11 Best Perfect Teeth Apps for Android and iOS 2024

With the perfect teeth app, you can find in this article, seeing yourself with an amazing smile is super easy. It becomes an important part of our appearance, right?

Those who think that their smile is not a crowning glory may face the poor condition of the teeth. So, when you smile during photos or selfies, the result would not be as good as you want.

Well, if you want to make the smile in those photos look perfect, just retouch it with an app. In this article, there are 11 apps that would do the work in a blink of an eye.

List of 11 Best Perfect Teeth Filter Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Have a look at these perfect teeth filter applications that will give a perfect smile in your photos.

1. BeautyPlus


The first perfect teeth filter app is the infamous BeautyPlus. This application a lot of fun features to explore. Also, it is capable of making the teeth more white than it actually is.

Great Features

BeautyPlus is considered to be a powerful app to make you have a great smile in photos. Indeed, it is not turning white that would look weird on the face. It will be absolutely natural.

This filter app does not only provide perfect teeth tools but also has access to perfecting the entire face, skin, eyes, lips, nose, and so on. Therefore, giving them accents will be so easy.

Furthermore, you can even add some funny stickers and colorful effects to perfect your personality on the image.

In addition, a great feature of this virtual teeth makeover app is the Magic Brush. This allows the user to draw on the picture with stars, neon lights, and glow.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

2. Sweet Selfie Camera

Sweet Selfie Camera

According to its description, this app is designed as a beauty tool. Thus, it is the specialization of Sweet Selfie.

It becomes the right pick to be on the best perfect teeth app list. This one has all the needed tools to beautify your face.

Hence, if you are showing your teeth with a smile on the photo, then it becomes an important part to deal with.

Therefore, that feature becomes the reason why you should use this product.

Moreover, this program has a special feature called Teeth Whitening Tool. It is a guarantee to have an amazing smile on the photo.

Other Tools

In addition, you can use the virtual makeup tool, body reshaper, skin flaws remover, and some other exciting features. Many photo effects are also available to apply in the application.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Who does not know what Photoshop is? Well, Adobe has its photo editor collage maker application available on the app stores.

You might think that it is the mobile version of the PC’s Adobe products. Likewise, it is something that would fit the needs and capabilities of smartphones.

Detailed Features

Adobe Photoshop Express is a wonderful app that is a must-have for anyone who wants to edit their photos.

Then, some more-detailed tools would be so useful to fix all the flaws. You can even change the color of the teeth.

Further, it has cutting-edge tools with endless capabilities. This Adobe product becomes a great photo-editing application. That becomes the reason why it will be your perfect teeth smile app too.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

4. AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor


The tagline of this program on the app store is the Easy Photo Editor which explains it all. Thus, this app will be useful for those users who are looking for a teeth-whitening tool.

Additionally, the AirBrush app is packed with some great features. One of them is the tool to whiten the teeth in the photo.

Perfecting your smile would have never been so easy.  However, it just needs a single tap, and you are done.

Other Features

Besides, enjoy editing your photos in AirBrush using some other features. There are a bunch of tools to remove the pimples and blemishes, reshape the face, smooth the skin, and many more.

Further, there are many pre-loaded effects to make a great improvement to the entire image. After editing photos or selfies in this app, the results will be very attractive.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

5. Pixlr: Free Photo Editor


This product is one of the free photo editor apps you can install directly on your phone. Pixlr is quite popular among users.

Then, Pixlr will make a great and powerful assistant for photo-editing. This well-known app has it all. That includes the tool that we are concerned about, the teeth whitening.

Even though this app does not have a tool specialized in whitening teeth, the standard features can just do the work.

Thereupon, is it the best teeth editor app too? Well, the application must be since it also capable of doing so.

Also, this app provides other features to support the entire result of your photos. Various effects, adjustments, overlays, and more, are very useful.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

6. Perfect365


It is a photo-editing app that says one-tap makeover. For several years, Perfect365 was so popular. Then, numerous users throughout the world love to use it for their photos.

So, why it was trending back then?

From its editing features, you will find the one that can perfect your smile. It surely makes the teeth shine brighter than before.

Likewise, the density of the white hue is adjustable. Just set it up to the right hue.

Additionally, this best perfect teeth app offers lots of features that are loved by girls. The virtual makeup is like the highlight of Perfect365.

It provides you with 20 tools for beauty which include shadows, liners, lipstick, mascara, and so on.

Moreover, the users can enjoy using hundreds of ready-made looks to apply. You can also watch some video makeup tutorials right on the app.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

7. BeFunky Photo Editor

This photo editor application will be a great virtual dentist for your selfies. Perfecting the teeth would be so much easier. Thus, you can edit the photos to have perfect teeth that are so natural and realistic.

Then, the smile would be a lot brighter than ever with BeFunky photo editor. The app is capable of fixing all the blemishes you have on the selfies.

Just like many other applications, virtual makeup is also available.

Popular Features

Indeed, BeFunky became famous not because of the perfect teeth filter. It gets its popularity from the other features such as creating collages, adding stickers, overlays, and text.

Those are the tools to make the image much more stunning.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

8. Fotogenic


It is a body & face tune and retouches editor. That explains what Fotogenic is designed for. So,  there are hundreds of capabilities you can discover in this app.

Let us focus on the tool for perfect teeth first.

Advanced Tools for Teeth

Wanna have a perfect smile? Fotogenic has the features you need. The powerful tool inside the app will surely make everyone envy your smile. So, for an advanced edit, you can use the cloning feature.

This Fotogenic tool will let you clone specific areas. Then, just pass them to the bad part of your teeth. See? Having a perfect smile is not so hard, right?

According to its main description, this app is also able to edit the person’s body in an image. Hence, it is not impossible to change the entire postures and make them more ideal.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

9. Perfect Me

Perfect Me

If you are looking for an app that has the capability to retouch the face and also the body, this one is a good pick.

The special feature in this app would give you a wonderful smile in seconds. You may get more Instagram followers because of those attractive teeth.

Applying makeup virtually, tuning selfies, and reshaping the body is just what Perfect Me is about.

Furthermore, all the amazing features can only be used if you install the app on your smartphone.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

10. Pixel


This one is a powerful Face Editor which lets you have clean skin, a rejuvenated look, and of course, white teeth.

Get your perfect smile with this perfect teeth app. Therefore, say goodbye to the yellowish teeth within a few taps.

This trusted beauty application is packed with some amazing features. Thereupon, you can remove scars or pimples, rejuvenate the skin, and beautify the eyes.

The company has claimed that its BeautyPlus camera tool is one of the best. Its product is a result of a collaboration among some makeup artists, professional photographers, and app developers.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

11. Retouch Me

Retouch Me is exactly what you are looking for. Why? This application can handle your smile with its teeth whitening app.

Then, to turn the tooth into white, you can simply choose the “Face” section. After that, tap on the “Whiten teeth” tool. After that, there it is your amazing smile.

Complicated Features

Moreover, the Retouch Me app is very powerful to give a smoother result to your teeth. It would look like you are just done with braces. The feature we are talking about is a “Replace Teeth”.

For those of you who have braces on, this application can just remove it virtually. So, it will not cover your perfect teeth. Use the “Remove Braces” tool to do that.

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Interestingly, installing the Retouch Me app is free. However, you can use the paid services for a premium experience.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

Nowadays, it is possible to have an amazing smile with white teeth in a blink of an eye. It can be done virtually with one best perfect teeth app in the list above.

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