13 Best Free Cheating Spouse Apps for Android and iOS

Using some free cheating spouse app might be something you need right now. Sometimes, someone smells something suspicious about their loved ones.

Thereupon, they would find out whether their spouse is cheating or not.

Apparently, it is not only about love relationships but also family. For example, kids can sometimes act and adjust behind their parents’ back.

It might happen due to the suppressing strict rules.

Then, if you think your loved ones, spouse or kids, are cheating, get it clear by talking to the person in private.

Moreover, you can make sure about the achievement by getting help from these kinds of apps to catch a cheating spouse.

Here are several types of free cheating spouse app for Android and iOS users to install.

List of 13 Best Free Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse for Android and iOS

1. mSpy

Best Android Spy App

Are you sick and tired of your cheating partner’s escapades and don’t know what to do? mSpy app will help you uncover all the secrets he/she has been keeping from you because nothing is sickening enough as being in a relationship or marriage with someone who has multiple secret affairs!

Most friends and family will rarely give you advice on walking away from your cheating spouse; however, when it gets to a point where you are really annoyed and think talking out the issue isn’t a solution anymore, the ‘Cheating Spouse App’ comes in handy. So, what exactly do you benefit from subscribing mSpy app?

  • It saves you the time and costs you would have spent on a private investigator to find out and prove your spouse is cheating.
  • This application is anonymous thus will privately connect you to people who may be involved or interested in sharing information about your cheating spouse. It comes with unique features such as a real-time tracker and a sharing button.
  • The anonymity creates a safe environment for you to gather all the information valuable and needed to prove and avoid wasting time and prevent causing emotional thrash to people not involved.
  • This application allows tracking your cheating partner’s mobile devices, such as phones and computers, discreetly. It enables you to receive updates within a specified time, for instance, on their locations, to help you prove. You are therefore directed to your wandering and cheating spouse’s location.

Generally, mSpy will help you catch your cheating spouse with enough evidence to prove it; however, beware of the legal and illegal issues surrounding the use of information or getting information from other devices. Finally, be sure to be ready to give much information about you to a third-party company for the reason of proving your spouse is cheating on you.

Other than the legal issues and disclaimers surrounding the spy app, it’s time to put an end to your cheating spouse’s escapades and make them responsible for their actions.


2. Life360: Family Locator

This product is a family tracker application. It will be very helpful t give better control of your kids’ location.

Hence, many people consider this program as the best tracker for friends and family.

You can use the Life360 to locate the family members and make sure it is safe in sound. This best free cheating spouse app also becomes a perfect application to know your spouse’s loyalty.

Furthermore, you can ask him or her about the location and find out whether she or he is telling the truth.

This family locator app is not only about locating a person. Utilize it to track your lost phones.

The system features the location history. Thereupon, you have an opportunity to know where a person has been going.

For people who are searching for an app to locate loved ones every time, this is the winner.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

This free cheating spouse app allows you to spy on your spouse’s calls and text messages. If you think this method works for him or her, install this product immediately.

Indeed, the most crucial part of this spying method is to install the app without the person’s notices.

The best feature that this free cheating spouse app for android has to offer is the ability to record the calls for both incoming and outcoming.

Besides, the audio file will be automatically saved on the phone’s memory card.

So, when your spouse’s away, you can take the file and listen to the call. This way will be very effective to catch a cheater.

Download : ANDROID

4. Find My Family – GPS Location Tracker

The main use of this app is similar to Life360. It is suitable for you who want to track the location of the family, including the spouse.

Definitely, this free cheating spouse app is an effective method to prove whether she or he lies or not.

The GPS is the key to the mechanism of this Find My Family app. Well, it is just like any other family locator app.

It will locate a person on the map with the real-time GPS location. So, it will be a perfect cheating spouse app.

Indeed, you could accommodate a safety area for the spouse or kids, virtually. Thus, the app will notify the user whether the “target” arrives or leaves any place.

Furthermore, there are some other features such as the alarm button for emergency cases, contact list monitoring, checking the installed apps on other devices, and more.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

5. Spy Phone ® Phone Tracker

The initial thing you should know about this app is privacy. However, if the user wants to use the Spy Phone on the spouse secretly, it is not a good choice.

Why? In order to track another cellphone, you need to install the free spy apps to cheating spouse.

So, it is important to get the spouse to allow you to install it on his or her smartphone. Besides, there is a choice to do it in secret.

This phone tracker app is just like many other applications. It uses the GPS location of another user.

In the end, the user might know the whole mobility history of the person. Also, monitoring the phone calls is a useful feature to check.

Generally, this app is a great one to use for the family. Keeping an eye on all the members would have never been so easy.

Further, Spy Phone allows you to monitor your kids too, making sure they are safe.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

6. Chat Message Tracker – Remotely

Tracking location or phone calls will definitely get you a lot of information about your spouse’s activity.

However, If it is not enough, this free Android spy apps to cheating spouse would be very helpful. As we know, we live in the era of texting. It is part of our lives now.

Wherefore, tracking the chat message can be a great option to try. You can easily find out what your spouse is talking about with another person.

Additionally, it might give the crucial hint whether your partner is cheating or not.

Which chatting app you can choose to read secretly? Well, there is a bunch of popular applications that can work with this Chat Message Tracker.

Hence, you can check Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Hike, Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, the biggest challenge of working with this app is to install it on your spouse’s phone secretly.

Download : ANDROID

7. Cheating Spouse: How to Catch a Cheater?

Cheating Spouse How to Catch a Cheater

Unlike the previous applications, this one is more like a guide. It is claimed to be the best cheating spouse catching guidance on the Playstore.

Inside the app, you will get some facts about a cheating spouse that commonly happens. Then, the users would be guided to discover that their lovely ones have cheated.

Additionally, in relationships, infidelity becomes the most common issue. Thus, this guide can help.

What You Get

After installing this free app to catch cheaters, you will learn about the important things that indicate the cheating spouse.

There will be risky relationship signs, practical tips to catch with pros and cons, and useful quizzes.

Download : ANDROID

8. How To Catch A Cheating Spouse And Signs Of Cheating

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse And Signs Of Cheating

This application is quite similar to the previous one. It features tips, signs, advice, and tutorials to catch the cheating spouse.

It will help you find out if your spouse and girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating without tracking the person through the phone.

Then, just read the whole user guide, you can catch it with your brain.

Download : ANDROID

9. Cheating Spouse: How to Catch Cheating Lover

Cheating Spouse How to Catch Cheating Lover

This is another free cheating spouse app book that would let you know about all things needed to catch them.

Then, it provides you with a lot of information including signs of a cheating person and many other tips.


The free cheating spouse app for Android has several features as follow:

– Offline Use

– Regular Updates

– Answers from Experts

– Simple App Book

– Active Customer Service

Download : ANDROID

10. Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital Affairs

This application uses knowledge and technology to deal with the problems in a married relationship.

Indeed, Extramarital Affairs is a very special app that is different than any other available cheating spouse app.


Visual SciTech gives this app a great Android APP technology. It will help to diagnose a possible affair of the spouse.

This system is able to extract emotions. There is a feature called “Potential Husband & Wife Cheaters”, in which you can score.

Besides, you are able to diagnose the potential infidelity of a person with simple steps inside the app. Explore other features based on the technology you have.

Download : ANDROID

11. Catch Cheating Wife

Catch Cheating Wife

This is a very specific app. It does not say spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or husband. It is only for husbands who are suspicious about their wives.

When To Use

Whenever you notice something dramatically changes with your wife, use this app to find out about what is probably going on.

Hence, the application is very informative. You can get so many psychological methods to indicate the wrong behaviors.

Download : ANDROID



The specialty of this guide app is the signs. This application lives up to its name. Then, there are 55 signs of a cheater.

You should read it all to understand and become an expert. So, your spouse will have no chance to cheat on you.

Good for Beginners

Interestingly, for beginners, this free cheating app is very informative. Many tips are so trivial. You will get to know some signs and what to do about them.

Download : ANDROID

13. Catch Girlfriend Cheating

Catch Girlfriend Cheating

The previous Catch Cheating Wife app is made for the husband. This one is designed for all the boyfriends out there.

If you think your girlfriend may have a relationship with another man, this is the application to install.

Serious Relationship

Further, people or couples who are in a serious and committed relationship may be curious about cheating.

Even though you are still dating and not married yet, it does not mean that cheating will not hurt your feelings.

Otherwise, if you are in a dating relationship, you will need this app in order to learn about how to handle and cope with a cheating girlfriend.

Download : ANDROID

Whether you are using a phone tracker or guide app, the free cheating spouse app in the list will be very helpful.

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