12 Best Hairstyle and Haircut Apps For Men and Women

For those of you who are searching for a virtual hairstyle app or free haircut app, stop right now. Because you are in the right place.

Therefore, this page offers a list of programs to try different hairstyles virtually through your phone.

It was something impossible in the past to see what you will be look like exactly with a new haircut.

Nowadays, you can do it from the phone. Sometimes, people just want to know whether certain hairstyles would fit them or not.

So, without facing the reality when you get a haircut that does not suit you at all. The risk is gone.

Further, feel free to install some of the apps to try a few hairstyles on your photos. Let the technology serve you.

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List of 12 Best Free Hairstyle and Haircut Apps For Men and Women (Android / iOS)

There are several haircut applications to install freely so that users can try other hairstyles on their photos. Here are some of them.

1. Hairstyles Step By Step For Girls

Hairstyles Step By Step For Girls

Do you wanna know how to braids and style the hair of your daughter? This app is filled with step-by-step guides to applying long and medium hairstyles.

Then, choose the one that is best suited for girls and women.

The free hairstyle app provides tutorial and style collections to explore. Therefore, it becomes the top option for girls out there.

Likewise, some simple and easy-to-follow tutorials would be very helpful to create beautiful braids or styles.

Furthermore, this free haircut app has a lot of hairstyles to try, braids, curls, buns, scrolls, tail, and many more.

Download : ANDROID

2. Man HairStyle Photo Editor

Man HairStyle Photo Editor

For men, there are many free hairstyle apps out there. But this Man HairStyle Photo Editor is one of the best. You can try various hairstyles and mustache styles on your photo.

Then, see your look with or without hair on the face.

Indeed, there are many trendy haircuts to turn your face with a more handsome and smarter look. It is easy and simple to edit.

Additionally, this amazing hairstyle app for Android is packed with more than 100 styles. You may adjust its size and make the hair fit your face shape.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3. Boys Men Hairstyles

This one is a hairstyle changer app that offers many trending haircuts for boys. With this program, the users will be able to find the best-suited ones.

Besides providing collections of styles, there are an editor and tips to care for the hair.

The latest hairstyles for boys of 2020 and 2021 are available to try on your face in photos. You might opt for having any hairstyle and beards to fit the shape of the face.

In addition, it features some filters to apply to the entire picture.

The available haircuts in the app are for men of every age group. Before saving the result, the users can preview the photo in large size with zooming in and out capability.

Download : ANDROID

4. 1000+ Boys Men Hairstyles and Hair Cuts 2020

Boys Men Hairstyles and Hair Cuts 2020

This incredible haircut app for men is designed for you who are looking for trendy haircuts for men and boys. Just like its name, it has over 1000 hairstyles of 2020 and 2021.

Further, its hairstyles include spikey, pompadour, sideburn, undercut, side cut, colored, and many more.

Besides, with its simple navigation and touch swipe feature, you can have the perfect haircut in the app. Thus, by one click away, the users can save and share the photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Download : ANDROID

5. Hairfit – K-Pop Hairstyle Simulator

For a fan of the K-Pop industry, this is a must-try app. Just make the dream come true but preview it first in this hairstyle app for women. So, you will know whether it looks fabulous or not.

There are various Korean hairstyles to try on your face. Check out that latest trend of fashion among celebrities.

After that, change the color to the desired look that meets your expectation. The developer will regularly update the collection of styles.

Download : ANDROID

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6. Hair Changer Men Hairstyles Photo Editor

Hair Changer Men Hairstyles Photo Editor

It is such an amazing photo editor that simply changes the hair of the person in the photo. This free haircut app for men has a huge collection of amazing styles for hair, beard, and mustache in a form of stickers.

Just add the hair and beard or mustache you want on your face. Then, take the photo directly from the phone’s gallery. Obviously, the treatment and collection are quite different from the other apps.

Download : ANDROID

7. Fabby Look – Hair Color Changer

Fabby Look Hair Color Edito‪r‬

One of the best virtual hairstyle apps for women to give them a completely new look. Both iPhone and Android phones can enjoy this Fabby Look app.

Not just hairstyle collections, the users are able to add some unique colors to the hair.

Besides, you can play with some bright colors to your hair. The particular shades in this app are purple, pink, magnetic, platinum, blue, and many more.

Then, select one shade that fits your skin complexion and style, of course.

Otherwise, having this free hairstyle app is crucial. Because having new bright colors to the hair is a big change to your life.

Just try mixing and matching the colors during the editing process. After that, choose the one that you really really want.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

8. Hairstyle Magic Mirror

Hairstyle Magic Mirror

Hairstyle Magic Mirror becomes one of the best free haircut app to try new haircuts. Why? Because it offers a user-friendly interface that would get it easy to explore and try the features.

Also, there are various ideas to explore. Having some color and dye on the hair is something to take a look at.

Do not waste time visiting some different barbers just to look at their hairstyles collection. However, just download this app and you can define which style that suits your face the most.

Additionally, Hairstyle Magic Mirror can be just an app for fun. Then, users can show the result on their social networks afterward.

What people like the most about this application is the simple and clear interface for the users. There are 4 template characters or models to use, 2 males and 2 females.

Wherefore, you should not attach any photos to begin exploring.

A complete tool collection within the app will support your mix-and-match process. In addition, the facial detection system is quite sophisticated. You will love how the app treats your face.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

9. Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover

Also one of the best virtual hairstyle apps for men and women in the market, that is once again because of its user interface. Well, that is just what people need, obviously.

It is such a great haircut app which is not only having a hairstyle collection, but also beards and mustache for men.

Otherwise, this is the right choice for women too. There are some long styles to explore. Check out the ones that match your personality.

This easy-to-use application is just what you are looking for. Simply load the photo.  Then, choose the haircut or styles you want.

Moreover, just it to match the photo. Finally, share the result with friends or followers.

Download :  iOS

10. Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth

The app that lives up to its name. It will help people to try various hair colors. Further, you can have some different haircuts to explore and match with your photo.

This free hairstyle app lets you find out whether the color you choose suits the hairstyles or not. It also offers an unlimited number of haircuts, natural looks, realistic feel, and accuracy.

However, It is not like other hair editing application. Trying the hair with multiple colors is also possible in this Hair Color Booth app.

There are various colors to try on. Then, adjust it to the desired combination that you can ever imagine. Besides the super realistic hair coloring options, it also supports social media sharing.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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11. Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp

This is the haircut app to download if you are looking for the best app to try hairstyles. The user-friendly interface and available styles are just gonna be winning your heart.

Additionally, this hairstyle app is so easy to use. Enjoy your face with new hairstyles and see if they suit you.

How does it work? First, open the Hair Zapp app and tap on the camera icon. Then, put your hair in the back before taking a selfie.

After that, try lots of haircuts and styles on the picture you took. Find the ideal one easily.

Hair Zapp offers you high-quality imaging that makes the hair looks so real. Make sure you load the photos with high resolution too.

Likewise, this haircut app is completely Free. There is no need to subscribe or become a premium member to enjoy the entire features.

You can find Hair Zapp on both App Store and Playstore. The developer provides the application to the community to get some feedback on your result. You will receive it anonymously.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

12. Hair Style For Men 2021

Hair Style For Men 2021

This application is full of hairstyles collections. It is very helpful for you who are searching for the latest trend of haircuts.

However, this is not like any other app on this list. Hair Style For Men is not an application for applying a filter to see hairstyles.

This is the one that offers you great collections for references and an option to place the hair manually on a photo.

If you are down with that, you can go on to download the program. There is no complicated or even sophisticated.

Moreover, it is just full of men’s hairstyles and some basic tools for editing.

Download : ANDROID

After exploring all the best haircut app options above, you may now choose to install some of them. Those applications are crucial to use right before going to the barber.

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