooth App Sender has a good interface. It comes with simple features and procedures.

Also, it will be hard to find the apps you want to send because there is an option to search them by name.

Then, the usual method will give you complete records of the applications on the phone.

Besides the conventional one, you can go with the alternative method which provides a list of system value programs.

When sending an app via Bluetooth, the program will report complete information about the files.

Also, you can share the apps to online file-transfer services such as GoogleDrive, DropBox, and Social Media.

Download : Android

13. Bluetooth Widget

Bluetooth Widget

It is just a simple widget app that displays the bluetooth status on the home screen. This application offers quick access to the settings.

The sizes and layouts are available in landscape mode. Besides, the Bluetooth time switch is different according to the manufactures and model of the phones.


– It comes with 4 different themes.

– The 2-cell widget format will get you directly to the settings easily.

– The design of themes matches the android version of 2x-4x.

Download : Android

14. Bluetooth Auto Connect

Bluetooth Auto Connect

This best bluetooth application will make your connection better. The user-friendly interface and useful settings are what this app has to offer.

The app is recommended to only use as needed because this program reduces battery life.

Then, the auto-connect option is very useful. So, you do not need to open the Bluetooth menu every time you want to use it.

Besides, the ability to manage the apps, optimize the battery, and set audio for notifications are also available in the option.

There is also a “reconnect” feature to turn off and on the connection quickly. You can even set the priority device to connect. So, the app will know the important task to do.

Download : Android

15. BTHeadSet


Just like its name, this best bluetooth app is designed to connect with a wireless headset. Apparently, it is some kind of utility to redirect sound.

It provides a Bluetooth connection for the headset but not for music. So, what is it for? BTHEadSet is ideal for an activity like receiving navigator’s command voices.

This app is currently a BETA version. Obviously, there is a chance you will face some glitches.

Download : Android

16. Auto Bluetooth

Auto Bluetooth app

It is a very handy Android application to control the bluetooth connection in your phone. You can set it to be working continuously for a specific time period.

Further, you can have it off and on according to the validity period of the rule.

Here are the parameters for connecting/disabling the feature:

– In a Specific area

– Mode Operation with a Power Source

– Incoming Calls Mode

– During the Driving

Make sure you set up the connection with this Auto Bluetooth app for your convenience only.

Download : Android

17. Bluetooth Autoplay Music

Bluetooth Autoplay Music app

This program will automatically do series of actions every time your phone is connected to a bluetooth device. You can select the action from the app to perform.

For instance, have the music player automatically open each time the Bluetooth headphone is connected. The features include:

  • The Screen will always be on and the phone in priority mode until a device gets disconnected
  • The Volume will get back to normal when disconnects
  • Open Google Maps or Waze automatically that shows a certain address where you turn on and give access to a Bluetooth device
  • If you love the time-saving and automation of an app, this one is the choice.

Download : Android

18. Bluetooth Scanner

Bluetooth Scanner app

Discover any bluetooth devices in your surroundings and check the information about the connected gadgets with this application.

Hence, it is a simple app that scans the available connection. That includes the paired and unknown devices.

Moreover, it comes with a bunch of features that show almost everything about the bluetooth connection around you.

Download : Android

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That list of best bluetooth app for Android is very helpful for you who are in search of a program that relies on this short-range wireless technology.

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