13 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android and iOS

A Polaroid frame app is one of the latest trends among smartphone users. Therefore, people do not have to buy an expensive polaroid camera.

Then, just install this application into the phone, you can take such photos for free.

Nowadays, people do not have to be professional photographers to take great photos. By using their own smartphone, they are able to capture every moment with amazing quality.

Otherwise, the result depends on the specification of the device.

Further, editing photos with a polaroid frame become popular among teenagers. They like to have several captured moments and make a garland from them.

It would make a beautiful decoration for a bedroom. So, look at the following list of the best frame polaroid applications to explore.

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List of 13 Best Free Vintage Polaroid Frame Apps for Android and iOS

If you want to create amazing captured moments, try to install these best kinds of polaroid frame app on your phone.

1. StoryLab

StoryLab iinsta story art maker for Instagram

For those who are looking for a polaroid photo app, StoryLab has a lot to offer. Also, it offers an opportunity to get various types of results.

Additionally, there are over 200 layouts and collages to try on. Personalize them for your Instagram profile.

Then, fulfill the imagination in designing the polaroid pictures and share the results on your accounts of social media.

Besides, you can even add some funny stickers to make them more interesting. StoryLab is such a popular app.

Moreover, that record is enough to convince you that this app is a wonderful program to be on your phone. Just find StoryLab from the Android Playstore.

Download : ANDROID

2. 1998 Cam – Vintage Camera

1998 Cam app is like the virtual version of a vintage camera. Originally, this is a name of a disposable camera with a date stamp.

Likewise, the photos and videos result made from this application will have a precious retro analog film feel.

All of the options and filters in this program include the light leak, grainy, kiosk, and of course the Polaroid camera effects. This trendy camera app is quite popular among young people.

In addition, photographers also love to have it on their phones.


– Instant Preview

– Cool filters

– Classic date time stamp

– Realistic 3D effect

– Advanced editor

– No Watermark

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3. Nichi: Collage & Stories Maker

Nichi Collage Stories Maker

It is such a unique polaroid editing app that comes from the Japanese market. Nichi serves its users with interesting and intricate layouts and frames for your photo.

Thereupon, there will be some polaroid cam filters too.

According to the Japanese Language, Nichi has a meaning of your daily activity. The use of this app really lives up to its name. Wherefore, it helps you to record your everyday life.

Furthermore, this app would definitely get many loves from Polaroid enthusiasts. As you can see inside the program, pastel seems to be the prevailing colors.

Also, people will love this feature. Within a few taps, you can put any photos you want into the desired frames.

Moreover, there are many filters to try and make your pictures more old-fashioned in every way. The layout background is something to consider too.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

4. InstaMini: Instant Cam, Retro Cam

InstaMini Instant Cam Retro Cam

Obviously, this one is like the virtual alternative of those cute little polaroid cameras. It delivers the same result as that.

Besides, you can have the framed photos just like something that comes out from the real polaroid cam.

Indeed, this simple application has a minimal function set to edit your photos. Add the polaroid frames you want after capturing images right from the app.

However, it has a quite obsolete interface that may be an issue for several users.

Although the application is free to download, you can only use it for up to 10 pictures a month. If the users want more than that, they have to become the premium account.

InstaMini is available in both Playstore and Appstore.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

5. VNTG | Vintage Photo Cameras

VNTG Vintage Photo Cameras

Get your instant nostalgia with this VNTG app. You can take, share, or print the photos directly from the app. In the Playstore, this Polaroid Frame application is described as easy, fast, and very cool.

Then, inside the VNTG editor, you can find a lot of options, such as different format borders, handwritten fonts, colorful and vintage textures, adjustment tools, gallery, filters, and more.

Besides, one of the greatest features in this app is the print service. It offers you with high-quality printing format with a retro feel.

After that, the users can even set the prints with unique and personal settings. The company will handle printing the photos and ship them to your address.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

6. Retro Cam: Vintage Camera Filters

Retro Cam

Shooting digital with a real film look is what Retro Cam is all about. Thus, you must have seen such photos all over social networks.

Also, change your ordinary image into something with a faux film effect, random leaks of light, and a grainy vintage feel.

Further, anyone can imitate analog films from the eighties and nineties easily. Just put the image into the app and apply the filters.

Then, add some light leaks, dust textures, scratches, and exactly anything you’d like.

For the record, the vintage filters inside the application are crafted carefully to remake the feel of retro.

This simple and powerful Polaroid cam app has some great features that would turn your photo into a wonderful vintage masterpiece.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

7. PolyCam


It seems like this Polycam has some aesthetic leak effects as their highlight feature. Besides, there are over 25 filters to support the retro results you want.

Indeed, many unique photo frames including polaroid are available within the Polycam app.

Just use the application like an instant camera since it can capture photos in high quality. Also, the retro lens camera within the app is designed for you who love taking pictures.

Furthermore, what is so great about this Android app, it does not take a lot of space on your device’s memory. It is only about 8 MB and has been downloaded over a million times.

Download : ANDROID

8. Lomo Cam: Vintage Cam

Lomo Cam Vintage Cam

Lomo Cam allows you to take vintage photos with a polaroid frame, just like Fuji Instant Printer. Get Some great nostalgic images with this mobile app.

Additionally, it is powerful that anyone would enjoy creating retro Instax pictures.

As said before, this app provides you with an effect that’s similar to the one from Instax retro film camera.

Then, connect the application to a printer, it would feel like a real polaroid camera. Users will be glad with the good quality results.

Download : ANDROID

9. Instant Pic Frames – Instant Photo Frames

Decorate your vintage photos with this Instant Pic Frames app. It has got some cute stickers and filters to maximize the retro-style result.

Therefore, like a polaroid frame program, you would enjoy using this app and feel like a pro photographer.

Likewise, this polaroid frame app is an easy-to-use application. Simply choose the photos you want to edit.

Then, just do whatever you want to the images, twisting, rotating, applying effects and filters, and so on. After that, share the result with your followers and friends.

Download : ANDROID

10. MolyCam – Retro Effects Camera

MolyCam Retro Effects Camer‪a‬

It is a camera app with retro effects. The program is definitely able to add a polaroid frame to your photos. Also, there are a wide array of vintage filters to try on.

Whether you want to make it warm with bright filters or cold with dark effects, MolyCam has everything set.

This free polaroid frame app for iOS users has a nice and modern user interface. In fact, the developers update the contents frequently.

You are able to enjoy new features every time it has a new update. Add some stickers and highlights to make the result more and more impressive.

Thus, amaze your friend by sharing it on social networks.

Download : iOS

11. Polaroid Originals

If you are looking for a cam app that catches shadows and captures good-looking polaroid images, this is the great one.

As we know, you need shadows for your polaroid photos. It seems to be one of the most prominent elements.

Compared to previous applications, the Polaroid Originals app has a news feed feature. Thereupon, some ideas from it would inspire you a lot.

Besides, several tips and advice from professionals are available. It is such a useful feature to develop your editing skills.

Moreover, feel the nostalgic 70s and 80s era with Polaroid photos from this application. The camera tools within the program have a timer feature so the users can take selfies as much as they want easily.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

12. mySquare – Instant photos, vintage filters

mySquare Instant photos vintage filters

Taking photos with mySquare is as simple as it looks. After taking them, start editing them and choose the polaroid frame you like.

You can write the date the picture was taken right from the app. Therefore, this kind of description will be useful anytime people want to remember the moments.

It only weighs 7.5 MB. So, there is nothing to worry about wasting a lot of space on the phone.

Download : ANDROID

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13. InstaRoid


Its name is InstaRoid because the concept of this app is having a special frame inspired by Instagram. This polaroid camera app offers its users a wide variety of frames.

The special frame seems to be the highlight of the application. So, many people look to download it because of that.

Otherwise, this application has a few drawbacks that cause some issues with the users.

After the new updates, InstaRoid allows you to blur textures, show stories indication on the Instagram frame, use customizable textures, and some others.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

Finally, there is nothing that can stop you from having the best retro photos of your moments. Those polaroid frame app products would definitely deliver.

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