10 Best Remove Braces Apps for Android and iOS

When we have braces on our teeth, sometimes it just disturbs our photo. Do you have a problem with your look while using braces? If you do, you’ve come to the right place because we will give you some remove braces apps. Here we go!

List of 10 Best Remove Braces Apps for Android and iOS 

This day, the technology has grown up so fast and there are several apps that can remove an object from your photo. It will help everyone who urgently needs to remove braces from their picture for several purposes. These apps not only aimed to remove braces only, but it can also remove other objects. So these are some perfect remove braces apps for you:

1. TouchRetouch


The first app that we highly recommend for you to remove braces is this TouchRetouch. Many people will agree if we said that this is one of the best remove braces apps and get rid of unwanted objects. There are available many other features but the one that we got to talk this time is about removing braces.

As a start, you need to download the app on your smartphone and then open it. After that, choose the Object removal option and there will be two tools, Lasso and Brush. You need to mark the object that you want to remove from your photo and it will be instantly removed. If you still have no idea how to remove braces, they offer you a built-in video tutorial about it.

Another feature that you can choose is using Clone Stamp. This tool was very simple because you only need to choose an area to clone and then choose an area with braces. Teeth are one area that really easy to be retouch because it only has one color. Moreover, you need to adjust the hardness, opacity, and stamp size to make it more realistic.

Developer: ADVA Soft
Price: $3.99
Developer: ADVA Soft GmbH
Price: Free+


2. Fotogenic


This is another application that has many features, almost everything you want is available there. Fotogenic is the perfect application to help you solve your problem, especially in removing objects. Like before, this application offers many tools to use but we will focus only on the Clone tool.

You need to do the same way as a previous application, clone a certain area, and then copy it to another. Similarly, you can clone a tooth’s area and then painting again the area with braces. After that, you should access a teeth whitening tool if you want a better result. This feature not only makes the edit smoother but also can make your smile more awesome.

This application also can be used to remove flaws in your appearances both in the body or face. Moreover, you can edit your photo, adding effects, changing background, and many more here. Fotogenic is so much worth to download and use.

Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor
Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor
‎Fotogenic : Photo Editor
‎Fotogenic : Photo Editor


3. Remove Unwanted Content for Touch-Retouch

Remove Unwanted Content for Touch Retouch

Another perfect app from the list of remove braces apps is Remove Braces for Touch-Retouch. It can make your work become easier and help you fix your problem. Touch-Retouch has two usual tools, Lasso and Brush. Like before, you only need to mark braces on your teeth with one of them and it will automatically disappear.

This application also serves you with Clone Stamp and it was so great for your fingertips. With that stamp, you will be able to choose one specific area to clone and then change the color of your braces as you want.

You can also remove unwanted content from your photo using this application using the same way. Moreover, if you want to share your photo, you will be able to share it to social media directly from this app.


4. Object Removal Lite

Object Removal Lite

When you need to remove braces but you have a little memory on your phone, you can use this app. This app may not give you any other features because it is specific only for removal object. You will still get a good quality photo while using this app even it has minimum tools.

Object Removal Lite offers you one useful tool to remove unwanted objects from your photo. The tool is Brash. While using this app, you only need to do minimum action. Just mark your braces or unwanted object and then the app will automatically remove it. The app’s brush has an adjustable size so you can adjust it with your need.

One of the best things about this application is the result will look very realistic. If you need other additional tools, you need to purchase a subscription first. After that, the advanced features will be available for you.

‎Object Removal AI Retouch Fix
‎Object Removal AI Retouch Fix


5. Professional Photo Editor App

Professional Photo Editor App

If you want the perfect app that has almost all professional tools, you can use this Professional Photo Editor App. Many said that this one of remove braces apps is perfect whenever you want to make people feel amazed at your photos. You can ask the app’s designer to help you with your expectations and they will help you with that.

For braces removal purposes, you can use some useful tools like Removing People/Objects tools. You only need to mark braces on your photo and then the app will automatically do the rest. Moreover, this tool also can be used to remove other unwanted objects that disturb your photo. You will get one perfect photo without them anymore as a result.

The user can use a unique tool to whiten his/her teeth so you will get a better result after remove braces. Moreover, the app also offers you many capabilities to improve your appearance in various ways. You can also blur your background so it will have the same appearance as the professional photo.

‎Professional Photo Editor App
‎Professional Photo Editor App


6. Unwanted Object Remover

Unwanted Object Remover

Do all these remove braces apps before still look not fit in you? Well, if you need a more realistic result, you can use this app. Unwanted Object Remover will help you remove some unwanted objects include the braces. You will get a set of useful tools that you can use to get an awesome result.

The first thing you should do while using this app to remove undesired objects is to use the Retouch tool. Like before, you only need to mark undesired objects there and you will get them to disappear from your photo. This app will offer you Selective Adjustment and Tone&Color so you can easily improve the color of the removed area. These tools are very important to get a better result.

No one will realize there are available some objects that have been removed from your photo. It will look absolutely natural as long as you are thorough while doing it. Moreover, you will also get some photo effects in this app so you can improve it as you want. Now, there is no reason any more to upload some bad photos on any social media.


7. Snapseed


As one of the most famous apps, there is no secret anymore that Snapseed has a lot of useful tools for you. This app also offers an object removal option that will be perfect for your needs. You can use that option to make the braces disappear from your photo like it was never there.

There are available a lot of useful tools but you will need to paint over the area with braces on your teeth. Seems like it is an old feature but you can use this way to remove the unwanted object. You only need to do several taps and then unwanted objects will disappear from your photo. After removing an object, you can give an effect there with precision so it will look realistic.

Snapseed come through over 28 useful tools that available for almost all your needs. Moreover, if you give an effect on your photo, there also available dozens of photo effects for you. You can use the effect to do corrections in some areas and make any changes there look more realistic. There is no doubt that this application will help you to get a lot of fantastic photos.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Developer: Google
Price: Free


8. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous apps in the world that only available at PC a few years ago. The Adobe Company has grown up to Android and iOS with this multifunctional app, Adobe Photoshop Express. This app can also perform as one of the remove braces apps you should try.

There are a lot of efficient tools but before we start, you might need more effort while using this app. But the result will be more perfect than any other apps.

The first thing you should do after choosing the right photo is choosing the Pen Tool. Draw a path in near the object that you want to remove, in this case, it is your braces. You should remember to put some spaces between the object and your path’s edges. After that, you should tap on the path and then choose “Make Selection” option from the menu.

There will appear a box and you need to set Feature Radius option equal to 0 pixels to remove the object. Last, go to edit menu, select Fill option, and then choose content-aware option set it to normal blending with full 100% opacity. This is important to make you easier while comparing the editing and the real photos so the result will be better. The braces are disappeared from your photo.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free
‎Photoshop Express Photo Editor
‎Photoshop Express Photo Editor


9. Photofox – Photo Editor

Photofox Photo Editor

We as usual people might not ever hear about the Photofox – Photo Editor app before. Even not as famous as Snapseed, this application also offers a lot of powerful tools in editing photos.

There are available three tools that can be used to remove braces such as Clone Stamp Tool, Healing Brush, and Patch Tool. You can choose one of them based on your needs and which one is making you feel comfortable.

With Clone Stamp, you can clone a color from the area that you want and then apply it to the area with braces. You need to adjust the color especially when your teeth there have different brightness.

The Heal Stamp is a little bit similar to the Clone Stamp but this tool can process adjust color automatically. You only need to take the texture from your teeth and then apply it to the area with braces.

The last useful tool to remove braces is the Patch tool and it is similar to the Patch tool in other apps. If you want to try using this tool, you will need to copy one area and then paste it in a certain area. It is the simplest tool if we compare it with two others. But we can’t promise your edit will look good while using this tool.


10. Pixomatic Photo Editor

Pixomatic is an all-in-one photo editor

This is our last recommendation in this list of remove braces apps, Pixomatic Photo Editor. It can be used to remove any other disturbing objects in your photo as well.

You can use the Clone Stamp tool in this app to remove any disturbing objects there. First, you should click on the Clone Stamp tool in the left panel and then adjust the size and the strength of it.

After that, choose a sampling point and in this case, you should choose your teeth. Last, you can choose an area you want to paint with the cloned color and start painting.

Clone Stamp is usually used to remove disturbing objects such as telephone lines or trash. But you can also use this application to remove blemishes from your face but using other tools there.

Pixomatic - Background eraser
Pixomatic - Background eraser

Many people outside there might be thinking that the braces can make their photo look so bad. We can’t do anything when our dentist said that we can’t take off the braces while we have a photo shoot. So all these remove braces apps are the only answer to make it disappear from the photos.

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