13 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Over time, change is a sure thing that everyone will experience. Even so, maybe people are curious about how they will look like in the future. Then, you have to thank the age progression apps.

No need for a fortune-teller. It is an answer on how to get an age progression picture. Thus, people will know about the future and even trace back the past with one click.

It is like having a portable time machine on your fingertip!

Well, since they are human-made applications, sometimes the results are not accurate. However, at least you can have your picture, right?

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List of 13 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Apart from features, people will also take the cost into account when choosing an app. Since this is just for fun, it is only natural to think about how to age my face free, but with the best features and results.

The good thing is, now there are many best age progression apps that you can get on the Play Store and the App Store, of course, with a variety of great features inside.

1.      FaceApp 


If you are looking for the best face age progression app, then FaceApp is the answer. With more than 500 million downloads, you will enjoy a super fun experience.

This app has more than 60 high reality filters.

Not only predicting faces in the future, but FaceApp also has other great features, such as makeup, changing hairstyles, facial correction, and so on.

Another fun thing is that you can use the face swap feature, swap gender, and even adjust your weight.

One cooler thing is that you can see the possibility of your child’s face in the future. It is such a fun thing, right?

Download : ANDROID | iOS

2.      Fantastic Face

Fantastic Face

It is more than a baby-to-adulthood pictures app as you can also analyze the features on your face. Based on the reports you receive, you will know certain secrets from yourself.

You can use palmistry predictors that will read your life in the future. It feels like having your private fortune teller in your hand.

Plus, this forensic age progression software also has exciting features that will make you feel fun using it. They are age prediction, baby face prediction, and even emotion analysis.

Do not forget to use love pairing to analyze whether you are compatible with someone special.

There is also a celebrity match feature and other test sharing that makes it even more fun.

Download : ANDROID

3.      AgingBooth

AgingBooth app

For those who are curious about what your face will look like in the future, then AgingBooth is the answer. This age progression app has several tools to transform today’s photos.

The easy way to use is also the main benefit of this program, either selfie or wefie. Interestingly, users can change only one face in a photo consisting of several people.

Also, various effects and filters are available to make your photo transformation even more fun. You might work with this app even when it is offline.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

4.      Magic Face: Face Aging, Young Camera, Fantastic App

Magic Face Face Aging

Not just a transformation to see the future, this software can also allow you to explore the past to see what it was like at that time. Plus, you also knew yourself in your previous life.

Some things you can do with Magic Face are baby prediction, gender switch, expression change.

You no longer need to be afraid of having ugly expressions when in photos because this app can do the miracle. Remember to try the ghost makeup!

Download : ANDROID

5.      Age Face – Make me OLD

This app is specifically for those who want to transform their appearance in photos. Working as an aging booth machine, you can see how the face will look when somebody gets old.

Its use is easy; it is by entering the photo you want to change. Instantly, this app will show your scary face in the future.

Age Face – Make Me Old offers users several free filters. But if you want a more diverse and dramatic result, there are paid effects that you can try. Have fun!

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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6.      Face Story: Age & Gender Swap

Face Story Age Gender Swap

It is another app to try. Besides can find out the predictions of faces in the future, you will also be addicted to the features inside.

Gender swaps and artistic filters are the packages that you will get.

Apart from that, you can also use Celebrity Face Morph, where anyone can pose as if they were with well-known celebrities.

You can also make a cartoon face with this app. In addition, it contains a face reading and a horoscope.

Thankfully, this app is user-friendly, and it does not require any special skills to get outstanding results.

Just install it on the cell phone, and you can become a reliable designer.

Download : iOS

7.      What Will I Look Like Old Face


What Will I Look Like Old Face

It is one of recommended age progression app for iPhone users. This easy-to-use app will give dramatic results.

Users can perform transformations according to the desired age, up to 99 years.

You can use it by uploading the photo you want to change, generating, and seeing the results in seconds.

Further, enjoy various other features that are no less exciting, for example, face detections and cool filters.

There are also fun and interactive animations to make you more comfortable. Create unlimited aging portraits with just one click. Happy creation!

Download : iOS

8.      Make Me Old – Face Aging, Face Scanner & Age App

Make Me Old Face Aging Face Scanner Age App

Make Me Old has a way of working together with the other age progression apps. You can use it to change and find out what your face will look like in the past and the future.

But despite its standard usability, this app offers natural and high-quality image quality. The technology in it will make you feel amazed by the results this tool displays.

Users can also edit photos to emphasize the face and eyes. However, this app has limitations so that you only see changes for the next 30-40 years.

Download : ANDROID

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9.      Age Recognition App

Age Recognition App

If you are looking for an application for facial analysis, then this age recognition app is the right one.

Instead of transforming your face, it will give you a complete result of recognition about age, ethnicity, even feelings.

This app has a scanner that will read all the information about your face. Uniquely, most people agree that the ages shown are almost always accurate to the original.

Even if the appearing ages do not match up, it is certainly nice to know whether their faces are youthful or aging quickly.

You will get all the information only by snapping or uploading a picture.

The Age Recognition App also has a much more complex analysis feature. Not only age, gender, and expression, this software can also read about culture, fashion, beauty, and others.

Download : ANDROID

10. FaceLab Photo Editor

FaceLab Photo Editor

Sometimes you need more than oldify the looks. To make daily life more enjoyable, people want an application that changes their faces drastically.

You can do swapping, zombifying, and even adding something you do not have, such as a beard, mustard, and so on.

Additionally, see what your face will look like if you change gender by using the gender changer or make it artistic with an oil painting filter.

After that, you might combine the photos into a collage.

This app also allows you to create simple memes, just by inserting a photo into them. Do not forget to turn it into a cartoon so that the results are even greater.

Download : ANDROID

11. Old Age Face Effect

Old Age Face Effect

Looking for one of the cutest age progression app to try? Well, this software will give you natural results, as if you are old.

It not only makes it old but also provides various filters that will make everything perfect. Not only grey, but you can also add a beard to create dramatic results.

This application has one benefit that is research-based. Its app-maker has conducted studies on wrinkle, skin tone, and many to give an accurate reading of your face.

Also, its easy use is a major benefit. Simply upload a photo to the app, and you will get super accurate results in seconds.

Download : ANDROID

12. Oldify – Old Face App

Oldify Old Face App

How will you predict your appearance in 10, 20, or 30 years? No need to go into a fortune teller because Oldify will give you instant answers. You can use it for having fun.

However, besides helping you know how you look in the future, do not forget to try other features.

There are several hilarious animations where users can record their voices. Therefore, you will see your future talking.

Apart from that, you can also make cool videos by presenting yourself in the future. There are various effects to try so that your creation can be even more perfect.

Download : iOS

13. Face Cam -Cartoon Yourself

Face Cam

If you wonder about the age progression app for iPhone, then Face Cam is the answer.

With artificial intelligence that allows you to change faces with near-perfect quality, it won a rating of 4 on the App Store.

It has many features, ranging from watercolor paintings, drawings, and many more.

However, most users use it to predict the future instead of the baby age progression app iPhone has in common.

Download : iOS

Those are some recommended best age progression apps for you to try. But whatever the outcome, you need to remember that it is only for fun. Do not take it too seriously, okay?

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