15 Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps for Android and iOS

Creating a virtual version of yourself with a full body avatar creator app is definitely a fun thing to try. Thus, we all would love to do that kind of experiment, right?

You may want to see how you will look with different styles or characters.

Therefore, you can choose to make yourself look like a vampire, werewolf, punk, gothic style, clown, colorful hair, and many more. This article gathers all the best apps to create your avatar.

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List of 15 Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps for Android and iOS

Using these apps would be a great way to kill time or learn how to create a style. Start creating a different version of yourself.

1. Facebook

Facebook full body avatar creator app

In 2020, Facebook has released a fun animated cartoon avatar. Users can apply the creation as the profile picture and also for emojis.

Likewise, it is better to make the character look the same as you. So, it becomes a great way to express your feelings in the Facebook world and more.

The feature is called Facebook Avatar which provides you an opportunity to customize cartoon characters of yourself with a variety of hairstyles, faces, and clothes.

Therefore, this feature becomes a trend and the first list lately.

Users can start using the application to create the avatar. Facebook would make a great full body avatar creator app you should try.

However, if the feature does not exist on your phone, the app requires an update first.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

2. Bitmoji

This is a full body avatar creator app that Facebook took inspiration to.

Bitmoji allows you to make a full body avatar quickly. After taking a selfie, the app would process it to create the cartoon version of yours.

Further, there are thousands of options for editing. From face shapes to hairstyles, you can modify your character as much as you like until achieving the perfect look.

Besides, mix and match with the outfits available in the app.

Just like the Facebook app, you can turn the avatar you made into cool stickers for chatting or texting. It is a new and unique way to convey your emotions to friends and family.

If you love the creation so much, print it on a mug or even a t-shirt.

Moreover, this popular avatar app is very popular and so exciting to use. At first, Bitmoji only made the character middle up. After the new updates, you are able to create an avatar with a full body.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3. Avatoon – Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker Cartoon Me

Avatoon Avatar Creator Emoji Maker Cartoon Me

As the name suggests, this application offers you options to create cartoon avatars and make them emojis.

Thus, this program is an amazing full body avatar creator app that will make you enjoy editing your photos.

Using the personalized full body avatars made in this app can be a great way to promote yourself on social media.

The recognition technology featured in this app would help to match with the actual looks.

After uploading your photo, the application will create the avatar automatically. Just customize everything as desired.

Moreover, the “create snapshot” feature allows you to select the background for the snapshot for an amazing result.

There are a lot of outfits and mods to try. However, you will need coins to unlock them.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

4. 3D Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker Keyboard | Bemoji

3D Avatar Creator Emoji Maker Keyboard Bemoji

It is another style of avatar creator app for face and full body. Besides, this application provides numerous options to edit your creation.

Change the hairstyles, colors, facial hair, and many more. Also, there are endless amounts of outfits available.

Obviously, that is what makes this application so special. Lots of clothes are available to mix and match for your avatar. Hence, it is not hard to find the outfits you want since everything is well categorized.

Additionally, there is an AR camera to capture movements that your avatar will repeat to you. Just like that Talking Tom.

This app comes with its own keyboard that you may wanna turn on in the system.

Further, having an animated character that looks like you would be interesting stuff to upload on your social media.

Download : ANDROID

5. Anime Avatar Creator: Make Your Avatar

Anime Avatar Creator Make Your Avatar

If you are an anime lover, this is a suitable full body avatar creator app for you to try.

Turn yourself into an anime character with this wonderful app for smartphones. Interestingly, it gives lots of options to create an avatar.

Then, you can choose the facial expressions for your avatar. Probably, it depends on your current mood.

It would be fun, right? The anime characters can be happy, adventurous, demon, fairy, princess, etc. Furthermore, it is such a cool anime avatar creator that gives many outstanding features.

There are many available templates to choose from and start creating new combinations. Select various facial expressions that come with details.

The eyes, mouth, and eyebrows can set up the emotions you want for your anime character. Add some accessories to match its personality.

Likewise, there are many others features to try in this app which include adding a background.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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6. ChibiStudio – Avatar Make‪r

ChibiStudio Full body anime avatar creator app

Chibi is like the smaller and cuter version of an anime avatar. This is a ChibiStudio app that you can use to create your own Kawaii chibi character.

Also, this full body anime avatar creator apps comes with more than 500 options for modification.

With those options, you may change the hair, eyes, clothing, mouth, shoes, face shape, skin color, and so on, to your desired look.

Thus, it will be more fun for you to create a character that represents yourself.

A great aspect of this ChibiStudio app is that users can do a collaborate with family and friends to create the avatar.

Furthermore, share the fun together by using iMessage. It is a special application just for iPhone or iPad users.

Lastly, save your result as stickers. So, the chibi characters of yourself become more useful to share the expression of feelings during texting.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

7. Cute Girl Avatar Maker – Cute Avatar Creator Game

This free full body avatar creator app is such an amazing portrait maker that contains a cute girl or boy avatar. Then, the feature allows you to customize the character to your desired look.

Besides, with this program that has free content, you can get more than 100 gifts.

Hundreds of clothes, hairs, and so on make you wanna mix and match them. After you are done with the avatar, change its angle, position, and size easily.

Interestingly, this full body avatar maker app does not require an internet connection. Play it offline and free.

Otherwise, the app’s drawback is that it will be hard to make the avatar look like yourself. Since the result is more cartoonish and colorful, just make something that meets your personality.

Download : ANDROID

8. Avatar Maker: Anime Boys

Avatar Maker Anime Boys

This application is designed specifically to create male anime characters. However, this program is not only for boys. Girls can also have fun with it to make their virtual boyfriend.

As you can see, this full body anime avatar maker app has amazing manga graphics to enjoy.

Moreover, it features a romantic atmosphere. Also, there are many hairstyles and colors available to create the anime avatar easily.

A wide variety of outfits and backgrounds are also available to explore. For the facial expression, you can select from sadness, happiness, lovely, anger, and more.

Further, some accessories and decorations can be added to the scene. Hence, it shows us how great this high-quality full body anime avatar creator app.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

9. Pose Maker Pro – 3D Art Poser App

Pose Maker Pro 3D Art Poser App

Specifically, this special application is made for you who needs a character to do a pose. The first you might notice about this app is the focus.

However, you will not get as many options as the previous avatar apps for customization.

Indeed, the aim of using this app is for posing. There are a bunch of hairstyles, outfits, and poses you can choose to meet the needs.

Likewise, it is not just dealing with human character. Animals and other creatures are also available. Check the app for yourself.

Moreover, create characters as many as you like. Modify its motion and facial expressions. All of them are within one application.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

10. Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker

Personal Cartoon Avatar Maker

Let us get back to the personal avatar maker. The app that helps you to create the cartoon version of yours is always enjoyable.

Besides, it comes with customizable options that are ready to impress anyone. Choose the face shape, hairstyle, colors, eyebrows, eyes, and noses that are similar to yours.

Then, it is a simple full body avatar creator app that comes with a friendly interface.

After dealing with the face editing, you can move on to choose an outfit for your character. Dress it according to your style or simply choose the exotic ones.

Because of its simplicity, this application will not waste a lot of your phone’s memory. It only weighs about 50MB.

Download : ANDROID

11. 3D Avatar Video Maker- Filmize

3D Avatar Video Maker- Filmize

This app creates an Avatar from a selfie. So, just use the front camera of your smartphones and start creating the virtual version of yourself.

Then, do whatever you like with it. Besides modifying the looks, choose the action that the character does.

You can have your own avatar dance, jump, run, play football, and stunt. Therefore, Filmize is an easy-to-use app that makes a 3D realistic animated character with just a single tap.

Turn the 3D avatar into emoticons and stickers for an exciting chatting experience.

Unlike many other full body avatar creator apps, Filmize gives the users an experience to make fun with the character. The 3D animation is just so amazing.

Download : ANDROID

12. VIVE Sync Avatar Creator

VIVE Sync Avatar Creator

It is such a great avatar maker application that everyone will love. Creating a character is as easy as taking a selfie.

Hence, the app will process the photo automatically and turn it into a cartoon. The result will be quite different. Several things need modification for the details.

Also, Vive Sync Avatar Creator captures the face’s features and expressions. Numerous choices are available for face parts.

So, creating an accurate avatar is a possibility. Furthermore, a collection of outfits and clothes would complete the work.

For those who like virtual reality, this is the app for you. Make a meeting room where you can have a chat with friends.

Creating an avatar does not have to match the real look of yourself. There is always an option to create it to be anything you like. Be whatever you want.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

13. vTag: Create 3D Avatar Moments

vTag Create 3D Avatar Moments

This vTag app is so amazing. It gives a complete personalization of your avatar. The looks are not the most important ones, but the character will sound just like you.

The feature in this application will record a short video and scan your movements. That is where it gets what it needs.

Thus, it needs both video and photo of yourself. The facial recognition technology at its finest in this app.

If you do not like the result from automation, you may change the eyes, mouth, hair, and many others. It will be a perfect program to make unique videos for social media.

Download : iOS

14. Insta3D – Create Your 3D Avatar

Insta3D Create Your 3D Avatar

Insta3D is another avatar creator app that makes 3D characters. Only one selfie is needed to turn you into a cartoon. Thereupon, modern technologies let you achieve the result.

It will be very cute to have your own 3D avatar do the wink, walk, and dance. This simple application is quite enjoyable anything can have customization based on your desire.

Moreover, any hairstyles or accessories are ready to be explored.

Download : iOS

15. Pinscreen: Instant 3D Avatars

Pinscreen Instant 3D Avatars creator app

It is an instant 3D avatar creator to make a full-body character of yours. So, upload a photo to the program and let the app do the rest.

After that, choose to customize it or not. There is a chance to change almost anything you want.

At last, share the work with your friends and see their reactions. The only drawback of this application is the amount of space it takes.

Wherefore, make sure your memory is big enough to install this Pinscreen app.

Download : iOS

There you have the 15 best full body avatar creator apps products to check out. Make sure you check the requirements before installing it.

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