13 Best Fantasy Character Creator Apps for Android and iOS

If you are into creating something on your phone, you may try using a fantasy character creator app. Hence, this will make your creative imagination come true.

As human beings, we love to create a lot of things, from buildings to artwork. Then, the process of creativity would be something that will improve the imagination we have.

Further, this kind of application would set you free to design any fantasy character that comes to your mind.

You should check out what features the apps have to offer. Whichever you find fit to your taste of art, download it right away.

List of 13 Best Fantasy Character Creator Apps for Android and iOS

Obviously, these applications are designed for people who prefer creating their version of a fantasy character. Let us get down to it.

1.      SuperMii – Cartoon Avatar Maker


This app has already been renamed as SuperMe which is one of the most popular creator applications in the market.

Thus, this cartoon avatar maker will help its users to make a comical character using the smartphone.

It can be a great fantasy character creator app for you.

Indeed, there are hundreds of customized personalized collections to make your imagination comes true. Download SuperMe for free from the PlayStore.

Furthermore, it is such a powerful app that comes with some decent features to create an anime cartoon character you want.

Among all the features, there is one unique thing you have to try. It is a kind of cheat which is called Shake Phone.

So, when you shake your phone, the app will automatically create random creative images and let you do the rest based on your creativity.


  • Male and Female Options
  • Lots of Faces, Hairstyles, and Expressions to choose from
  • Various emotions on the face
  • Colors for skin, hair, and clothing
  • Various accessories
  • Custom text
  • Many more
SuperMe - Avatar Maker Creator
SuperMe - Avatar Maker Creator
Developer: THE.DEMON
Price: Free
‎SuperMe-Avatar Maker Creator
‎SuperMe-Avatar Maker Creator
Developer: 帆 杨
Price: Free+

2.      Cute Girl Avatar Maker

Cute Girl Avatar Maker

Create cute characters, boys or girls, with this amazing application. Thankfully, it is absolutely free. There are 100 gifts for you in this program.

Also, it is packed with the latest anime fashion to dress up your own cute avatar. There are hundreds of hairs, clothes, accessories, and more.

Moreover, choose the gestures that match your imagination. Add some letters to express your feelings.

However, you do not need to connect internet to use this app. It is a perfect game for girls who love to dress up their creations to be anything they want.

If your fantasy character is a cute girl, download this creator app. The application is colorful and simple to use. Therefore, it offers you an amazing result.

Cute Girl Avatar Maker
Cute Girl Avatar Maker
Developer: Joy Journey Girls
Price: Free

3.      Avatar Maker: Witches

Avatar Maker Witches

Check out this fantastic game about making fantasy avatars. It is such a fun app to let you create a witch character.

Indeed, the word “itches” really indicates that there is no male figure in this application.

You can head to the character constructor feature and begin making your creation. Then, there are loads of various costumes and accessories to try on.

Explore all the magical stuff such as the black cats, magic wands, miraculous dresses, enchanted hats, and a lot more.

Furthermore, this avatar maker is packed with a lot of features. If you want to create an illustration for a story or manga, use the Emotions option.

The Anime themed fantasy graphics will be ready to choose from.

In addition, try adding an animal to complete your Anime character. The user can choose among Cats, owls, bats, and dragons.

Avatar Maker: Witches
Avatar Maker: Witches

4.      Avatar Maker: Anime Boys

Avatar Maker Anime Boys

If you want to make a perfect boy avatar, this is the chance. Make your imagination comes true using this application.

Further, there are so many color lenses and hairstyles to choose from for your boys. The users do not have to worry about the clothing

You can enjoy huge wardrobe options to dress up the Anime boys of your fantasy. Whether it is classic, romantic, brutal, or school, try them all.

There are also various facial expressions you can apply.

5.      Charaft


For those who enjoy designing characters and matching outfits, Charaft has a lot of things for you.

Likewise, this app will let you create original characters that look like the ones in video games. Some people love to have it as the avatar in their social media.

At first, Charaft only has a female character. Now, the long-awaited option has come. A choice to create an original Male avatar is now available.

Unlike many other applications, this fantasy character maker app offers high-quality graphics for the result.

So, your creation will look so overwhelming and adorable in a clear image. The interface gives you the ease of creating a character you want.

‎Charaft-Corde and dress up
‎Charaft-Corde and dress up

6.      Creanime (Anime Character Maker)

Creanime anime character maker

Compared to the most popular fantasy character creator application, Creanime is one of a kind.

This app allows users to create humans, Kemonos, Mermaids, and Furries. Enjoy more than a thousand assets to design your creation.

However, you may need to do a purchase in order to get the premium or paid assets. Do not worry, there is an option to get it for free.

Earn free coins to buy them without spending any real money. Well, the app would still be enjoyable because tons of different styles are available for the users.

Creanime anime character maker
Creanime anime character maker

7.      Avatar Maker: Monster Girls

Avatar Maker Monster Girls

The main theme of this fantasy avatar maker app is a cartoonish monster. If you are interested in this application, just download it right away.

This girly game comes with a large variety of assets for the users to mix and match.

Furthermore, you can make a monster character like demon, angel, werewolf, vampire, etc. Design the customization as desired.

Besides, change how the face looks with the available eyes, lips, and hairstyles. The clothes, wings, horns, and other accessories are also ready.

Further, enjoy over 10 thousand magic character options within the app. You are not going to regret having this app on your phone.

8.      Fun2Create: Design Yourself

Fun2Create Design Yourself

Let us have fun with the Fun2Create game. For your information, this application is designed by a famous artist named Mei Yu.

If you are familiar with her works, you will know what to deal with. She became famous because of her artwork on Youtube.

Of course, this application is inspired by her colorful style of art. Definitely, you will be having fun making your fantasy comes true.

Additionally, the app is packed with so many items to create your favorite character. It can be a cartoon version of yourself, friends, family, and favorite people.

Fun2Create: Design Yourself
Fun2Create: Design Yourself

9.      Factory of Heroes – Fantasy

Factory of Heroes Fantasy

It is very obvious, the main focus of this creator is a Heroic character.

The Factory of Heroes will give you a chance to create a Medieval fantasy character based on your idea. The result might be a Hero or a Villain, up to you.

According to how the developer has described this application, there are three features. You can save your work and edit it again in the future.

Save the result without background. Applying it in any image will be very useful.

Also, the password system feature will give extra protection to your project.

Factory of Heroes - Fantasy
Factory of Heroes - Fantasy
Developer: Eduardo Reis
Price: Free

10.  Dinogeddon – Cartoon Avatar

Dinogeddon Cartoon Avatar

If you are familiar with Doll Divine, that web game is now available in the App version. It is obviously a different style of avatar maker.

Dinogeddon allows you to make and dress up the dino-riding girl.

The theme of this app is inspired by the comic version of Dinogeddon. This game gives away High customization of your character.

You can change your hairstyle, facial features, hair color, and style. If a post-apocalyptic wasteland is your thing, download it right away.

Dinogeddon - Cartoon Avatar
Dinogeddon - Cartoon Avatar
Developer: Doll Divine
Price: Free

11.  ePic Character Generator

ePic Character Generator

What is this application all about? For those who are a bit confused, ePic Character Generator is, indeed, not a game.

It is actually a tool to create realistic characters easily and fast. There are items to choose from and display on the character.

Furthermore, do not have to worry about the camera angles, lightings, and stuff. The app would deal with them. You just need to tap and click.

ePic Character Generator
ePic Character Generator
Developer: Overhead Games
Price: Free

12.  Missangest Fantasy Dollmakers

Missangest Fantasy Dollmakers

It is probably wrong if we describe this app as a human character maker. Obviously, Missangest Fantasy Dollmakers allows you to create female creatures.

A bunch of characters like space goddess, nature spirit, dragon girls, mermaid, monster girls, and historic vampires, are available.

However, if you do not have time to search for inspiration or even create your own character, you may try the randomize button. It will be very helpful.

After editing and designing the female creatures in this Dollmakers app, save the creation and share it with your friends.

13.  Pastel Avatar Maker

Pastel Avatar Maker

Judging by the screenshots, you will know that this fantasy character creator app is designed for girls or women. This application will let the users create a pastel character.

Head to its constructor to explore a large of fragments to choose from.

All of the items available within the app are in pastel style. Pastel Avatar Maker is definitely for anyone who loves everything in pastel.

There are a lot of cute clothes, hairstyles, and accessories you will love to deal with.

Final Note

Making an avatar would have never been so easy. With a fantasy character creator app, you will make your imagination become true in a few taps.

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